What To Know About The Aquarius Man in Bed

Aquarius Man in Bed

Aquarius Man in Bed Revealed

What is the Aquarius man in bed like? Dating an Aquarius man and wondering what turns him on? Do Aquarius guys like to get freaky when they hook up? If you are curious about the answers, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because I am an Aquarius man and know exactly what we are like in the sack.

Other sites on the Internet will tell you they know all about how the Aquarius man is in bed but almost all of them are written by women who don’t have the foggiest idea of what they are talking about.

Wouldn’t it be great for a change to get the real deal on what to expect in bed with an Aquarius male when it comes to getting it on? Well, I’m about to give you lots of information on this topic that I promise you’ll get nowhere else.

After reading this post, I can promise you that you’ll have an amazing time and make that guy you’re hot for come begging back for more.

If that sounds arrogant, I apologize. It’s just that most of us who fall under this zodiac sign have an inflated sense of confidence. And let me tell you, that sense of confidence is very obvious in the bedroom.

And I am going to be the first to say it right now – that sense of confidence can also get Aquarius men into a lot of trouble. I’m just being real with you.

Alrighty, let’s get right to it. Here’s 10 things to know about the Aquarius man in bed – no holds barred.

1. We’re attracted to curious, witty people  

While looks certainly matter, we’re going to be more attracted to your sense of intelligence and sense of humor. This means having a sense of curiosity about the world we live in. It also means being able to find the funny in unfunny situations.

In the bedroom, the curiosity I’m talking about means being open to new things and not getting stuck in the same old thing. That might be cool for other signs, like a Virgo man but that is not us.

Laughing during sexy time matters too. We like a mixture of intense and fun.

2. We prize our manhood

There’s been no studies done on this so know what I am about to tell you comes from a place of personal experience and having lots of Aquarius man friends.

We prize our manhood. We like to be told how big it is, how nice it looks, and get super turned on when someone worships it. I can go for a LONG time before releasing if the worship part is done right.

Don’t be afraid to go for the gold with us and reach for our equipment. I’m not saying do it right off the bat. But I am saying that when the juices get flowing, it’s OK to cop a feel and take it from there.

You’ll be able to tell because our wood will be raging. Enough said.

3. We like roleplay

Because we tend to be overly intellectual, roleplay helps to stimulate our imagination. And because we are curious people by nature who go against the grain, we’re down with trying out new things.

If you aren’t sure you’d be a good candidate for roleplay, it might help to consider erotic hypnosis. This is particularly true if you are a Capricorn or some other earth sign that needs the extra push. Here’s a podcast that talks about erotic hypnosis if you want to know more.

Ask us to be a carpenter, police officer, firefighter, or mailman. It gives us the chance to step away from our brainy jobs and do something different.

4. We want to explore you

I’ll just come right out and say it – we are curious beings, and the men like to explore. This means we want to check out different parts of your body and not just the typical areas.

But here’s the thing. If you are overly sensitive about your hips, stomach area, or behind, we’re going to pick up on it. And when that happens, it’s a real turnoff. Just let yourself be yourself and things will be just fine.

That leaves us to our next tip.

time slows down couple sheets
Aquarius men are uninhibited

5. We’re uninhibited in bed

You came here for the real deal, right? Well, you need to know that we tend to be uninhibited in bed. In other words, we prefer getting it on in wild and crazy ways.

So, what do I mean by this? Let’s just say we don’t mine wine or other things to enhance the experience (read between the lines). Don’t get me wrong – we don’t need it. I am just saying we are open to it.

And condoms? Well, a lot of us don’t like them but will wear them to prevent problems. Again, I am just being real with you. I hate wearing a trojan. But I am down with wearing a pleasure ring. Not sure what that is? Read this article on pleasure rings.

6. Dirty Talk is a good thing

Are you the quiet type? That’s completely OK, but when it comes to sexy time it’s important to use your voice. I’m not saying groaning and moaning every second, but we like to know you are getting into it.

One way to make that happen is to talk a little. Let us know what you like and what you don’t – it won’t offend us. And rest assured, we will let you know as well.

While we can be somewhat empathic, it really helps to have the verbal component as part of the experience.

7. We like to put on a show

Yes, you read that right. We like to ride on the wild side. This means we gravitate towards putting on a show. Examples include leaving the window shades down, doing it in a car, and being OK with the mile-high club.

Remember, we are intellectual creatures and can get all heady. Intimacy presents an opportunity to step away from that part of ourselves and be free of our psychological shackles.

So, yeah – exhibitionism is OK with us. Nothing illegal mind you. But use your imagination a bit and I bet you can come up with a few things.

8. Play with our sack

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one because the tip is obvious. Use your mouth, tongue, and fingers on this one in a gentle way.

For reasons I don’t fully understand, this is an erogenous zone.

When you link this one to tip number two, it all makes sense because the two are deeply connected. One thing you will notice is we spend a lot of time manscaping this area. That’s because keeping it well-groomed also helps us to feel things more intensely.

couple bed
Aquarius men like to have fun

9. Toys are a good thing

Being adventurous in the bedroom comes naturally to us. This means being down with different toys. And when I say toys, I mean things that we can both enjoy and not just one person.

Here is an affiliate link to some toy ideas to think about for couples.

Most of the Aquarius men I know like pleasuring our mates with toys in ways that create laughter and joy. Collaborating on which toys to use turns us on even more.

10. We can go more than once

When we are really into you, we are down to go more than once a day. By nature, we tend to be more energized in the morning because we are attracted to new things and new beginnings.

That said, if we get it on before breakfast, that doesn’t mean we’re done for the day. Again, the chemistry we share with you has a lot to do with it.

What you hear me saying is we have a very strong appetite.

Who Aquarius matches best with

Aquarius men are fun and adventurous bedroom partners. If you are naturally curious, intelligent, and have a witty sense of humor, chances are we’re going to get along very well.

While we may be a fixed sign, that doesn’t mean we are stubbornly stuck in our ways. It just means we can tend to be super loyal once we establish a strong connection.

If you are Sagittarius, Gemini, or Aries, you get extra bonus points. That doesn’t mean other signs don’t match. They do! But the three I just mentioned seem to be most compatible.

Thanks for stopping by!

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