10 Reasons Men Should Sleep Commando

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Men who go commando when sleeping realize huge benefits

Everyone knows that getting enough sleep is a critical to good health. But there’s so much more to the equation than the amount of shut-eye you get. According to scientific research, how you sleep is equally important (Okamoto-Mizun & Mizuno, 2014).

That’s why many experts suggest that man sleep nude. And while it might be something your partner prefers, there really are certain benefits to taking it all off.

What follows are 10 reasons why men should be sleeping naked, including you!

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Sleeping Naked Health Benefits

1. You’ll increase your load

Believe it or not, sleeping nude may help to increase the amount of semen you produce.

Studies suggests that when you decide to go commando style, you’re helping your scrotum to maintain the perfect temperature of 96-98 degrees; the optimal environment for seminal production as part of the gonad system.

2. Intimacy is more likely

Men who sleep naked may find that intimacy with a partner increases. That’s because skin on skin contact with your mate skyrockets the production of the sex chemical, oxytocin, according to sleep experts.

Think about this one if you and your man have been in a dry spell!

3. May help  keep weight off

This one may sound like a stretch but it’s really not. Here’s why: when you sleep in your birthday suite, you’re helping your body keep cortisol levels in balance.

Cortisol, a biochemical hormone, is partially responsible for sending messages to the brain to let you know you’re hungry. When cortisol is out of whack, it leads to “stress eating”. Over the course of time, this causes weight gain.

4. You’ll sleep a lot better

Without the restriction of circulation zapping clothing, sleeping nude allows you to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

This helps to encourage the production of dopamine, a required brain chemical that has been scientifically proven as a necessary ingredient to more meaningful, deeper sleep.

5. Helps introverts become extroverted

If you are the type of man who struggles with socializing, try sleeping naked. That’s because when you wear clothing to sleep, like underwear, it is thought to paradoxically restrict your personality.

By jumping into the sack in just your birthday suite, you become less inhibited during your waking hours. Don’t you want to make more friends and meet new people anyway?

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Sleeping commando is good foryou

6. Helps fight depression

One of the major reasons you should be sleeping naked relates directly to your mood. We know from research that getting a good night’s sleep helps to keep a person’s mood in check.

If you’re all bunched up because of underwear, you may experience hypersomnia; a clinical condition that makes you feel tired during the day. It’s also directly related to the onset of depression.

7. Healthier skin

Everyone knows that when you don’t get enough sleep, you end up looking tired and haggard. Over the course of time, bags begin to form under the eyes and dark circles set in.

But sleeping nude, in addition to getting quality sleep, helps your skin stay healthy. That’s because commando style sleep allows your dermis to literally air itself out, purging itself of toxins and wrinkle causing chemicals.

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8. Younger looking skin

Related to point 7, sleeping without anything on also helps you to look younger. It turns out that quality sleep, which is encouraged by commando style napping, increases melatonin.

You may wonder what that word means? Melatonin is a hormone that is partially responsible for your sleep/wake cycle, also referred to as circadian rhythm.

Combined with other brain chemicals that are largely produced during sleep, melatonin helps your skin stay young, soft and supple. When you go to bed with clothes on, you literally encourage your entire body to age.

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You'll sleep better

9. Makes your manhood happier

For men, sleeping in the buff allows your entire sex organ system to remain at a balanced temperature. In turn, this helps to encourage a better functioning pecker – and shooter!

If it’s been awhile since you’ve experienced nocturnal penile tumescence (aka morning wood), you should toss off your skivvies and enjoy the fabulous sensation of cool sheets.

10. Less sexually inhibited

If you’re the type that insists on wearing pajamas to bed or keeping on a pair of boxers, there’s a fairly good chance your sexually inhibited. At least that’s what the research tells us.

And so if you’ve been wanting to change this up; like try new positions or get a little wild, why not sleep commando as a “first step”? Over the course of time, this can lead to greater versatility and enhanced sexual happiness!

Men Sleeping Nude Final Thoughts

Getting a good night’s sleep isn't just about being alert during waking hours. When you slip into the sheets buff, your entire body benefits.

If you want to learn more about the magic of sleep, including the benefits of napping nude, check out this book by Dr. Rosenberg! Inside, you’ll find lots of useful insight with sleep facts that might surprise you. See Amazon.


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