5 Powerful Words and Phrases for Dating

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Dating phrases revealed

The language you use in your relationships is vital to forming a long-lasting connection and building attraction. Some might say that the relationship is the language; it’s the things we say to one another and how those things make us feel.

You can seriously sabotage your chances at romance by taking on a defeated, lackluster language style that doesn’t inspire curiosity or a feeling of magnetism. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a psychologist or an award-winning novelist to create magnetism in the way you speak.

Just focus on sprinkling in some of the right ingredients at the right time and you’ll work your way into someone’s heart, for sure. Here are 5 words and phrases that you can use in conversations that make you more attractive.

1. How about?

Instead of asking your date – “Do you want to do this again sometime?” Try using “How about we get together again in a couple of days.” It’s an odd bit of psychology at play here because it’s not like you really asked a question. Instead, you’re leading them in the direction of a positive response.

There’s so much more implication involved when you use “How about”. It implies that the subject of the question is exactly the thing that you want and you’re wondering if your partner wants that same thing. It’s comforting to the other party because they already know where you stand. Comfort leads to intimacy.

2. Amazing

Sometimes, men lack the creativity for suitable compliments. Your date walks in looking like a snack and all you can think to say is “Wow!” It happens a lot, but you can take the guesswork out of compliments by remembering to say “amazing”.

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It’s an adjective that means something has caused great surprise or astonishment. You can make your partner feel really special by letting them know that their beauty has exceeded your expectations. You can also use the word “amazing” when commenting about your experiences with your partner. “I had an amazing time tonight.”

3. What do you think?

Close ended questions aren’t doing you any favors as a single man. Unless you’re popping the big question, you should avoid asking questions that result in a simple “yes” or “no” answer. The main reason is that you’re trying to get to know someone and increase your level of intimacy. There’s so much more that you can learn with open-ended questions.

Whenever possible, illicit more information from your new romantic partner. You want new information about how they feel, what they like and don’t like, where they stand on certain issues and when you use close-ended questions, it makes that process much more difficult.

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So, ask them “what do you think about that new TikTok meme that’s going around?” That’s way better than simply asking “Do you like that new TikTok meme?” You’re going to deepen the level of conversation even when you’re talking about something as asinine as a viral TikTok meme.

4. I’m excited!

Excitement is infectious. When you’re excited, it inspires other people to feel the same way. Just look at any actor or actress who has an upcoming film. Watch an interview of them and you’ll most likely hear them say “I’m excited”. It’s not by chance. They are trained to infect audiences with excitement about their latest film so that more people go and see it.

You can create this same effect in your relationships by projecting an air of excitement. People want to be attached to exciting things that are happening and interesting people who bring excitement into their lives. When someone asks you what you’ve been up to lately or where you’re going, always try to say “I’m excited”.

5. With you

This is a powerful phrase when you’re dating. It’s best when used while you’re making plans for future dates or when you’re single and trying to kickstart a relationship. “With you” is packed with insinuation and you can use it to show appreciation for your partner or crush.

So, when you’re making plans, asking them out for a date, or discussing places that you want to go, don’t just say “I want to go to Bali one day.” Instead, say “I want to go to Bali one day with you.” Do you see the difference? Here it is again. “Disney World would be so much with you.”

If you leave off those two powerful words, the statement still makes sense. Bali and Disney World are great places to visit, but you gain extra points by letting someone know that you would enjoy it more with them. When you say “with you” it strengthens the bond, creates intimacy, and lets a person know that your visions of the future include them.

Putting it All Together

These powerful words and phrases can make you more attractive and strengthen a budding romance. The trick is to not overuse any single phrase or word, but to mix them into your regular speech where and when appropriate.

You can say something like, “I had an amazing time with you tonight. How about we forget about our plans for next week and just do this again tomorrow.” There were three key words and phrases from the list in that single statement.

That might have sounded like a simple exchange, but it was loaded with implied emotions and thoughts that strengthen romantic bonds. Language is a potent component of any good relationship. How we communicate to one another can serve as a basis for attraction.

It can also affect how we see ourselves. You should create these feelings for yourself, too. By projecting an air of excitement and a desire for a more intimate connection with your partner through communication, you actually create that deeper bond in the process.

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