10 Men’s Skin Care Tips For Guys in Their 30’s!

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Tips for Male Skin Care During 30’s

Have you ever met a guy who was in his early thirties who looked much older than his age? On the flipside, have you seen a man who you thought was 35 but later found out he was in his late 40’s?

Why such a stark difference? Is it all genetics or is that older guy doing something different?

If so, what’s his secret?

According to the research, when you hit the age of 30, your skin starts to experience changes. For guys, this means your dermis starts to dry out and become dull.

And so during this time, you may notice fine lines forming around your nose and mouth and your collagen barrier begin to weaken.

Given how important it is to slow down these changes to reduce the signs of aging, we decided to do some research of our own.

Specifically, we combed through expert interviews with dermatologists from around the web and examined the skin care routine of several male celebrities.

What follows are some helpful male skin care tips from the world of science that may help you look great today, tomorrow and 10-years out.

Are you ready? Let's jump right in!

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Male Skin Care Tips for Your 30's

1. Use Retinoids

If you are a man in your 30's, you need to have a product that contains retinoids. Why? Retinoids, like retinol, assist in stimulating new collagen. This can help give you the plump, youthful appearance you want to preserve or obtain. It is an important male skin care tip you need to keep in mind.

Retinol can help to soften fine lines and wrinkles. It can also lighten sun spots. Don't expect instant changes however. Start sooner rather than later. Using retinoids can make aging a little less difficult.  An excellent product to consider is RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. The price isn't that bad. Use sparingly.

2. Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid

Skin often looks dull because dead skin cells are intensifying the appearance of pores, wrinkles and lines. As you age, your body clocks slows down the natural skin renewal process.

You can get rid of those old skin cells by gently exfoliating, which removes discoloration and peps up your face. Add a glycolic acid and salicylic acid product to your regime. Body Merry makes a wonderful combination Glycolic Acid (Check Amazon for current price) cleanser that does an excellent job of taking away the dull.

3. Stop Using Harsh Cleaners

If you are using foaming soaps to wash your face, you are likely removing oils that have the potential to dry your skin out. That’s because as we age, we start to lose more and more moisture. Believe it or not, some oil on your face is a good thing because it promotes plumpness.

Consider switching to a hydrating cleanser, such as Cetaphil (See current pricing). They have a great product designed for all skin types that gently locks in moisture without stripping your face of important oils. It goes on gentle. Use warm water – never hot – to avoid irritating your skin.

The guy in the video uses a GREAT product for cleaning and exfoliating. You can get something similar from the stores that he mentions or check Amazon for a great deal.

4. Stop Smoking (or Avoid Second Hand Smoke)

The research has long supported what many people already knew – smoking is horrible for skin. Part of this has to do with the 4000 chemicals that are in cigarettes with some 400 of them being known toxins. And so if you smoke, now is the time to quit before the signs of aging start to accelerate (not to mention things like cancer, heart disease, etc).

If you don’t smoke, do all possible to avoid second hand smoke. Even exposure to small amounts of cigarette fumes can cause skin damage. That's a male skin care tip you can share with others!

5. Hydrate Everyday

You probably already knew this one but do you know why? Water is the element that helps your skin to elasticity. It also gives your face that attractive glow. This is why some guys have a healthy, supple, plump look when you look at their skin.

Hydration shouldn’t end with your face. Make sure you are using a cleanser that doesn’t strip your body of important oils. Use a non-drying product, like Jack Black’s Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser. And when you got out of that shower, reach for Cetaphil’s Hydrating Lotion (Fits most men's budgets).

6. Regular Exercise

One of the secrets to youth is exercise, according to most of the research. You don’t have to be a body builder either in order to reap the rewards. Just going to the gym thirty to forty five minutes, three days a week can help.

Exercise helps to stimulate your metabolic rate, increase blood flow and the detoxification process through sweat (yes, sweat)! This helps to remove chemicals from your body that are thought to accelerate aging. Rope jumping, treadmills and bikes are great forms of cardiovascular exercise that couple as a natural way to push back against aging.

7. Eye Cream

One of the quickest ways to tell someone’s age is by looking at their eyes. Fine lines, wrinkles, bags and crevices can start to take their toll from your party days during your 20’s around 30-35. That’s why it is important now to start using a high quality eye cream now.

One of the best ones you can get is ElastiDerm (well worth the investment). Yes, this one may cause you to dig deeper but this product contains a combo of skin-renewing glycolic acid, phyto-retinoids and fruit-based hydrating complex. You only need a little and so a jar will last you a long time.

8. Get your Z’s

This is another one you probably already knew but it is worth emphasizing.  Sleep is your body’s natural way of restoring itself to a please of homeostasis. In your 30’s, you probably are still partying here and there and staying out late. That’s cool but avoid making a habit of it because you need your sleep to look young.

Most of the research suggests that the average guy needs 7-8 hours of sleep. In truth, to look young, the National Foundation suggests closer to 9 hours is ideal. If you want to look well rested, you need to get enough sleep – period.

9. Easy on the Alcohol

You probably already knew that alcohol isn’t the best for your skin. The reason is that alcohol (particularly wines) contain sugar. This can give your face a reddish look and cause problems with inflammation. As an aside, sugary foods also have this same effect.

Now is the time in your life to start including tea into your daily diet. Opt for a green tea to push back against puffiness and wrinkles. You can find lots of inexpensive teas on the market. If you can get something organic, even better. We like Yogi Organic Tea Skin Detox (Check current pricing from Amazon).

10. Sunscreens

This final suggestion has been harped on by skincare experts for years but there is a valid reason for this. Exposure to the sun ages your skin big time. This doesn’t mean you have to hide underneath a rock however.

Use a simple moisturizing sunscreen each morning before you head outdoors. CereVe offers a really nice AM lotion with SPF 30 that doesn’t give you that “ghost” look like so many sunscreens do. You can pick this product up at most drug stores for a reasonable amount.  If you can find it, get their PM lotion as well (no sunscreen) to simplify your routine.