Denver Gay Couple Stabbed for Holding Hands in Public

Christopher Giovanni Huizar and Gabriel Enrique Roman

Vicious knife attack

There is unfortunate news to report from Denver about a young gay couple that was viciously attacked by an unknown person while holding hands.

As reported in Gay Star News, Christopher Giovanni Huizar, 19, and Gabriel Enrique Roman, 23 were left the popular nightclub Church. Citing nice weather, the couple decided to walk home.

On the walk to their downtown residence, an unknown person came after them. As they passed an alley, someone screamed an extremely offensive anti-LGBT slur. Huizar was then stabbed in the neck.

According to the statement he made to GSN:

“‘I didn’t even know I was stabbed – it felt like a punch,’ he recalled. He thinks it might have been a pocketknife. Then Roman pushed his boyfriend out of the way to protect him and the attacker stabbed him in the hand.

Huizar continued: ‘Then we started to run and he got stabbed in the back.”

The gay couple escaped, running three blocks away from the attacker. That’s when Roman fell to the side of the street bleeding and crying.

“I was just worried about my boyfriend because he bled so much,” Huizar recalled told GSN.

Thankfully, two people walking by saw the couple and immediately dialed 911.

Once at the hospital, Roman received 32 internal stiches and another 50 to his hand.

Reported to Denver Police

The couple completed an official police report with local authorities. Because of the speed in which things happened and darkness, they weren’t able to get a good look at the attacker. They only know it was a white male.

Said Huizar: “I don’t really remember what the guy looked like because it was dark and it happened so fast.”

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Reflecting on the attack, he added: “We are not letting his define us. We love each other and wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone [else].

‘I’m just thankful we’re alive,” he said.

He continued: ‘We are an open book. We don’t care what anybody else has to say so we always hold hands and be ourselves in public.”

“We’re here and queer,” he added.

On Wednesday, May 30 – the couple will celebrate being together for one year.

h/t: Gay Star News

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