How To Get Your DILF On


 DILF Tips for Men!

Are you a man in his mid-thirties or over who wants to look as attractive as possible? Have you seen other guys who look way younger than their age? Do you want to channel the look of a sexy DILF?

If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Oh, in case you are wondering, a DILF is the acronym for Dad I’d Like to F*@# (rhymes with puck). While you don’t have to be 40 and above to qualify as DILF material, most DILFs were born before the Mid-70s.

If you are like most DILFs, you are hoping to keep sexy going for as long as possible. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, you should be applauded for wanting to look your best.

So listen up – this article is going to show exactly how get your sexy DILF going past 40 with powerful suggestions that you just can’t ignore. We've linked the products directly to Amazon so you can see for yourself.

We’ve combed through the research, talked to a number of anti-aging professionals and studied scores of older male celebrities to put this piece together. And so if you are a man looking for real tips on how to look younger and sexier past 40, this one’s for you.

Let’s jump right in!

10 TIPs for Being a Hot DILF

DILF Tip #1: Use a Retinol

Research suggests that once you get to 40, your skin starts to lose elasticity while lymphatic drainage begins to slow down (that’s how your body gets rid of its toxins). Combined, these two issues increase the visible signs of aging through fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the best ways to reduce those unwanted crevices is to start using a Retinol based moisturizer. Retinols not only help to soften your skin’s appearance, they also work to give your skin a more even tone.

An excellent product that is a “must have” as part of your skincare routine is StriVectin Advanced Retinol Cream (check Amazon). A little bit goes a long way. Super effective and works overnight while you get your man-sleep.

DILF Tip #2: Exfoliate with Glycolic Acid

The older you get, the duller your skin starts to look. If you want to achieve a more youthful glow, it’s important to get rid of that dead skin sitting on your face.

Your goal should be to remove unwanted debris while tightening up pores. Doing so helps to promote a healthy glow while promoting new collagen growth. As you probably know, collagen is an essential protein that gives your skin plumpness.

A very good exfoliator that contains a combination of glycolic and salicylic is offered by Body Merry (you can buy at Amazon). We like it because it helps you to slough off that dead skin and let that collagen rise to the surface.

DILF TIP #3: Use a Luminizing Mask

Use of facial masks has caught on in recent years but too many guys are putting on the wrong product. This is particularly true for men 40 and above.

At this age, you want to put on a product that helps to minimize the appearance of pores and tightens your skin so that you have a healthy, glowing complexion. More important, you want something that doesn’t subject your face to a bunch of harsh chemicals.

We’ve tried dozens of masks and have reached the conclusion that the folks at Boscia made some of the best ones on the market. We highly recommend their black Luminizing peel off . If you want to look younger, fresher and more radiant, this one delivers! Well worth the investment.

DILF TIP #3: Facial Hair

Anti-aging specialists will tell you that when you shave, you knock off several years from your appearance. What they don’t tell you is that facial hair – when properly colored and trimmed – adds to a guy’s sexiness factor. Be sure to read our post on celebrity facial hair to get some ideas.

To keep it real, you are going to need to add color to your beard if you want to achieve that studly vibe you’re aiming for. The best thing you can do is pick up a box of Just for Men Beard Coloring at most drug stores or online.

This is an inexpensive product to use and super easy to apply. Be sure to match your beard coloring with your stubble. If you happen to have darker hair, you can easily fill in spots with a quick application of No Gray Quick Fix for less than you might think.

DILF TIP #4: Hair Glaze

One of the things that makes a DILF extra handsome is his combination type of dark hair, mixed with natural grays. Sure, you could opt for the hair coloring route but if you are not careful, it can come off as fake looking. There is a better alternative.

John Frieda sells a great color glaze (check Amazon) for dark and light hair. What’s great about this product is that it doesn’t actually deposit hair color per se’. Instead, it glazes your hair strands and softens the grays.

This one also adds luminosity, which gives you a nice shine that looks super natural. If you have thin areas, you can do a quick fix with a quick spray of Gray Away for Men by Everpro.

DILF TIP 5: Eye Cream

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the quickest way to tell how old a guy might be is by looking at his eyes. That’s because your eyes are one of the first places on your face that starts to show tiny lines and wrinkles. The older you get, the more pronounced they become. Regular moisturizer isn’t going to solve this problem.

There are two things you will want to do to help reduce wrinkles and we won’t sugarcoat it. 1). Start getting Botox around the midface. If you are curious about what to expect with Botox as a guy, read this article. 2.) Pick up a high quality eye cream that is designed to reduce puffiness and minimize crags.

An excellent one to consider is ElastiDerm Multi-Action Eye Cream (see Amazon for a good deal). Yes, we admit this one isn't the cheapest product on the market but can you really put a price tag on your appearance – particularly if the product works well?

Finally, you may want to consider a filler. There are some excellent dermal enhancers on the market today. Talk to your dermatologist about options. For the record, we are fans of Juvaderm.

DILF TIP 6: Get a Fitness App

You probably already know this one but it is worth mentioning all the same. Getting to the gym and engaging in resistance training is perhaps the most powerful weapon you have against aging. And if you want to look like a muscled up DILF, it’s a basic requirement.

Deciding on what workout is best will largely depend upon your body type and specific goals. You can hire a personal trainer or you can download a copy of Fitness Buddy to your smart-phone.

What we like about this this one is how it walks you through the exercises with videos. It also lets you track your progress as you continue along the way.

DILF TIP 7: Moisturize those Hands

Another easy way to detect a man’s age is by looking at his hands. Take a look at yours right now. Do they look wrinkled? Does the skin look thin? If you are answering yes to this, you can do a lot to make your paws look much younger.

A great product to consider is Working Hands by O’Keefe’s. We can't sing the praises on this one enough. This guy hydrates your hands by using a high level of glycerin, which helps to seal in the moisture barrier and prevent dryness.

More importantly, this product also gives your hands the “plump”, youthful look you desire by holding water underneath the skin. We swear, this one can easily make your hands look 5-10 years younger. The trick is to use it daily! For an extra boost, slip on a pair of gel gloves (see Amazon's price).

DILF TIP 8: Cut Down Alcohol

You probably don’t want to hear this but alcohol works against you in major ways as you start move into your 40s’. We won’t go through the entire list but here are the biggies. Alcohol dries your skin, robs your body of moisture and accelerates the aging process.

If you must drink, be mindful of quantity. Avoid whiskeys and other hard liquors whenever possible. A glass of red wine here and there is OK but not much more. And it goes without saying that partying with friends who use substances (illicit type) is a smart idea.

DILF TIP 9: Make Water Your Best Friend

Proper hydration is one of those tips you probably have heard about over and over again when it comes to skin care. All we can say is that this one is particularly true if you are a man in his 40’s. That’s because the older you get, the harder it is for your skin to retain moisture. Now you know why so many older guys struggle with constipation.

The research suggests that you need to be drinking at least 10, 8oz glasses of water a day. This isn’t hard to achieve if you make water a priority early, like as soon as you wake up.

If you are worried about the quality of H20 from your tap, pick up a Brita Water Pitcher online. Your skin will thank you and so will those guys you are attracting!

DILF TIP 10: Get Plenty of Sleep

Back in your 20’s and 30’s, you could afford to get by on 6 hours sleep or less. Now that you have four decades on you (or more), sleep should be a priority if you want to pull off that DILF look.

Ideally, you will aim for 8 hours and if you can get 9, even better. And there is some research to suggest that power naps have benefits as well. This final point is merely to state the obvious – sleep is a necessary component of preserving your looks.