25 Aquarius Personality Traits Revealed!

Aquarius personality
Aquarius Traits – A Closer Look

Aquarius Personality Revealed

Hunting for insights on the Aquarius personality? Hoping to understand how this sign thinks and behaves? Wondering what they might be like in love?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because this post is all about Aquarius personality traits with insights you’ll find nowhere else.

My goal in writing this piece is to help you better understand the Aquarius mind. Too much of what appears on the web regarding Aquarians plays into ridiculous stereotypes.

I should know – I’m Aquarius.  

If you were born between January 21 and February 19, you too belong to this Air Sign. In case you are wondering, “Air”, in the traditions of horoscopic astrology, simply means the sign is elementally represented by H20.

In case you are wondering, Air Signs make up the world’s intellectual types. Yep, we’re deep thinkers and gravitate towards all things geeky.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel. I’m mentioning this now because one of the biggest myths floating around the web is that Aquarians don’t feel. The truth is, we do – plenty.

As we dive deep, you need to know I didn’t write this post on my own. I needed the help of an astrology expert. That’s when I called on the guidance of Dirk Wolf, our blog’s resident Shaman. I’m mentioning Dirk because it’s only fair to give credit where it is due.

With that shared, here’s what you need to know. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve spent untold hours studying Aquarian personality traits. My father is Aquarius, and so was my grandfather. My brother is also an Aquarian with a Pisces moon.

For reasons that are beyond my understanding, I am drawn to learning about astrology and human spirituality. You might not think this is something men get into, but I’m here to say that’s untrue.

In my research, I’ve discovered that Aquarians are often given the short end of the stick – with many of us being told to our faces that we’re “too argumentative”. Teachers, family members and, caretakers often referred to us as “The Problem Child”. It sucks having to say this but think back to your own experiences and you’ll know this to be true.

And so, a major goal in writing this piece is to offer facts about this sign while helping to dispel the myths. Now that I’ve put all my cards on the table, let’s examine the 25 Aquarius personality traits worth knowing.

Aquarius free thinkers
We're free thinkers

1. We’re Independent Thinkers

Out of all the signs, Aquarians are perhaps the most independent thinkers. This is not to be confused with being rebel-rousers.

Instead, as a trait of our personality, we tend to question everything. We like to see concrete evidence and facts and are resistant to being “sheeple”.

Think about major public figures throughout history and you will find many of them to be Aquarians. Examples include Oprah Winfrey, Franklin Roosevelt, Jennifer Aniston, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln.

2. We Gravitate Towards Science and Research

Given the characteristic mentioned above, it should be no surprise to read that we are attracted to science and research. There’s something about puzzles that makes us tick.

Many of us can spend hours talking about space, medicine, physiology, and sociology. Wherever a question mark exists about an outcome – or a possibility – we’re attracted to it likes moths to a flame.

3. We Care Deeply About Social Justice

Many of us as children marched to the beat of our own drummer. We were the kids in school who wore avant-garde clothes, had weird hairstyles, and listened to alternative music.

As a result, we were mislabeled as “troublemakers” and “problem children”, causing some of us to be excluded from the group.

Because we know what it is like to be “othered”, we deeply care about the plight of those who are misunderstood. Additionally, we have a hard time watching injustice take place.

We are the activists in our communities and towns. In addition, we have zero problems speaking out when others are in need.

4. Expect Adventure and Excitement In Bed

When you sleep with an Aquarian, expect there to be lots of fun and excitement. Because of our curious nature, we like to try new things and are down for whatever.

Unlike Scorpios in bed, Aquarians don’t need to dominate or control. But what we do require is a partner who doesn’t just want to lay there while we do all the work.

In other words, our sexual energy works best when it is collaborative. We love roleplaying and acting out various fantasies.

Here’s something critical to know. Some of us have a carefree persona in the bedroom and can be very uninhibited. If you are a more traditional type, we may not be the best match.

5. It’s True – We Can Be Distant and Cold

It sucks having to admit this, but it’s true. A lot of us can be distant and aloof. It’s not that we don’t care or aren’t interested in you.

Instead, you can blame it on our ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus.

Both gas giants emit tremendous gravitational energy. As a result, their dueling polarities literally pull us into different directions.

One minute we can be totally focused on you. But in the next minute, our minds are somewhere else, focused on something geeky.

Rest assured, we aren’t gaslighting you or messing with your head. Instead, it’s just how we’re constructed. Your best bet is to simply acknowledge “a shift” has taken place and ride it out. I can assure you it won’t last long.

zodiac and loyalty
Loyalty matters to Aquarians

6. Loyalty Matters

A defining personality trait of Aquarians is our ability to be loyal to others. If you are a friend, family member, or romantic partner, you can expect us to be extremely loyal to you.

I’m not just talking about fidelity. That’s certainly important. But being loyal to us also means defending those whom we care about.

In return, we expect those whom we care about to be there for us. Perhaps not as intensely. But it can’t be a one-way street.

7. We Like Routines But Not Boring

One of the biggest myths about the Aquarius personality is that we need constant change and can’t stand monotony. That’s simply not true.

We are a fixed sign, meaning it’s our nature to be ritualistic. Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo are also fixed. Routines help us to stay grounded and focused on the task at hand.

What we aren’t good at is boring. In other words, we like to create change in our routines so that they don’t become boring. Examples include taking different routes home from work, trying new foods, and listening to alternative music.

8. Creativity Runs Through Our Veins

People who are born under this air sign are gifted with creative skills. Many of us are painters, musicians, writers, and inventors.

I can tell you in my own home, some of the paintings hung on the wall were created by my hand. There’s even sculptures I’ve molded resting on a bookshelf. What’s interesting is my father sculpted and so did my grandfather.

Subconsciously, perhaps beyond our level of awareness, the Aquarian mind asks, “What would it be like if we tried it this way?” Instead of buying what’s trendy, we create our own trends.

9. We Can Be Stubborn

A negative aspect of our zodiac sign is stubbornness. It’s not that we want to be difficult. We’re not. But remember, Aquarius is a fixed sign, which makes changing our ways a challenge.

The best way to get us to see your side of the issue is to present the facts and appeal to our sense of logic. Leaning into our imaginative parts also stirs our critical thinking abilities.

Through meaningful conversation, we can be persuaded to see things your way. Just don’t expect it to be easy.

10. The Planet Matters To Us

You will be hard pressed to find any Aquarian who doesn’t care about the environment. Because we are science-minded, we pay close attention to issues like climate change, extinction levels, and air quality.

Most of us recognize the planet has serious problems with pollution and rising CO2 levels. We strongly advocate for the protection of animals and deeply want the earth to be livable for future generations.

couple bathtub
Sometimes, we're blunt

11. Being Blunt Gets Us Into Trouble

If there is one thing said about Aquarians that’s true, it’s this – we are incredibly blunt. Unlike other signs that have an emotional filter, our Zodiac tends to blurt things out in ways that can be abrasive.

Sharing our thoughts can sometimes be a positive. Examples include speaking our minds against social injustice or exposing fakery. But in personal relationships, we say things that may come off as hurtful.

If we are in a relationship with you, we (eventually) learn to moderate our comments. But this takes time and will require patience.

12. Freethinkers

According to lore, Uranus is the planet responsible for freedom of expression. In many ways, this trait perfectly fits the Aquarian mind.

Many people think we like to go against the grain “just to be difficult”. In truth, our contrarian nature is programmed to think outside of the box and look at new possibilities.

It is for this reason so many of us are attracted to science and research. We also like to invent. An example can be found in Charles Darwin, the famous evolutionist who first suggested in 1859 that man had evolved from lower primates (Darwin, 1859).

13. We Can Be Rebellious

While it is true we have a strong rebellious streak, this does not mean we are rebel rousers. When we make noise about an issue, we do it because it’s close to our hearts.

Some people have tagged us as being troublemakers and problem children. It’s simply a bunch of nonsense. In truth, we are the type to live and let live. But if political or business leaders foist something unjust onto others, particularly the most vulnerable, you can expect us to make a stink.

14. We Like To Live In The Moment

Very few Aquarians are caught up in the past. Instead, we center our minds on the here and now and the future. A strong trait for us is spontaneity. We like to change things up and create an environment of fun.

Some people think of us as “New Agers” and people who subscribe to “woo woo” beliefs. Maybe that is true on some level but remember, science and fact usually govern our thoughts.

15. Curiosity is Our Middle Name

By nature, we are curious about the world around us. We want to know what makes things tick and why something needs to tick in the first place.

In the general sense, we gravitate towards others who are also curious and folks who don’t go along with the status quo. We like to investigate things and deepen our understanding.

flirting couple
Aquarians like to flirt

16. Flirting Is Fun For Us

If you bump into a fun-loving, carefree personality type that likes to flirt, there’s a good chance that person is Aquarius. Because of our go with the flow nature, it’s easy for us to self-detach and focus on you.

Bear in mind that we approach flirting as a game. Sometimes we do it because we are attracted to you. Other times, we flirt to see if there’s mutual interest.

All of this leads us to the next trait.

17. We’re Notorious Charmers

If you are looking to connect with someone who pays you compliments, makes you feel good, and focuses on the inner you, Aquarius might be a good match.

Introverted in nature but extroverts at heart, we love engaging in conversations about things that are important to you. That said, be careful not to mistake our charm for love.

If we are interested in sleeping with you, we’ll use charm as a tool of manipulation. I hate to admit this but, it’s completely true.

18. Travel Is Important To Us

Because of our adventurous and curious nature, we like to travel. Destination spots can include major metropolitan cities or coastline beaches. When we’re able to explore and discover, we’re most happy.

Should you partner with us, expect travel to be a big part of our relationship. It is for this reason some signs might not be the best match for us. Examples include Virgo and (sometimes) Leo.

19. We Work In Education, Science and Social Work

It would be a misnomer to say all of us are employed in the areas mentioned above. Instead, it’s fair to say that many of us work as teachers, social workers, scientists, and counselors.

There can be variations. Examples include developers, programmers, engineers, and counselors.

These types of jobs lean into our investigative and scientific skills.

20. We’re OK With Money

A misnomer about Aquarians is that we suck with money. I’m here to tell you that’s a bunch of crap. While I wouldn’t describe us expert savers, we also aren’t ones to waste.

If given a goal, particularly when we’re in a relationship with you, we can stash cash. The trick for us is to lean into our logical side and avoid being impulsive.

I always joke with people that at least we aren’t some of the “bad with money” signs. Can anyone say Pisces, Gemini, or Libra?

21. We Have Back Problems

As you may know, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer symbol. In other words, that huge vase we carried in Greek Mythology (the one that held Zeus’s wine) was super heavy! As a result, we are plagued with back problems.

We struggle with other issues too. Examples include poor blood circulation and hypertension.

22. Occasionally, We Need Space

Every so often, our sign requires space. It’s not because we aren’t into you or have grown bored. Instead, it’s all about us getting caught up in projects that channel our curiosity and creativity.

I know for myself that I can get absorbed in a project, be it studying architecture or painting an abstract on a canvas.

What you hear me saying is don’t take it personally. In the context of romantic relationships, space can sometimes be a good thing.

23. Sometimes, We’re Indecisive

Occasionally, we struggle with decision making. Much of this is due to wanting to make the right choice. I’m the first to admit this can sometimes cause paralysis.

The good news is once we’ve settled on a decision, we’re pretty good at sticking with it. Depending on the situation, this can be a positive or negative trait.

24. Yes, We Can Be Impulsive

I’m ashamed to say this, but we can at times be impulsive. Many Aquarians struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder. The upside is we keep things interesting. The downside is causing unnecessary problems for ourselves.

Do some of us like to use illegal substances? Yes, but not because we have addictive personalities. It’s more about being open to experimentation. This goes back to our sign being super curious.

25. Think Quirky and Nerdy

Many of us have a quirky personality and tend to be nerdy. That doesn’t mean we aren’t humorous or don’t like fun. We do! But what really gets our juices flowing is the mental aspect of an activity.

If you like movies, music, or theater, count us in. But it helps when these forms of entertainment are thought-provoking.

Aquarius Personalities Wrap Up

There’s no way for me to cover all the traits and characteristics of Aquarius in this one post. If you would like more insight on Aquarians, a great book to consider is Linda Goodman’s Love Signs (See Amazon).

What’s great about this read is how the author goes into copious detail about the water bearer – and other signs – as part of helping all of us better understand ourselves and those whom we love.

I hope the information shared here was helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by.


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