#LiamPayneIsOverParty? Did Liam Payne Fetishize Bisexual Women?


Today is an interesting day for One Direction fans of new and old.

Now that the famous British boy band has split apart (unofficially), the boys have had time to grow into their own solo careers and personalities. While Zayn Malik got a head start, it appears that it’s Harry Styles has raced ahead of the others. From turning heads at the MET Gala, to getting his own episode as an SNL host, and getting major coverage for his upcoming music releases, Styles is doing just fine. But now, it appears Liam Payne is trending on the internet. Just, not for a good reason.

Again, today was an interesting day for One Direction fans. While Harry Styles released the music video for his latest single “Adore You,” Liam Payne released his first full album LP1. But the album has instantly hit bad luck over one song in particular.

Within the album, Liam Payne released the new song “Both Ways.” The song is heavily sexual with Payne singing about being with a bisexual woman. Some of the lyrics go, “My girl, she like it both ways/She like the way it all taste/Couple more, we'll call it foreplay.”

Immediately, LGBTQ people on Twitter took offense to the song.

“The lgbqt+ community is NOT for your fetish. to see young women, men, or ANYONE being sexualized like that is disgusting,” one user tweeted.

“I warned y'all years ago!” tweeted out gay YouTuber Tyler Oakley.

Eventually, the tweets grew in volume until #LiamPayneIsOver was trending on the social media program. To defend their outrage, many users referred to a comment by Payne about his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles. Styles, who again is celebrating a much quieter release of his latest song, has openly supported LGBTQ people and even expressed bisexual attraction. Unfortunately, this did not go over well with Payne.

In a 2017 interview, after the birth of his son Bear, Liam Payne noted that he wouldn’t allow Harry to babysit.

“I couldn't rely on Harry 'cause I feel like my child would come out dressed in something that I just wouldn't understand,” Payne stated.

Liam Payne has yet to respond to the #LiamPayneIsOver hashtag, and perhaps that’s for the best. We don’t know what responding to this latest wave of Twitter hate would result in, but we’ll keep you updated as we find out.