10 Signs of a Good Psychic For Clairvoyant Readings

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Psychic Reading Tips

Looking for a psychic reading? Do you believe that some people have psychic abilities with the power to read your mind? Have you been hoping to find a fortune teller to help you see into your future?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you've come to the right place. Lots of people – straight and gay  alike – look for gifted individuals to help them better understand the future.

But how can you tell if a psychic is real or if they are running a scam?

This article is all about finding the best person to do your psychic reading. The material you are about to review comes from years of research, backed up with peer reviewed science and infused with wisdom from the ancients.

Psychic Reading Background

First you need to know that just about anyone can hang up a shingle and call themselves a psychic. Sadly, there have been more than a few charlatans who have taken advantage of unsuspecting people, soaking them for thousands.

I guess that’s what inspired me to write this piece – because I didn’t want to see other people ripped off by someone running a con game.

You also need to know that I am not a psychic and I don’t pretend to be one. I am, however, a Scorpio male. You may be wondering why this is important to know?

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The reason directly relates to one of the first traits for finding the best psychic. Scorpio’s are considered empathic. This means they have the ability to “pick up” on the feelings of others.

No, we aren’t mind readers (aka: psychics) but we do have the ability to sense what’s happening with you emotionally. As an aside, this trait is also true of all who are born under a water sign.

More on this point later.

Before we dive deeper, I first want to give you the general characteristics of a legitimate psychic readers.

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Searching for a psychic?

Psychic Reader Traits

  • Generally, a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces)
  • Empathically gifted
  • Doesn’t play into stereotypes
  • Usually does psychic readings part time
  • May be female or male
  • Can be of any age but generally older

Now that we have explored the basic traits of a true psychic reader, it’s time to move on to the 10 signs for finding the best fortune teller.

Psychics - Signs To Look for

1. Has a handful of clients

One of the key signs that you have found a good psychic is when they only see a few clients. Real psychics don’t run a churn style operation where they book folks back to back.

Here is why:

To be psychic means the person is empathic. Like a sponge, they have the uncanny ability to soak up the feelings of others by simply being in their presence. This means they can only absorb so much each day.

Quality Psychics:

  • Restrict the number of people they read
  • Spend at least one hour with clients per session
  • Are usually so booked they have a waitlist

2. Frequently a water sign

Another indication that you have found a good psychic reader directly relates to their zodiac sign. Specifically, we’re talking about people who are Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces.

The reason you want to find a psychic who has one of these signs is because water signs are considered the most psychic in the universe.

Psychic readers who are water signs will:

  • Sense your emotions without you having to speak
  • Have the ability to tap into your deep hurts
  • Spiritually dial into what’s possible in your future

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3. Naturally close to animals

If you go to a psychic reader’s home or office, there is a good chance the person will have an animal nearby. This could be a dog or a cat or some other type of creature.

The reason psychics often have animals around is because they draw comfort from them. Generally speaking, animals gravitate towards psychics because they are attuned to their chakras.

FYI: If you have a pet, there is a good chance your psychic will know about it.

Other traits that apply:

  • May have pictures of animals nearby
  • Will sense what type of pet you have
  • Able to read thoughts and/or emotions of animals

4. Drawn to people in pain

The best psychic readers struggle with balancing their feelings. That’s because in most cases, psychics are drawn to people in pain.

This point may sound strange but it’s true. The reason for this is because of the previously mentioned empathic abilities.

Many psychics have to go to counseling in order to manage the torrent of emotions they feel. This is particularly true of psychics who are Pisces.

5. Dress normally

When you think of a psychic, your minds likely fills will mental imagery of an exotically dressed person that’s wearing earth stones, topaz and other gems. They may even appear gaudy.

In reality, true psychic readers don’t play into the stereotypes. They dress just like anyone else!

But the scammers who claim to be psychics love to put on phony garb and play it up. They are counting on you not knowing any better as part of their con.

If you see this in a person – stay away.

6. Are honest

The best psychic readers are ones who are up front and honest about their abilities. This means they will tell you what they are capable of and what they are not.

Good psychics don’t actually “read minds”. Instead, what they do is foretell the future through imagery.

In other words, they can pick up on images in your mind and foretell the near and distant future. Some can even see into the past.

Intuitively, they are able to assign meaning to what those images mean.

Honest psychics will:

  • Tell you about limitations (Ex: can’t communicate with dead)
  • Explain how imagery works with fortune telling
  • Directly advise you they don’t have all the answers

7. Sometimes work for free

Legitimate psychics realize they have a gift. As a result, many will offer free readings. But here is the deal – those free psychic readings are not advertised.

Here is why:

Legitimate psychics only offer free readings to people they know. Think about it. Would you go to work each day and not be compensated? Why would a psychic?

Related points:

  • Psychics who advertise “Free readings” are usually running a con game. The goal is to give you a “taste” of their “abilities” to lure you in.
  • Psychics who support themselves with their rare gift need some income to survive.
  • The old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies here.

A good psychic reader will:

  • Be up front about pricing
  • Work with you on a sliding scale if appropriate
  • Set limitations on how much they can discount
psychic reading images
Psychic Readings Involve Imagery

8. Teachers

Because good psychics are masters of their craft, they make for natural teachers. This means they are willing and motivated to help you grow your own psychic abilities – something everyone has.

Fake psychics won’t teach you anything. Instead, they just want to make as much money as they can and as quickly as possible.

Here some more traits:

  • Will recommend books to develop psychic abilities
  • Direct you to an article or blog post they have authored
  • May work full time in a helping profession (i.e. teaching)

9. Gifted with astrology

If you want to find a great personal psychic, look for someone who knows all about astrology. You may be wondering why? The answer is simple.

True psychics are naturally attracted to astrology because the zodiac signs help to create understanding on the material they intuit.

That’s why knowing how planetary movements influence behavior in the here and now and the future is critical. If your psychic doesn’t know a Taurus from an Aries, stay away.

10. Students of paranormal

The final trait to look for in a good psychic is openness about learning. In other words, these gifted individuals are always looking to gain new insight and knowledge.

This means they read books, attend workshops and go to classes that directly relate to their craft.

Simply put, to be a psychic is to be a healer. One cannot help others, however, unless they keep learning. Believe it or not, the world of paranormal abilities is not static.

Psychic Reading Myths

There are a number of myths about psychics that you’ve probably heard. I’m going to dispel a few of the biggies below.

  • All psychic readers use tarot cards
  • Most psychic readers are gay or lesbian
  • Psychics are great in bed
  • The majority of psychics are women
  • Psychics with brown eyes are most gifted
  • Psychic readers are mostly in California

Psychic Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about psychics, including how to grow your own psychic abilities, Ive got a book suggestion for you.

As I mentioned earlier, all of us have psychic skills. The only way to tap into them is to start using them. That’s why the book Psychic School: How to Become a Psychic Medium is a great place to start!

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