Man Rapes Another Man, Says He Drank Too Much Beer

gay rape beer

Claims “I’m not homosexual”

A German man who admitted to raping an unconscious man has been spared jail after his lawyer claimed he was not gay. He forced his victim to perform oral on him while witnesses filmed the entire incident.

According to a report in the UK’s Independent, the rapist developed a “spontaneous affection” for the guy he attacked.

The Ukrainian-born rapist (38), referred to only as Sergeii C, because of Germany’s strict privacy laws, was given a two-year suspended sentence after sexually assaulting his 32-year old American victim.

“Sergeii C said he could not explain his actions or remember the incident, the Daily Mail reported.

One of the pair reportedly told the court: “He grabbed the victim in the leather pants at the front.

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“We thought at first it was a robbery. But then he made clear movements that surprised us.

Credit: Daily Mail

The Ukrainian-born attacker confessed his crime, before telling the court: “I had drunk at least six litres of beer. I cannot explain it to myself. I am not homosexual,” reports the Independent.

The perpetrator claims he would never have done it unless the other man consented.

“A court heard that he forced his victim, who was also in a drunken state, to give him oral sex on the Kotzhugel, a hill beside the beer tents at the world-famous event.”

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The incident was filmed by two Spanish visitors who initially thought Sergeii C was robbing his sleeping victim.”

In 2014, a 24-year old British man was raped by two men at Oktoberfest. According to a report in the Daily Mail, he was forced onto the ground and pinned down while the other man sexually assaulted him.

The two assailants apparently fled afterwards, according to reports.