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Gay Kissing Guide

Gay Men Kissing: How To Make Out With a Guy!

The one feature of a gay kiss that separates it from other types of romantic acts is the experience involves two men. As a result, gay kissing tend to be more intense.

But isn’t that to be expected when two guys lock lips?

When done right, a hot gay kiss will send shivers down your man’s spine. But when done wrong, it can ruin the possibility of future encounters.

Ask most gay men and they will tell you if the guy doesn’t know how to kiss, any possibility of something more happening; like a relationship, is pretty much dead.

Gay Kissing Ultimate Guide

We created this guide on gay kissing to help you learn the basics of locking lips. The truth is, there’s a whole lot more involved than you might think!

For example, if you are kissing a man with a beard, your approaching might be different than someone with a smooth face. And if the guy is taller than you, the way you approach the lip lock may be different than someone who is shorter.

What follows is a comprehensive, ultimate guide on gay kissing that we’re confident will give you useful, practical insight on how to make out with a man like a pro.

We've broken this guide into three parts. Read them all because each are vitally important to a successful outcome.

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Gay Kissing Part I

Part One: Pre Gay Kissing Prep Work

1. Gay Kissing Starts with Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth

Nothing memorable will happen if the guy you are kissing thinks your breath stinks. That’s why it’s important to do a little advance work before the big moment.

  • Avoid odorous foods, like onions and garlic, before making out.
  • Make sure your teeth are as clean as possible and free of debris.
  • Have a few cleaning and freshening items on you for spontaneous situations where you have to act quick.
  • Do a “breath check” by cupping your hands together and blowing into them. Quickly sniff with your nose to assess the odor of your breath.

2. Get the Gay Kiss Mood Right

Before you ever touch your lips to his, it’s important to set the mood. This means creating an atmosphere that is conducive to kissing and encourages body electricity.

  • Make sure your place is clean. He’s not going to be into you if you leave dirty dishes in the sink and smelly sox strewn around your bedroom.
  • Think tidy over perfection. You don’t want to seem like you are trying too hard.
  • Light a scented candle, preferably something with a masculine vibe like sandal wood, as this aroma is known to encourage romantic pheromones.
gay kiss hot men with beards facial hair
Make sure your beard is trimmed

3. Gay Kiss Man Check

Before inviting your date over for some sexy time, give yourself a once over and do a basic man check. The steps under this point are simple:

  • Make sure you’ve showered and smell decent.
  • Because you don’t know where the night will go, be sure to clean important body parts
  • Go easy on the cologne as you don’t want to overpower him.
  • If you have facial hair, like a beard, ensure that it is properly trimmed so that you don’t give him a whisker burn.

4. Pick Your Gay Kiss Location

Generally speaking, you want the experience to be as spontaneous as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep in mind a location that is optimal for locking lips. Much will depend on his height and yours. Here’s some tips.

  • If you are both the same height, it’s OK to kiss on your feet.
  • Should he be a lot taller than you or shorter, consider a comfortable couch or loveseat. It makes the experience much easier for both of you.
  • Unless it’s an agreed upon hookup, avoid using the bed as it may send the message you are on a booty call.

5. Music for Gay Kissing

This suggestion is optional but it may help to have some soft music playing in the background. Doing so helps to muffle outside noises that can interfere in the moment.

  • Jazz music helps to promote romance.
  • Unless both of you are considering a gay hookup, avoid club music.
  • Whatever you play, have it ready to go when your man arrives.

Part II: Gay Kiss Face to Face

1. Flirt Before Gay Kissing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to lunge at your guy and starting kissing on him. Instead, allow the opportunity to flirt a little. This helps to create anticipation: the buildup for what’s to come. Here are some suggestions:

  • Stroke his arm a bit. If he’s got big biceps, squeeze them.
  • Touch his back for a brief moment to deliver a jolt of electricity.
  • Smile a little and offer a compliment on his eye color.

2. Eye Contact is Important with Gay Kisses

During the flirting stage, it’s important to make eye contact. This can be a bit tricky because you don’t want to come off as creepy by staring too long. To master this step, you may need to practice confidence building in advance.

  • Gaze instead of stare.
  • Stand fairly close by not eyeball to eyeball.
  • Raise your eye brow occasional for affect.

3. Gay Kisses Involve Assertiveness

This part of man on man kissing is what makes the experience different than our straight counterparts. Women like it gentle. Guys, however, prefer things a bit more aggressive.

  • Lean your body into him and frame your thumb and index finger gently around his jaw.
  • Pull him close to you.
  • Don’t pucker your lips like some kid.
  • Bring your lips close to his until they are just about to touch.
  • If you want to tease little, pull back a bit.
gay kiss cute guys kissing couple
Consider height when kissing another man

4. Get Your Gay Kiss On

Now it’s time to make out. While this part may seem intuitive, you don’t want to move too quickly. Doing so can end up with head butting, which is something you want to avoid.

  • After your lips have touched, keep them there for a second or two.
  • Do NOT kiss him on the forehead. It sends the wrong message and can kill the romantic vibe.
  • Tilt your head slightly to the right or left so that your noses don’t collide.
  • The greater the passion of the kiss, the more your head will tilt.
  • Assess his response. Does he seem into it? If so, deepen the intensity of the kiss. If not, give him time to build up his mojo.
  • Get your hands involved by placing them around his shoulders or behind his neck.
  • Avoid placing your hands on his sides as because he may push them away if has body image issue.
  • Don’t “go for the gold” and grab his business unless the purpose of the connection is a hookup. Even then, allow some time to pass before making this kind of move.
gay kiss two tops
French Kissing and Gay Men

5. Make it a Gay French Kiss

If you want a passionate gay kiss, trying including a little tongue action. The best advice here is to start off slow and avoid thrusting your tongue down his throat.

  • Slowly slip your tongue into his mouth. If he seems open to it by touching his mouth monster to yours, continue.
  • Explore his mouth by placing your tongue above and below his.
  • Lick his tongue with yours on all sides with deliberate strokes. It will drive him wild! Be careful here because it may cause a spontaneous eruption!

6. Charge Up Your Gay Kiss with Earlobe Licks

One of the best ways to enhance the make out experience is to move your mouth towards his earlobes. That’s because the ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. If you want to drive him nuts, do this:

  • Gently play with his earlobes during the French kiss with your fingers. Get them primed.
  • Cupping his chin with your palm, slowly trace a line with your tongue from his jawline to his ear.
  • If you have facial hair, softly rub your whiskers along his earlobes. You may have to place your hands on his shoulders to keep him still because he’ll likely get very excited.
  • Gently start to lick his earlobe, moving your tongue around the grooves.
  • Occasionally, whisper something naughty into his ear and make noises like GRRR!
  • Nibble on his ear from time to time but don’t bite.
gay kiss muscular guys
Kiss and move your mouth towards his ear

7. Tease Your Gay Kiss

If you have played your cards right, things have likely become very hot. Depending upon the dynamic, there could be a strong pull to take things to the next level. Don’t. Instead, follow these tips:

  • Just when you sense he is about to explode, pull back. This gentle tease will help keep the momentum going.
  • During the pause, smile a bit and maintain control.
  • Gaze into his eyes and caress his face.
  • If he moves towards you for more action, don’t resist.

8. Taking Breaks during Gay Kisses is OK

One of the best things about a hot make out session are the pauses. This allows both of you to recharge your batteries before diving back in. Breaks allow:

  • A moment to take a swig of water
  • Use the restroom
  • Make small-talk
  • Pet each other
gay kiss black white guys
Kiss your man but take breaks

Part III: Gay Kissing Special Considerations

The material we’re including here for your gay make out session speaks to special considerations before deciding what actions to take.

  • If he’s got a smooth face and you’ve got facial hair, be mindful to not scratch him.
  • If you are significantly shorter than him, consider letting him lay back on the couch while you lean over him from behind.
  • In the event either of you have had recent dental work, proceed with caution.
  • If this is a man you seriously want to date, avoid the temptation of jumping into bed right away. It can ruin the anticipation.
  • Never underestimate the power of a passionate kiss. If you do it right, he may become hooked on you.
  • Always remember each guy kisses differently. Don’t expect the man you will be making out with tonight will be the same as your last boyfriend, etc.
  • Mood can impact how you kiss. If you aren’t feeling particularly “kissy”, don’t try to force it.
  • If your gay date doesn't know how to kiss, be open to teaching him. Everyone has to learn sometime.

Gay Kiss Poll

Because the topic of gay kissing and make out sessions is of interest to so many men, we've included a poll below. There’s no right or wrong answer so just pick what feels right.

Gay Kissing TV and Movies

If you are into guys kissing guys, there’s plenty of male celebrities who have been involved in same sex smooches. Below are but a few examples of actors who have done a gay kiss scene.

If you want to learn more, see our guys kissing guys on TV and movies page.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Ryan Kwanten
  • Alan Richton
  • Justin Hartley
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Alexander Skarsgard
  • Ian Somerhalder
  • Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”)

Gay Kissing Myths

Apparently, there are a lot of people who buy into certain myths about gay kissing. Let’s dispel a few of these right now.

  • Gay kissing always leads to hookups.
  • Gay make out sessions can’t happen with two tops
  • When a bisexual men kiss, it means they’re really gay.
  • Men who kiss other men can’t be straight.

Do Straight Guys Ever Kiss?

When a guy identifies as straight, he will usually shy away from intimate contact, like making out. However, there are occasions where a straight man will be open to a gay experience, such as a passionate kiss.

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Gay Kissing Final Thoughts

Kissing another man is an art form. The truth is, most of us were never given a blueprint for how to do it right.

Hopefully, this guide has allowed you to learn more about gay kissing so that you feel more confident when the time comes. If you found this page to be helpful, please Like us on Facebook!

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