How Fast is the New Lamborghini Huracán EVO?

Lamborghini Huracán

Lamborghini Huracán EVO – A Closer Look

The short answer is – super fast. The real question is – how?

You can pretty much guess that a new Lamborghini is going to blow the doors off most sports cars, but there are still faster supercars out there. Fast is important when you’re dropping Speed isn’t everything.

The Lamborghini brand name is synonymous with speed, but this new Lambo isn’t really about better performance. It’s about better design and technology.

“The Huracán EVO is the very definition of evolution: it is a step ahead, redefining the segment parameters,” said Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini in a press release. “It is remarkably easy to drive, while delivering the most responsive, sensory and agile driving experience, in every environment.”

The Huracan EVO SPECS

  • Top Speed: 325 km/h
  • Acceleration: Zero to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds
  • Engine: 5.2-Liter naturally-aspirated V-10
  • Power: 631bhp at 8000rpm
  • Torque: 443lb ft at 6500rpm
  • Braking: From 100 km/h to zero in 31.9 m
  • Vehicle Weight: 1,422 kg
  • Weight to Power Ratio: 2.22 kg/hp
Lamborghini Huracán engine under hood
Lamborghini Huracán under hood

New Drive Technology

There are 3 different driving modes that you can select through the ANIMA controller. You can toggle between STRADA, SPORT and CORSA driving modes. The STRADA mode is the basic super car setting with just enough automation to keep your wheels in line for high-revving thrills. The SPORT setting is much looser with the LDVI computer.

It allows you to have more control over the driving experience so that you can push the boundaries of your ride further. The CORSA driving mode gives the most control over to the computer and helps display the Huracan EVO’s racing glory with the loudest engine roar and exhaust.

The new Huracan EVO has a sophisticated computer system called the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata or LDVI for short. It’s the brain of the EVO. The LDVI system monitors external road conditions so that the vehicle can react faster to changes. It also monitors your steering, gear shifting and braking in real time to learn your driving behavior.

It’s not just trying to study you. The system is designed to predict your every move so that you and the vehicle develop a more harmonious relationship.

The EVO has rear-wheel steering and torque vectoring through an enhanced chassis and suspension system. It also has a host of onboard sensors that monitor lateral, longitudinal and vertical accelerations. It also records pitch, yaw and roll.

This data is loaded directly into the central processor, the LDVI so that the Huracan EVO can deliver the best handling of any Lamborghini ever built. Its aim is to predict the future, predict your reactions and effectively merge you with the machine. That’s the spin, but the LDVI basically combines several different systems into one super-smart computer.

The previous version of the Huracan had magnetic dampers, stability control, dynamic steering, and the powertrain all working separately, but now everything is fully integrated.

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“Lamborghini is intent on leading the advance to the highest level of super sports car technologies and driving emotion. This is the essence of the new Huracán EVO. It takes the extraordinary abilities of the Huracán Performante and combines state-of-the-art vehicle dynamic control to amplify the everyday Huracán driving experience,” Stefano Domenicali stated.

Interior and Driver Interface

All that technology would be wasted without a newly-redefined driver interface system. It’s all managed from the 8.4-inch touchscreen in the center tunnel. The new multimedia screen combines entertainment and information in one location.

You can access music, climate control, adjust seating, connect with Apple CarPlay, and gain comprehensive telemetry on your vehicle’s performance. That data can be displayed with video or stored onto a hard disk drive.

The interior also benefits from luxurious materials. The upholstery is available in leather, Alcantra, and a new carbon skin material that is only available on a Lamborghini. You can customize the ambient lighting inside the cabin and choose a ton of other custom options through the Ad Personam program.

Huracan EVO Aerodynamics

With the new 20-inch wheels and bold orange Arancio Xanto paint, the Huracan EVO is visually stunning. Although the new design is more aerodynamically efficient, at first glance, you might not be able to distinguish the EVO from the original. More savvy gearheads will notice the new front end with its larger air intakes and integrated splitter.

The air intakes along the profile have also been tweaked. The rear of the vehicle has seen the greatest design changes. Everything has been tightened down. There’s now an integrated rear spoiler and dual exhaust tips that are higher and sit nearly flush with the panelling.

Lamborghini Huracán EVO interior
A look inside the Lamborghini Huracán EVO

What It’s Like to Drive

The driver interface improvements of the Huracan EVO make a more fun to drive than its predecessors – the original Huracan and the Huracan Performante. Rear wheel steering helps in tight cornering, but the rear end wants to fishtail out when you try to tackle a longer corner at high speeds.

At higher speeds, there’s also a great deal of fidgeting as the LDVI tries to balance itself out. Your best bet in this situation is to engage the SPORT setting. This way, you limit the amount of pre-cognition that the EVO computer tries to impose on the vehicle’s response.

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