18 Forms Of Self-Care For Men

Men & Self-Care

Men need self-care too. In fact, men especially need self-care. We are still shaking off the idea that men have to be tough, rough, and stoic. Thankfully, that means that we can finally talk about men getting the attention, love, and self-care that they need. Yes, that needs men can get themselves the love and care that every person on this Earth needs. But don’t know how to self-care or what sorts of activities count as self-care? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Basically, any type of action or activity that pleases you or grounds you or takes care of you in a meaningful way. From cleaning out your closet to going to the dentist, there are many activities that work under this umbrella concept. Let’s explore some ideas.


Going to a therapist means searching into yourself, learning about yourself, and learning how to better act in the future! Trust us, this is great route for self-care.

Get a Massage

Or, maybe you want to get a rub down. Relax and have a pro get out all of the tense muscles in your body. You’ll love this experience.

Write in a Journal

If you can’t afford a therapist, maybe reflecting alone and with a journal will help. Plus, then you get the added treat of looking back at where you’ve been in life.


Or take some time out of your day to read. This could be great for your soul and you can learn a lot from the books you read. In fact, we have a list of must-reads for men, according to Reddit.

Volunteer Somewhere

Or, you can better your spirit by helping others. Volunteer at places like community centers, youth groups, or whatever else to connect with the community and feel like you’re helping yourself and the world.

Sleep In

This is pretty self-explanatory AND GREAT!

Take a Long Shower/Bath

Just imagine being under or in that warm water and letting all your thoughts float away. Bliss.

Hang Out with Animals

Animals like dogs and cats are pure love. What better way is there to reclaim happy energy than to hang out with some animals?

Get A Haircut

Or maybe you’ll enjoy getting your haircut. A fresh cut could be the type of change you need. The same can be said for any change to your hair. Getting it stylized or dyed, for instance.

Create a New Playlist

If you like music, you might enjoy spending some time creating a new playlist for yourself. Or, you could update an already existing playlist.

Buy Something

Or maybe you just want to splurge a bit. Buy yourself that hoodie you’ve been wanting. Get that new chair or whatever else.

Eat Something Good

Whether you want to enjoy a good meal that you buy somewhere or make it yourself, eating something good can lift your spirits and heal your soul.

Meditate/Do Yoga/Do Taichi

Maybe re-centering and refocusing through a practice based on the spirit and body will do the trick. If so, get over to a place that does lessons of yoga, meditation, or taichi.


Or maybe you just need to get lost in doing some weight lifting or rock-climbing. Here’s a list of out of the box fitness ideas.

Play A Sport

If you want to be social and see that as your self-care method, playing a sport is a good route. Not too much talking going on, so it shouldn’t be too draining. Plus, you’re exercising too!

Hang Out With Friends

Or, you can hang out with your friends. There are many ways that you can exercise with your friends. That includes things like coffee hangouts to video game sessions and more.

Redesign Your Room

Maybe you need a new look for your space. Move a chair, move the tv, and see how you feel rearranging your entire setup.

See a Live Show (Play, Comedy, etc.)

Lastly, get out of the house and go see a show! Laugh your but off with a standup comedy show or feel all the feels with a dramatic play. It’s up to you. No matter what you try, we hope you like it and we hope you enjoy your form of self-care.

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