How To Understand Your Birth Chart

Learning Your Birth Chart

So you want to know how to read your birth chart? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Understanding your birth chart is about understanding three major parts: The Zodiac Signs, The Planets, and the Houses. So, let’s break it down.

The Zodiac Signs

First, you have the zodiac signs. Most people already know a lot about this part of the birth chart. Each sign has a different persona and meaning. You apply these meanings to where they appear on your chart. As a refresher, or for those who don’t know them, here are the meanings.


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is bold, passionate, and action-oriented. This fire sign is full of take-charge personalities that dive headfirst into challenges and projects.


This earth sign is about beauty, serenity, softness, and southing energy. That said, the Taurus sign is rooted in the ground and can be (un)surprisingly stubborn.


Geminis are all about duality. They are complex and dynamic. This air sign is also based on communication and information.

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The tender Cancer sign is a water sign based on nature and emotion. They rise and fall like waves in water but are thus able to be more in touch with themselves and the surrounding world.


Like the lion, the Leo is a fire sign that is large, spirited, and proud.


As an Earth sign, Virgo is reflective and intelligent. Rooted in the material world, Virgos is based on being logical, practical, and systematic.


While Virgo focuses on the practical, its neighbor, the Libra, is an air signed based on balance and harmony. Libra is about seeing and working for fairness in all sides of life.


Next is Scorpio. There’s a misconception that Scorpio is passionate and fiery, but it is in fact a water sign based on deep intuition. Its strength and conviction are as deep as the ocean.

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As the last fire sign, Sagittarius is bursting with knowledge. Sagittarius is about launching like a blazing arrow to different locations. As such, this sign is strongly connected to geography, intelligence, and adventure.


The last Earth sign, Capricorn bridges the gap between the material and emotional realms. That’s why it’s represented by the sea-goat, a mythological creature with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. This sign is also known for focusing on the energy of evolution and power.


This air sign is a humanitarian. It gives life to the land. Ironically, it gives so much that it often doesn’t have much left for itself. That then gives Aquarius its distant persona among astrology fans.


Lastly, we have Pisces. This water sign is the dreamer and the absorber. It has soaked up all of the energies of the signs that came before it and is thus in touch with little pieces of each one. As such, Pisces is housed in emotion and artistry.

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The Planets

Next, we have the planets. Understanding a planet means you understand the energy that lies in each point of your birth chart. They give meaning by having their own personas that then expand on the meaning of signs and houses.


The sun is based on egos, truths, and strengths. The sun is the heart of a person. It is where we are most abundant and is the energy we pick from in every given day and way.


The moon sign is where our emotions live. The signs and houses that live in our moon tell us how we relate our sentimentality with ourselves and the world around us.


Mercury is where our communications skills live. It also controls how we process and share news/information.


Venus is the planet of love. Our relationships and how we engage with them are greatly affected by which signs and houses live in our Venus.


Mars is the planet of passion and action. This planet affects how we choose to move in this world.


Are you a lucky person? Unlucky? Your Jupiter is what affects that trait. It also has a hand on the mind in the realms of how you approach learning/education and absorbing wisdom through lived experiences.


Our Saturn is about longevity and time. Saturn knows the limits of time and matter and affects us in building boundaries and how we approach tasks based on time. Your procrastination issues, for instance, maybe the cause of what signs/houses are found in Saturn at the time of your birth.

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How do you handle change? Whether it's breakups or growth, the placement of Uranus has a hand in your processing of change.


Inspiration, dreams, compassion, and mystery. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and affects us in how we connect with the spiritual aspects of life.


Passion. That’s what we think of when we see Pluto. Pluto affects desires and also helps us to transform to get the things that we want.

The Houses

Lastly, we have the Houses. There are 12 houses and each one represents a different aspect of our lives.

First House/Rising/Ascendant

The rising sign is the outward appearance that people perceive of you. How do people see you? If your rising is in Sagittarius, people see you as an outgoing person who’s always on the go.

Second House

The second house is about finances, confidence, and material.

Third House

The third house is about close relationships and communication. It also can represent short-term travel like cars and buses.

Fourth House

Otherwise called Imum Coeli, meaning “bottom of the sky,” the fourth house is about home life. Traditions, parents, values, and beliefs. This is the foundation for your being.

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Fifth House

The fifth house is about fun like childhood, creativity, taking risks, and casual dating.

Sixth House

The sixth house is in charge of representing the mundane parts of life. The day-to-day upkeep such as taking care of your health or doing errands.

Seventh House/Descendant

The seventh house is about partnerships and relationships. As a direct opposite of the first house, which is about you as a person, the seventh house is about you and someone else.

Eighth House

The eighth house represents high-energy concepts like sex, transformation, and death.

Ninth House

The ninth house represents heightened thought like higher education, law and order, and philosophy.

Tenth House

The tenth house, otherwise known as midheaven or “medium coeli” or “middle sky,” is about career and public standing.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house is concerned with social structures like networking, acquaintances, and humanitarianism.

Twelfth House

Lastly, the twelfth house represents secrets or illusive content like fears, addiction, prison, and more.

What's In Your Birth Chart?

So now that you have all of that information, what’s your birth chart look like? What do all of that houses, plants, and signs say about you as a person? Do you agree?

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