10 Leo Moon Sign Personality Traits Revealed

leo personality traits revealed
Leo Hemsworth is a Leo Moon and Capricorn Sun

Leo Moon Personalities Revealed

So, your Sun Sign tells you that you are a changeable Gemini, a pedantic Virgo, or an empathetic Aquarius, but this is only a small part of your story. Sun Signs are just one part of the complex puzzle of our Astrological chart.

Another important point on our individual Astrological charts is what constellation the Moon was in at the time of our birth. We don’t see our Moon Signs referred to in Horoscopes.

This is because, unlike Sun Signs, which have a consistent 30-day period from year to year, the Moon only stays in each sign for a few days at a time.

Moreover, it does not appear in the same place on the same dates each year. But, it is easy to discover your Moon Signs with simple tools, like this free Moon Sign calculator.

While our Sun Sign tells us a lot about our innate talents, skills and ways of thinking, our Moon Signs tell us more about our emotional sides.

So, what does it mean to be born when the Moon is in Leo? We all know that Sun Sign Leo’s are confident, dominant and ambitious, but what traits to Leo Moons share? Read on to discover ten common characteristics of Leo Moons.

1. You like being in control

Whether it is a major task like planning an elaborate dinner party, or a small chore like washing the dishes at night, you like to be in charge.

You honestly believe that your way is the best way, and things will just go smoother if everyone lets you take the lead.

You can relinquish control when a social situation demands it, and you will do your best to contribute. But the whole time you will also be thinking that you could have done a better job.

2. You like to be the star of the show

While you aren’t a fan of outright praise, and don’t like it have a strong spotlight shined on you, you do like to be the understated star of the show.

You appreciate knowing that other people are watching you and respecting you. You do not need them to come over and praise you and put you in the uncomfortable position of needing to thank you.

Further, if someone else basks in what you think is your spotlight, it will ignite your jealous streak.

3. You have a jealous streak

And boy do you have a jealous streak! Fortunately, you are smart enough to keep your feelings of envy to yourself. You are also far too dignified to ever do anything to undermine another person. Your feelings of jealousy are complex, and you can simultaneously burn with envy and feel happy for others. This is just because you are ambitious, and seeing others succeed feeds your personal ambition.

You are probably self-aware about this flaw, and do your best to keep it in check, because you also aspire to be a better person. Tip: Using a Leo man’s tendency to get jealous can be a great way to make him chase you.

4. Others want to follow you

Even when you are not overtly doing anything to try and take the lead, and you are just focused on you, you will find that others want to follow you.

This is because you exude a natural air of confidence, so people feel like you know what you are doing. You also always give 100 percent, so tend to be good at things, so others want to emulate you.

5. You worry about others feeling comfortable

While you might not like new people invading your spotlight, you feel like you need to make others feel comfortable and welcome. If a new person arrives in a group and is struggling to break in, you will be the one who goes out of their way to help.

You try to make them feel welcome and make their interactions a little easier. You know how hard it can be and know that even the smallest kindness can make a big difference.

6. You take your pride and dignity seriously

While you live to joke, you take yourself pretty seriously, and don’t like to have your pride or dignity undermined, especially in front of a crowd.

You aren’t likely to forgive someone who deliberately makes you feel bad. And you will get your back up if someone inadvertently makes a joke at your expense.

You will keep your cool in the moment, and probably have a witty comeback, but it will be a long time before that person gets another invite from you.

7. You are overly conscious of your flaws

One of the reasons that you are so sensitive to jokes at your expense is that you are very conscious of your flaws.

While you are generally confident, you are also brutally honest in your personal self-analysis. As you aspire to improve yourself, your awareness of your personal flaws burns at the front of your mind. You do everything you can to hide your flaws from others.

Despite your keen awareness of your shortcomings, this never knocks your confidence. Your self-awareness also helps you keep emotional responses in check.

8. You think it is important to keep your emotions in check

Keeping your emotions in check is a priority for you. Not only do you think it undignified to cry or gush in front of other people, but you think that indulging these feelings at all is a sign of weakness.

You firmly believe in the value of a warrior’s steal and have established methods for dampening your emotions, even when there is no one around.

9. You need outlets for your emotions

Just because you keep your emotions in, does not mean that they are not there, so you need a pretty regular outlet for letting them out.

You are probably a fan of competitive sports, artistic outlets, or just watching really violent, sad or scary films.

These are all ways of letting your emotions out in a controlled way. You may not be conscious that this is why you are attracted to these activities.

10. You put your whole heart into relationships

The one area of your life where you do not hold back is in your romantic relationships. You believe that love should be all-consuming and that you should be able to share everything, the good and the bad, with the right person.

Because of this you often find yourself in very intense relationships where you rely on each other to the exclusion of all others. While this makes things exciting, it means that breakups are always extremely hard.

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