Italian Man Charged For Shooting And Chopping Up Girlfriend’s Gay Roommate

Vincenzo Ruggiero

Shooting And Chopping Up Girlfriend's Gay Roommate

A straight Italian man is now in jail for life for shooting and chopping up girlfriend's gay roommate.

Local news source the Republican reports that a man named Ciro Guarente has been charged for murdering the gay roommate of his girlfriend.

36-year-old Guarente committed the crime in Aversa, Italy in July 2017. Guarente showed up to the apartment on that day and shot gay activist Vincenzo Ruggiero with a pistol.

After shooting Ruggiero, Guarente tried to hide the body by cracking his body into pieces, using hydrochlrolic acid to dissolve it, placing the remaining pieces into cement, and stashing the remains in a car wash.

The body’s remains were later found by the carabinieri, Italy’s military police force.


Vincenzo Ruggiero

Eventually, the authorities were able to trace back the body to Guarente and also were able to come up with a motive. It’s believed that Guarente was jealous of Ruggiero and his transgender girlfriend. Guarente thought the two had an affair and acted in revenge.

While in trail  for his crimes, Guarente named the man who had sold him the pistol and named other accomplices. Each of these people will now be investigated by a authorities and go through their own trails.

As for Guarente’s trial, he confessed to the crime and wrote out a letter. Guarente then read that letter aloud in court. In the document, Guarente, who was a former sailor, apologized for any pain that he caused. Ruggiero's mother and two brothers were in the courthouse as this happened.

Now, Guarente has been charged a life sentence in jail. Meanwhile, Guarente’s former girlfriend recently wrote on social media, “We would have preferred the death penalty.”

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