10 Straight Guys Confess Why They Went Gay for Pay

gay for pay

Gay for pay isn't just the stuff of fantasies 

We often about straight guys going gay for pay but what does it really mean? Is it the stuff of urban legend or do some heterosexual guys really move out of their comfort zone and let other guys do touch them?

The answers to those questions might surprise you!

In an attempt to cut through the non-sense and get to the heart of this matter, MV spoke with 10 straight identifying men who at some point have engaged in gay for pay activities.

Let’s quickly define this term for the purpose of clarity.

What is Gay for Pay?

When a man who identifies himself as straight engages in some type of sexual activity with another man, it is commonly referred to as gay for pay.

Such activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Body worship
  • Adult video appearances
  • Cam shows involving masturbation
  • Non-reciprocal oral
  • Touching
  • Topping (very rare)

Before we continue, it’s important to state that men who use labels like “straight” as a descriptor do so because that is what they’re comfortable with. In other words, people go by what feels most comfortable to them.

Researchers believe that human sexuality generally runs across a spectrum that is both complicated and diverse. Additionally, many people feel labels tend to box them into certain stereotypes.

We’ve seen this in numerous studies, including recent research involving men living in rural settings that engage in “bud sex”.

Now that we have the definition and qualifiers out of the way, what follows are the responses from 10 straight guys who share why they’ve gone gay for the day – with pay!

On the condition of anonymity, MV has agreed not to reveal their names. Instead, we’ve given them ones to protect their identity.

All of the men you will read about were found on popular websites, such as Reddit and Craig’s List, under listings for men seeking men.

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gay for pay 10 confessions
Gay for pay: confessions from 10 straight men

1. Charles (25)

Charles, a body builder who competes in national shows shares that he sometimes goes goes gay but with specific rules.

I don’t care if a guy jerks off while he touches my biceps or chest. Sometimes I’ll let the guy lick me too but it costs extra. I’ve never gotten off in front of another dude.

2. Nathan (31)

A male stripper who mostly does private bachelorette parties dressed as a construction worker, Nathan explains why he goes hooks up with other men a few times a year.

It doesn’t happen often but 3 or 4 times a year, I’ll let another guy blow me for $200.00. It doesn’t really count because all the other dude is doing is blowing you. Trying to get women to pay you that amount of money for a ten or fifteen gig is almost impossible.

3. Byron (22)

Employed as a mailroom worker for a large Fortune 500 company, Byron shares the struggles of being young, broke and straight.

Honestly, I don’t do it that often. When I do, it’s just to make extra money to pay bills. My job doesn't pay enough to cover my expenses. A friend of mine told me about ads you can run on Craig’s List. It’s easy cash. I never bend over for anyone but I have been on the other end [editor’s note – he means top].

4. Joel (24)

Working at a campus bookstore at a university, Joel is completing his graduate degree in health sciences. He shares his reasoning for doing occasional male on male hookups.

My tuition is ridiculous. Plus, there’s housing costs and money just to be social. I have a girlfriend that likes to do more than just sit inside on weekends. It’s not that hard. I just close my eyes and pretend it’s her when I let the dude get me off. The extra $300-400 bucks I get a month goes a long way.

man stretching attractive black man working out
Ever go gay for the pay?

5. Kenny (36)

In order to make ends meet, this taxi-cab driver in a major metropolitan city on the east coast talks about how going gay (at least temporarily) happens in his line of work.

I’ve been driving a taxi for the past five years. I learned real fast that if you pick up fares late at night in the gay area, a few of the guys will hit on you. I won’t lie. Every so often when I’m hurting for money, I’ve whipped it out for tips. You can read what you want into that. I know for a fact I’m not the only taxi-driver doing this.

6. Jorge (34)

A somewhat recent transplant of Puerto Rico, Jorge shares how he worked at a gay bar just to make cash under the table. He recently got a full-time job so it is unclear if he’s still active.

We left Puerto Rico because there were no jobs. When we got here, someone told me about a job as a bar back at a gay nightclub. The pay was crap but you got tips. Still not much. But you can make money by getting to know people and doing things. For me, I would sometimes do “Privados” at a person’s home if they invite me. Maybe 3 times I did it? The most I did was let them suck me. I never sucked.

7. Trevon (35)

Married to a woman of the same age with two small children at home, Trevon discusses how he has taken money on the DL with regulars that he knows. Here’s what he told us.

I’m a club DJ. You can make good money but unless you’re a big name, it’s all about the small gigs. In this line of work, you meet different people, you know? So yeah, I’ve met a few guys that have a lot of money. Not comfortable sharing what we do though.

gay for pay fitness trainer
Personal trainer paid to go gay

8. Mike (27)

Identifying as a straight personal trainer, Mike told us how he sometimes lets some of his gay clients body worship him in exchange for cash.

Look, to start with I hate labels. But if I had to pick one I’d fall into the straight category. I’ve never been even a little curious about getting off with a guy. But it’s kind of hard to turn away $300.00 from someone who wants to jerk-off while he feels you up. Hey, money is money and times are hard.

9. Brian (23)

A recent college grad, Brian is working part-time from home doing cam shows. He talks about his job and why he’s doing it.

A friend of mine told me about it so I figured why not? I never show my face. You get to see me from the chest down. I pose and flex and for the right amount, I’ll also jerk off. Everything is done online so it’s completely safe. It’s not a big deal.

10. Cody (37)

Engaged to a woman with a wedding date set later in the Spring, this body builder and former personal trainer makes extra money by hitting up social media. Cody explains.

If someone wants to call me gay, that’s cool. I’m really not into guys. But when I used train to dudes, I would find a lot of my clients on social media. A few of them weren’t really looking to build and sculpt. They were looking to get off. What can I say? I did it a few times. Not ashamed of it either.

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