Freeballing at the Gym: How to Do it for Men in 7 Easy Steps!

men freeballing gym sexyFreeballing has its benefits

There’s nothing like going to the gym and freeballing during a working. What’s that? You haven’t heard of the term? No problem. Here’s a quick definition.

Freeballing means not wearing underwear underneath your clothes. Some people also call this commando style.

We’re going to show you how to go freeballing at the gym in 7 steps. As a man, you’ll love the freedom it affords. Plus, once you master freeballing at the gym, you can try it in other life areas, like at a friend’s house, work or a party!

The tips offered here come to us from readers of  the blog and several of the writing staff. Consider this guide the ultimate freeballing resource! Don't forget to vote in our freeballing poll!

Let’s jump right in!

1. Decide the optimal time

The very first thing you are going to need to do is figure out the optimal time for freeballing.

Based on reader input, it may be best to go during non-peak hours. Then, as you gain more confidence, you can freeball it during prime time.

2. Leave the underwear at home

The very best way to make sure you do what you have set out to do is leave the underwear at home. If Ryan Kelley from Teen Wolf can parade around with his ridiculously thick massiveness (see this not safe for work link),  you can you too.

Don’t even pack a pair in your gym bag. This step forces you to freeball so that you won’t chicken out.

hot guy in sweats

3. Start off with sweats

Freeballing newbies will find that it’s easier to start out with a pair of sweats as opposed to shorts. There are a number of reasons for this.

The main one is building confidence. Most men will find cotton to be a smart choice. Fleece sweats are also great if you want extra comfort!

4. Don’t make changing obvious

If you are going to be changing at your gym from street clothes to freeballing wear, don’t make a big deal out of it in the locker room.

Just undress like you normally would and then get into your gym attire – underwear free of course.

sexy men freeballing gym
Careful of coregasms when freeballing!

5. Be mindful of coregasms

When men choose to freeball for the first time, particularly at the gym, it can create massive feelings of excitement. So much so that guys have reported having coregasms.

When you feel yourself becoming firm, just go with it and try not to fight the sensation. It’s perfectly normal.

6. When you graduate to shorts, use caution

Once you get to the point of wearing only shorts, use caution. If you arch your legs too high or bend them to far, you run the risk of your anatomy spilling out.

It may help to wear a longer leg type of men’s shorts to keep it all together.

7. Inspire others to freeball

It’s going to take time some time but once you've got your groove on, make sure you go freeballing with pride!

Before you know it, you’ll be setting a major trend at your gym. Not wanting to be left out, other guys will likely follow your lead!

Quick Freeballing Bonus Tips

  • Going natural can help create ventilation between your gym shorts and anatomy. The air flow can feel nice and make you bulge with joy.
  • Try doing prisoner squats while freeballing to experience the full range of motion.
  • If you have very large anatomy, be mindful of the gym shorts or sweats that you wear. Opt for looser, baggier cuts of fabric when making athletic clothing selections.
  • Think carefully before jumping on an exercise bike when it's freeball time in shorts. You don’t want the head of your johnson or your sack to flop onto the seat, do you?
  • Bear in mind that attitude matters. You are freeballing because you want to send the message: I love me!
  • If you feel you simply must have some type of undergarment available in the case of an emergency, you can always reach for a pair of men’s mesh underwear and tuck them in your jean pocket.
  • If you have enormous anatomy, freeballing may be a challenge on certain types of gym equipment.
  • While doing routine exercises, tune into your environment and notice how your chakras become magically aligned.
  • Should someone make a comment about your freeball attire at the gym, don’t get defensive. Instead, simply thank them for noticing and move about your business. Your response will certainly draw attention to the fact they were looking.
  • Take pictures of yourself freeballing and share with friends on social media. The world wants to see!
freeballing huge man
Thankful for freeballing

Freeballing Notes of Caution

If you are worried about chaffing because the head of your anatomy is touching fabric, consider moisturizing before starting your freeball workout.

Don’t freak out if you experience extended periods of firmness. It is perfectly natural and will lessen over the course of time. In many ways, freeballing stimulates your anatomy similar to morning wood.