10 Truths About The Taurus Man In Bed

Taurus man in bed henry cavill
Henry Cavill is a Taurus Man

Taurus man in bed as revealed by a Taurus man

Are you curious about the Taurus man in bed? Dating a Taurus male and thinking about getting close? Do you wonder what turns him on? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because I’m a Taurus man and know exactly what we’re like in the sack.

Other posts on the web profess to know all about this earth sign. However, in many cases, the material is presented from someone who isn’t a bull and not a male.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read the perspective of a guy who is born under this sign?

Well, now is your chance. I’m about to give you the real deal about what we’re like in the sack with insight you’ll find nowhere else.

In fact, I’m confident that once you’re done reading this piece, you’ll walk away feeling more knowledgeable and empowered.

If what I’ve just shared sounds arrogant, please forgive me. The hard truth is most all Taurus males are highly competitive and really enjoy intimacy. Because our personalities can get the best of us, we sometimes come off as overly assertive.

I wish this weren’t the case but, I’m just being real with you. That aggressive edge we have is a double-edged sword. The good part is we like to dominate and control. The not so great part is this is a trait that can sometimes turn partners off.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are ten truths about the Taurus man in bed – including his turn-ons – as told by a male bull.

Just so you know, a person is Taurus when they are born between April 21 – May 21.

Taurus males in bed
Taurus men revealed

1. We’re curious in bed

One of the first things you need to know about the men is our inquisitive nature. In other words, we like to investigate all the physical parts of a person (up close and personal) before turning on the heat.

You can expect us to spend a lot of time touching you and studying your body. The more we get to know about your physical aspects, the closer we’re drawn to you.

2. We’re focused on pleasing

If you’ve ever been close to any Taurus man, you likely know we’re goal-focused. Once we’ve got our sites set on something, nothing can hold us back.

In the area of intimacy, this means we’re all about pleasing you. Unlike other signs that are super dominant and often manipulative (see Scorpion male), Taurians vibe out gentle, strong energy.

We use that strength to help us stay focused on what turns you on, even if the process is sometimes slow. One of the best things you can do to help speed up the process is to verbalize what you like. Once we understand your needs, we’ll spend hours mastering the technique to perfection.

3. The basics work best

I am the first to admit that when it comes to lovemaking, the bulls aren’t the most imaginative. Some signs are gifted in this area, such as Aquarius. But what we lack in imagination we make up for in vanilla.

Yep, read between the lines. Taurus men are all about the basics. Kissing, touching, petting and holding are all in our wheelhouse. That said, it would be a mistake to believe that our gravitation towards the basics equals boring. That’s because passion fuels much of our behaviors under the sheets.

This brings us to our next point.

4. We’re passionate and intense

When you get with one of the guys in the biblical sense, you can expect us to be heated and intense. Unlike other signs that can do it without an emotional connection, like the Aries man, we bulls require a certain closeness.

Part of this is because of our cautious nature. The complicated truth is we don’t want to be hurt and therefore put up walls to keep us safe. But once a strong bond of trust exists, it’s off to the races.

More than anything else, we thrive off your passion and intensity, which in turn makes us more passionate and focused.

5. Touch our shoulders and necks

Here’s a dirty little secret about Taurians – we tend to be the anxious types. As a result, we hold a lot of tension in our shoulders and necks.

When you get with us, spend time touching our shoulders and necks. I can tell you that the muscles of the trapezius are directly hardwired to our man parts (read between the lines).

6. We channel some Leo

Earlier I mentioned that we like the basics. While this is true, this doesn’t mean we don’t want to show off. The reality is many of us do. When you turn us on, we can be very aggressive.

One of the ways this aggressiveness manifests is by showing off. Think adornment, worshiping and some forms of role-playing. I’m mentioning this because, in some ways, we mirror Leo men but with less arrogance.

7. Holes fascinate us

I’m not going to get explicit here because this is a G-Rated post. That said, I will tell you that because bulls are curious creatures, we are strangely drawn to holes.

You can expect us to investigate all of your orifices using sight, touch, smell and taste. Read whatever you want into what I’ve just shared. I’m just telling you like it is.

7. We release a lot

Here’s some inside baseball you might not know. Unlike other male signs who think about getting some 24/7 (like Capricorn and Scorpio), we are far lest governed by our libidos.

Translation: When we do get it on with a mate, we have a lot of material pent up (read between the lines). As a result, we tend to be real geysers.

8. Compliments mean a lot

Some zodiacs don’t require a lot of verbal affection. This is not the case for Taurus men. The reality is we like your compliments because it tells us the things you like.

In turn, you can expect us to reciprocate admiration through the spoken word. If you dig a particular aspect of our physique, make sure you mention it. It’s like music to our ears and other bullish areas (hint, hint!).

9. We can tell if you’re faking it

While we aren’t exactly psychic like Pisces moon sign people, we do have a strong sense of intuition. This means we can tell when you are into us and when you aren’t.

Sometimes, people do things in the bedroom for the benefit of another, even though they aren’t really feeling it. Should this describe your approach, I encourage you not to do it with the Taurus male. He’s going to quickly pick up on the fakeness, which turns him off.

Your best bet is to be direct and simply say you aren’t in the mood. His ego may get slightly bruised, but he’ll appreciate your honesty and directness.

10. Trust and loyalty matter

The more we trust our mate, the more loyal we become to them. In turn, this empowers our intimate side and intensifies the bonding experience.

Taurus guys have a powerful loyalty meter. This comes to us from our ruling planet, Venus. Our romantic interest in you is empowered by mutual trust.

So, what you are hearing me say is we won’t just sleep with anyone. We need to feel close to you while sensing you are attracted to us. As time goes on and trust builds, expect the passion to intensify.

Bringing It All Together

The male bull isn’t all that complicated. In many ways, he’s one of the most gentle, easy to understand signs in the astrological universe.

If you want to learn more about Taurus men, including what makes us tick, consider picking up a copy of Taurus Man Secrets by Kovach (see Amazon). I’ve read the book myself and think it’s an excellent guide to understanding who we are.

I hope the ten insights shared in this post help you to better understand the male Taurus. We’re wired for relationships and tend to stick with a mate for the long term.

Are you?