Should You Get Into Podcasts?

Listening to Podcasts?

We are in a new age of media. Podcasts are a new frontier of entertainment that’s still untapped by a large section of the general public. But we’re here to tell you that podcasts are worth the listen.

A Podcast is a digital audio program accessed through computers or cell phones. The series program releases in installments and can vary in genre and format as much as any other medium. From comedies to audio musicals, talk shows, and more.

Great Times To Listen

But why would you want to listen to a podcast? What’s the merit of this blossoming audio platform? In fact, there are many reasons. From educations programs to entertainment shows and more. Podcasts can enrich the lives of anybody who listens to them. And on top of that, the audio format makes consuming podcasts easier than in visual platforms like tv shows or movies. And then there are several everyday situations that can be benefited for audio entertainment.


Many people turn on the radio when driving to work or taking a trip. The same can be done for a podcast. As for pedestrians walking to their friends’ houses or other locations, you can put in your headphones and laugh along with your favorite podcast hosts.


The same can be said for when you’re cooking. When you aren’t in the mood to dance to music as you chop onions, you can listen to a podcast. You can hear information about true crimes as you scramble eggs or whatever else you need to do in the kitchen. A podcast is a great source of entertainment during the drudgery of life.

Picking A Podcast

But how will you find a good podcast for you? Again, there are many types of podcasts out there for you to enjoy and try. Here are a few tips for how to find the right podcast (or two) for you.

  • First you have to ask yourself what kind of program you want to listen to? There are scripted podcast and talk shows. There are comedic shows and informational shows. Whatever genre most entertains you for tv/movies will probably work here. Once you know that, start searching around on audio platforms like Google Music or Spotify.
  • See if any of your favorite entertainment talents/creators have a podcast. Do you have a favorite YouTuber, comedian, actor, or writer? See if they have a podcast going as a side gig. If you already like the creator/host, you’re more likely to like the podcast.
  • See what’s popular! Look around on forums like Reddit or check reviews on audio platforms to see what is popular in the world of podcasts. Then listen to an episode or two to see if you like it.


We are now living in a world where podcasts are a blossoming field of entertainment. So why not join in and find the podcast for you?

Do you readers have any preferred podcasts? If so, let us know down in the comments below and share some info about them!

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