The Pulse Nightclub is Re-Opening

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Pulse Nightclub is Re-opening?

A little over a year has gone by since the tragic and horrifying shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Many lives were lost that night, many were affected by the loss of loved ones, and the gay community as a whole was affected in its heart by this vicious attack.

But, perhaps its time for Pulse to live again as owner Barbara Poma is thinking.

Poma spoke to WFTV and stated that a new change may be coming for the Nightclub in the near future.

“Pulse is going to reopen [in a new location].”

“By reopening it, same name, the same format that we had, it just proves, you know, that hate will not win.”

While some may feel wrong about the club reopening after the tragedy that occurred at the prior location, Pulse survivor Orlando Torres has spoken out in favor of the new rebirth of the club.

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He said, “It's something to start new memories, as we've created many memories here at the old Pulse.”

And remember, by finding a new location the old location can remain a memorial ground and place to honor those who were lost.

In fact, Poma admits that she had once been offered by the city of Orlando to make the location into a public memorial. But, Poma ended up rejecting the idea instead.

That said, she does in fact have plans for the location and intends for a memorial to stand on the land. She just wants to make sure that she does it her way and in a way the best speaks for the people and the location.

As she told MFTV, “It will be something other than a nightclub. Whatever structure, space, my hope for it, is an eternity.”

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