Sorry, I Don’t Want My Sweaty Balls Smelling Like Bug Repellent

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Some things just don’t need to be invented

If you are a guy who is physically active, you’ve no doubt struggled with sweat and body odor at some point in life. Try as we might, there's only so much we can do to keep our manscent under control – know what I mean?

The topic of “stank” is something I’ve written about in the past, including this post that explores how Fresh balls lotion helps to control a sweaty groin.

But honestly, have things really gotten so bad with male BO that we need to reach for the scent of bug repellent? What, you think I am kidding?

I’m not.

According to a press release from the American Chemical Society and published in the ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, scientists have modified a blend of cotton fabric so that it emits a “lemony citronella aroma” when it comes into contact with sweat.

If you are wondering what citronella smells like, just head on over to your local hardware store and scope out the bug spray section. Look for the candles that are marketed to chase away mosquitoes and gnats.

I can only speak for myself but umm – no. In fact, hell no. I’d rather stink to high heaven than have the sweat from my junk converted into the smell off OFF.

Honestly, have we really become such snowflakes that we need to have our jocks and briefs chemically engineered to emit fragrances?

Hey, I’m not saying we should all run around smelling rank or anything. But do we really need to turn ourselves into  walking bug repellents because our BO might offend others?

What ever happened to taking a shower with a good bar of soap and maybe some deodorant afterward? And is it really that hard to toss those sweaty clothes into the hamper and wash them later in the week?

Speaking only for myself, I think we’ve crossed a bridge too far when we need to chemically alter cotton to mask our manscent. No thanks – if my sweaty balls make you uncomfortable, deal with it.

Would you wear clothing changes the scent of your sweat? 

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  1. I wasnt gonna comment on this ridiculous article, but i will do it anyway. You might forget that loads of guys and maby even some girls, get a kick out of sweaty bodies and balls. Most people, and guys especially are indeed like snowflakes so tender and touchy that I sometimes think that the world is changing from easy going guys to the sensitive ones, and thats not a pretty outcome, i think.

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