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Gay men and jockstraps

Jockstraps and Gay Men – A Closer Look

By: Bryce Harper

I’m a gay man who loves jockstraps and not ashamed to admit it. The hard truth is I’ve been addicted to jockstraps for most of my life, dating all the way back to my freshman year in high school.

I’ll never forget the time I was in the locker room and saw the captain of our football team gearing up for a game and slipping on a cotton navy jock.

There’s really no way to describe it except to say that in that moment, I knew that I was forever going to be a “Friend of Dorothy” (so to speak).

Because of my obsession to this manly attire, I feel well qualified in penning this piece. The first jockstrap was invented way back in 1874 by a Chicago based sporting company called Sharp and Smith (NAAH, 2019).

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Are you into jockstraps?

Jockstrap History

In need of a comfort solution for bicycle jockeys traversing the cobblestone streets of Boston, the company’s creative design team came up with a prototype that would eventually be known as the jockstrap.

Simple in design, this early creation was white in color and made of one hundred percent cotton. Around the center was an elastic waistband that was sown into a supportive pouch to surround the male genitals.

Two stretchable strips were connected to the base of the pouch that linked to the waistband.

Based on the feedback of cyclists, inventors knew the creation of the pouch (also called the cup) was critical because it would be responsible for protecting the testicles and penis.

Inventors also knew they needed to create variations of this gear because some men had greater needs than others. In simple speak, we are talking about size.

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Like worn jockstraps?

Jockstrap Popularity

During the early 1900’s, the popularity of the jockstrap began to take off. Coaches and athletes of the era recognized the value of “the jock” and how it could provide men protection and comfort.

Depending on the sport, jockstraps were customized for specific needs. For example, baseball players had a plastic cup inserted in their gear to shield their manhood from fastballs.

Football players added padding to the pouch to soften the blow of a hand strike. Wrestlers opted for lightweight and loose for greater flexibility.

As time went on, this undergarment began to surge in popularity and became part of sports culture. In the late 1950’s, the term “jock” entered the American lexicon; a phrase associated with athletic, assertive, well-built men (Urban Dictionary , 2019).

It was also around this time when jockstraps began to vary in design. In the 1960’s, jockstraps began to pop up in different colors and styles.

Blues, blacks, greens and yellows dotted the retail landscape. While cotton still dominated, jockstraps could also be bought in rayon and spandex.

Jockstraps - Popularity
Jockstraps – Popularity

Modern Times

Today, men can find jockstraps in a variety of colors and styles. An example can be found in the red quarterback edition made by Gruff Pup (See Amazon).

The folks at Gym also make a popular style called the Workout Jockstrap (See Amazon).

The marketplace of today also contains offshoots of the jock, including the popular “thong”, which is a thinner version of the traditional garb.

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Gay and into jockstraps?

Gay Men and Jock Straps

All of this leads us to the main reasons why so many gay men love jockstraps. Notice I said “many” and not all, because I don’t want to paint with a wide brush.

That said, jockstraps are popular with us gays because they channel a masculine vibe. I know that when I see a guy in one, my mind turns to muscle, hair and athletic skills.

But I also think jocks are popular because they help to make a fashion statement, regardless if the guy identifies as a top or bottom.

In many ways, the jock harkens back to an earlier time in history where men of the ancient Roman Army wore loin cloths. Allowing for easy access, swallowing the seed of a fellow solider was seen as a sign of bravery. I can’t help but wonder if there is not some form of cellular memory at play?

Back to jockstraps and gay men.

Popular Styles

Some types are more popular than others. For example, a lot of guys prefer mesh-type jocks (also known as sheer) that allow visibility as part of the dynamic. I am putting a link to Amazon to show an example.

The brand of the jockstrap a gay man wears can also hold significance. A Calvin Klein jock may vibe out a certain type of energy when compared to something made by the folks at Pump (see Amazon).

Jockstraps also are functional, particularly for gay gymgoers who prefer not to show a VPL (visible panty line) or have their junk crowded by traditional briefs.

Because jocks offer room, the need to freeball is a non-issue. And with just a few dabs of fresh ball lotion, the genitals can be succulent and airy for hours!

Finally, jockstraps offer some gay men a hassle-free pathway to backdoor action. What could be more wonderful than playing the part of the catcher and not having to worry about underwear getting in the way of sudden penetration?

So popular are jockstraps among us gays that entire Instagram accounts have been created in their honor. An example can be found in jockstrapsunday.

Speaking only for myself, I have found that sniffing the cotton of a well-worn jockstrap to be an incredible turn on. In fact, the mustier the jock, the better! Perhaps you can relate?

sniffing jockstraps
Ever sniff a jockstrap?

Jockstrap Poll 

Well, there you have it – a quick history of jockstraps with a gay vibe. Just for fun, I am going to place a jockstrap poll below that asks you about this topic.

Do wear jockstraps? Are you attracted to guys who wear them? Share your thoughts by taking part in our poll!


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