Getting Your Girl In The Mood To Netflix and Chill Without Netflix

Get Your Netflix and Chill on without Netflix

Have you been struggling to get your girlfriend in the mood for sex? Has Netflix and Chill lost all its charm and now you just Netflix and sleep?

Pandemic lockdowns and quarantines have probably put a strain on your streaming service mack game. It’s lost most of its mystique. Netflix and Chill used to be a special treat, but now it’s more like the bread-and-butter routine of your long-term relationship. There’s no more mystery, no suspense…. well, at least not in your bedroom. The truth is when things get routine, it saps all of the excitement and spark out of your intimate encounters.

Here’s a crazy idea – you don’t have to Netflix and Chill at all. If the goal is to cuddle up with your girlfriend and get her in the mood for sex and that’s not working for you anymore, then set it aside. Watch Netflix for the sake of entertainment and try a different strategy to engage with her.

Don’t worry. I won’t leave you high and dry. Here are a few ideas for how to get your girlfriend in the mood without Netflix and Chill.

Do Some Dancing

It amazes me how Netflix and Chill caught on and became such a popular way to instigate sex. It’s such a sedentary activity and sex has all this motion and physical interaction. There’s another activity that involves a lot of movement and that’s dancing.

If sitting on the couch watching TV isn’t getting your girl in the mood for sex, then it’s time to get up and get moving. Now, you might not want to start an impromptu dance party after a long day. Try incorporating some dance into your evening when you’ve both got the energy to make it work.

There are three ways that I’d suggest going about it. You can get romantic with some slow dancing. You can get down and dirty with some dance tracks. Or you can create a playlist that mixes in a little bit of both. It’s all about what type of mood works best for you and your partner.

You can slow dance to R&B jams or throw dollar bills while she’s twerking. It’s all up to your comfort zone and the mood of the moment. Everything is open when you create a fun and safe environment for physical intimacy and exploration. It’s all about the connection and the physical movements. You can even try to learn one of those silly TikTok dance challenges together. Just make sure that everyone involved is having fun. It will lead to lots of touching and teasing.

Try Some Edible Foreplay

This substitute for Netflix and Chill starts in the kitchen. The ability of food to create intimate moments can not be understated. Our senses of taste, smell and touch all come into play. Interacting with food and each other creates a bonding experience that can travel out of the kitchen and straight to the bedroom…. or you can just stay in the kitchen, if you know what I mean.

There are certain foods that produce powerful neurochemical reactions such as dark chocolate and bananas. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that produce anandamide and phenylethylamine. Both chemicals boost serotonin levels in the brain. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and B vitamins. These give you energy and increase blood flow.

Edible foreplay can get really kinky or just be innocent and fun. For first timers, you’d be better off going with the latter. Freeze some grapes, get some chocolate-dipped bananas, and feed each other some delicious treats. If this works for you and you want to step it up a notch, try getting a bit messy. Smash the fruit on each other’s bodies and use your mouths to clean up the mess.

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Find the Funny

You might not readily think anything’s funny about getting your freak on, but a little laughter goes a long way in the bedroom. For starters, it cuts the tension. Sometimes, guys get so hot and heavy when they want to have sex. It just doesn’t always fit the occasion.

Instead of trying to act out the cover of a cheesy romance novel with your girlfriend, try to make her laugh instead. Get silly. Get playful. Get her to let her guard down by deflating the tension of the moment.

What’s so funny? Well, there’s lots of comedic techniques and devices that you can use. There’s slapstick, for example. You can hop around with one leg stuck in your underwear until you fall on the floor. Your girl might respond to something more subtle though.

There’s also repetition. Just start a conversation and out of nowhere point to her knee and scream “What is that?!” When her eyes go wide and she looks down, just say, “Oh, it’s your knee.”

You might not get a chuckle at first but start another conversation and in the middle of her response say – “What is that?” pointing to a different body part. She’ll roll her eyes and smile, for sure. That’s because she’s anticipating the joke. Try it out; it works.

Laughter is more than just the best medicine. It’s also one of the best ways to soften your girl’s heart and get her eating out of the palm of your hand. Take the seriousness out of sex and you’ll introduce all sorts of pleasurable and playful possibilities to your next session.

Get Vulnerable

If you want to spark a powerful sexual encounter with your girlfriend, then let your guard down. Show her your tender side by revealing something about your inner feelings. Ask her if you can talk to her about something and then tell her how you feel about something personal happening outside of your relationship.

Are you having problems at work or family drama? Then, tell her how its making you feel and ask her for advice on how to deal with. While you’re talking through your problems, hold her hand and look into her eyes. Create a connection that isn’t purely physical, and your girlfriend will want to make love to you.

I know its difficult for most men to open about their feelings, but if you do, your girlfriend will most likely see it as a strength and not a weakness. Make sure that she knows that you value her time and the safe space that she’s created for you to open up.

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This can be a powerful catalyst to a sexual experience, but you shouldn’t fake it. Don’t just make something up. Be genuine and get real with her. You need to be a bit careful with this technique though. Don’t let it get too sad or you won’t be able to parlay this bonding moment into sex. It’ll just be a great bonding experience for you.

Try to wrap up the discussion with gratitude. Thank her and let her know how much it means to you. She might have some emotional stress weighing her down, too. So, you need to listen and hold space for her, as well. After you’ve both had a chance to open up and get vulnerable, give her a gentle and tender kiss and see where things go from there.

Do a Fashion Show

It might sound counter-intuitive, but you can get your girl out of her clothes by asking her to try on some clothes. It’s not reverse psychology or anything like that. It’s just an activity that builds chemistry and helps you and your partner bond.

Start by asking your girlfriend to try on an outfit that she hasn’t worn in a while. Maybe she’ll be into it or maybe there’s a reason why she doesn’t wear that outfit anymore, but it’s a starting point. Hopefully, the two of you can find an outfit that she wants to try on. Then, ask her to try on the outfit. Hopefully, you’ll get to watch. Give her lots of positive feedback about her body and modeling along the way.

The next step is to get in on the fun by modeling something for her. Let her watch you get dressed and ask her for feedback. What does she like about this outfit? What sort of clothes does she want you to wear more often?

Lastly, you can move into more intimate apparel. Help her feel comfortable with modeling for you by giving her lots of positive feedback and keeping the mood lighthearted. Don’t get too hot and heavy because this is just for fun. The point is not to look at your girl like a piece of meat, but to mix up the routine and give each other affirmations. After a couple of outfit changes, your fashion show might just land you in one of the steamiest sexual encounters you’ve ever had.

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Did You Score?

Could you see yourself putting any of these tips into practice? Aren’t these ideas way better than just lying down in front of a computer screen, watching TV, and waiting for something to pop off? Netflix and Chill is so played out, especially since all people do now a days is binge watch TV anyway.

Why not get back to the basics of intimacy and create some real connections with your lover? Sex can be funny; it can be wild and adventurous, but it might not ever reach those heights by watching Netflix. You’re more likely to fall asleep or worse – have lazy sex.

You don’t have to make a production out of every intimate moment with your girlfriend, but chances are, she’s not in the mood because everything seems so routine. Stretch your imagination and hers with some out-of-the-box thinking. Create your connection. Create your moment. You’ll enjoy the results.

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