5 Smart Hacks for Flirting Online

online flirting tips

Online Flirting Hacks

Are you doing more online flirting? It’s hard out here for singles. You might be using those dating apps and inboxes more than ever, but the good news is that people are responding.

With social distancing measures taking the joy out of meeting people outside, more people are flirting online.

Online dating is a long game. Sure, you can score some hot flings with certain dating apps like Grindr, Tinder or even SnapChat.

But If you’re looking for a more meaningful romantic experience, then you need to build up a relationship. That takes some time.

So, here are a few tips for online flirting that are sure to land you a date.

1. Be Sure to Give and Take

When you’re flirting with your new online crush, don’t fall into the pit of a one-way exchange. The best types of flirting go both ways, meaning both of you should be participating. You’re not just some fountain of fire emojis that exists only to prop up their ego.

When you send a greeting, a compliment, a comment or DM, does your crush respond? How long did it take? Do they comment and like your posts, too? These little indicators will tell you if they’re showing genuine interest.

You don’t have to keep score on this one. It’s not a one-for-one exchange. Flirting should happen naturally, and you might find that your personality is more flirtatious than theirs. Just make sure that they are equally involved.

2. Don’t Be Wishy-Washy

When flirting online, you need to make your intentions plain. A text message can so easily be taken out of context. So, you need to make sure that you come on strong in the beginning. You don’t want to get bogged down in the stack of DMs waiting in your crush’s inbox.

Avoid the flirtation tricks. Trust me, they’ve heard them all before. Start out with something funny and eye-catching. If you’re on a dating app, then mention a small detail about their profile. If you’re on social media, then go for their most recent photo. Don’t say “you look so hot.” Make it something about their interests instead.


Questions are better than statements when flirting online. A question invites a response whereas a statement can be taken without any reciprocation. Let your crush know that you aren’t just casually scrolling. You’re interested in them for a reason.

3. Bring Out the Emojis

Once you get the ball rolling, let the emojis fly. They’re eye-catching, playful and can really show off your creativity. You can play a little game where you and your crush try to out-do each other by adding more and more emojis to your messages. Then, you can enjoy deciphering the complex messages like a guessing game.

Emojis are a great tool for flirting online because they operate on the surface level. You don’t have to get too deep into past experiences or traumas…just have a laugh.

Some emojis are overtly sexual like the peach and the purple eggplant emojis. Don’t default to the obvious. Slip them in for seasoning once you feel comfortable, but there are so many emojis and emoticons to choose from.

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4. Know When to Get Sexy

Speaking of eggplant emojis, let’s talk about sexy flirting. You should never start out with sexual flirtations online. It just automatically puts you in a category that doesn’t warrant much attention, at least not in the long run.

Wait for your crush to drop the sexual undertones first and play off them. Or you can ease into them yourself once you have reached a certain level of familiarity. Some people like to do a lot of sexual innuendo online, but you should be wary of this.

Online flirting can be a safe space for sexual banter and some people just like to talk. If you notice that your crush is using way too much sexual innuendo, then that might mean that they’re actually not really interested. They’re just messing around.

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5. Keep it Dripping

When you’re flirting online, always keep a cloud of mystery around yourself. You want the exchange to last. So, avoid spilling the beans about your past relationships, where you went to kindergarten, all your favorite Marvel superhero movies, etc. etc.

Think of online flirting as a faucet. Keep it dripping but avoid turning on the tap full blast. Hopefully, you’ll have actual dates at some point, and you’ll want to keep some information in reserve. That doesn’t mean you need to keep secrets. Just keep it dripping.

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