How Can Men Build Their Fashion Style?

How To Build Your Style

Remember the days when we had to make up an entirely new word to explain men who liked to dress well? Yes, the age of metrosexual men was really a thing. A sad thing, but still a thing. But thankfully, that age is over. Now, we are in the age where we don’t need that word anymore. Men can not only dress however they like, but they actually care to dress however they like.

But even then, there are some touchstones, landmarks, and fundamentals to dressing well. These five tips help us to keep men looking good no matter what assortment of clothes they feel like throwing on to their bodies today. And what are those five fundamentals? You can find that list down below.

Fitting Clothes

When looking for clothes to buy or wear, look for clothes that actually fit you. Avoid clothes that are overly large or uncomfortably tight. This doesn’t mean you should avoid clothes that are wide or skinny, like say a big sweater or a skinny jeans, it just means your clothes have to actually cater to your body. Pants, for instance, should fit at your waiste without the need for a belt. (Meaning, it’s time to let sagging go as a trend. Please!).

Neutral Colors Are Your Friend

Ironically, the world of fashion has one standard and understood rule when it comes to colors. Less is more. Instead, focus on sticking to neutral colors like white, navy, grey, black, and brown. Of course, you can includes splashes of other colors, but keep them at a minumum. For instance, try an outfit that includes white shoes, khaki pants, a dark red jacket, and a white shirt. There’s enough color going on, but not too much.

Optimize Textures

The same can be said for textures. Mix and match your textures all you like, but remember to be intentional with the way that you use them. Mixing rubber shoes with a jean jacket, for instance, can help to give you a wet and summer-ready look. Or perhaps a fur sweater with black cotton pants or chinos can create a fun yet elegant look. Play with your textures to see how they affect your look.

Utilize Accessories

Then there are accessories. While you don’t have to add accessories to every look, they add a lot to many looks. Adding a ring here and necklace there can make your outfit look more thought out than something you just threw on. And if you wear glasses, and have the money to afford a few more frames, you could mix and match the colors and styles of your glasses for different outfits.

Keep It Function

Remember, fashion does not always beat function. When you’re building your outfit for the day, remember that you have to live out your day and everything that comes with it. Will it rain? Will it be cold? Do you have an interview or a coffee date? Remember that your outfit will have to deal with the world, the elements, and the circumstances of your schedule. Make sure to take that into consideration when thinking about what you plan to wear.

Fashion Fundamentals

Now that you have that list of fashion fundamentals down, try playing with your fashion styles men. See what works best for you and what you like best to wear. Then, take your fashion aesthetic, and the world, by storm.