Is Happiest Season On Hulu Worth Streaming?

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Happiest Season Movie Review

Over the weekend, I was massively bored and decided to see if any new movies had been released on Hulu. After scrolling through the app, I stumbled on a film called Happiest Season starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis.

The plot is simple: they are a youngish lesbian couple trying to keep their relationship hidden from family members for Christmas.

Abby (played by Stewart) and Harper (played by Davis) start out in the film as a couple in love, parading around Pittsburgh in carefree bliss, celebrating their love out in the open. Getting caught up in the moment, Abby invited Harper to her parent’s home for Christmas to celebrate the holiday.

There is just one problem – Abby is not out to the family. This bit of news does not come out (no pun intended) until midway through a car trip to Abby’s home. Harper goes along with the scam because Abby promises she will out herself to mom and dad right after Christmas.

Not long after arriving at Abby’s home, the campy drama ensues. I am not going to ruin the film by going through the particulars. I will say that the script was nicely written and there are a few fun surprises along the way, including some family secrets that literally come out of the closet as part of the dynamic.

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What’s cool about this flick is there’s something for everyone, like an overbearing mom who tries to control everything to a socially awkward sibling. If you identify as LGBTQ and are of a certain age, there’s plenty to relate to with being queer and in love with someone during the holidays.

If you are a fan of Daniel Levy from the Netflix series $hits Creek, you won’t be disappointed by his appearance in this show. All I will say is that he plays the part of a supportive friend to Hunter, even making a surprise visit to Abby’s house when things start to go south.

So, is the film worth streaming? The simple answer is yes – it totally is. Not only is it funny, it also has the right amount of holiday merriment and camp to keep your attention for the entire one hour and 42 minutes.

I’m giving it my highest rating, four stars. Did you see Happiest Season? If so, what were your impressions? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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