7 Ways To Sport Henry Cavill’s Look and Vibe

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Get your Henry Cavill on!

Henry Cavill is the type of man women want and guys want to be. Just check any listing of top male celebrities and you’ll find Cavill resting somewhere near the top.

But have you ever wondered why this actor gains so much attention? What is it about him that causes fans to flock? What’s more, is there something about his look and vibe that you can apply in your own life?

I’m about to answer these questions in a straightforward way. You see, I’ve studied Henry Cavill for many years, ever since his first movie, Laguna, where he played the part of Thomas.

Here’s some quick background facts as a starting point.

Pop File: Henry Cavill

Born: May 5, 1983 in Jersey, Channel Islands

Height: 6’1

Eye color: Blue

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Shoe Size: 11 (rumored)

1. He can rock a beard

One of the remarkable things about Henry Cavill is his ability to go clean shaven or appear with facial hair. Either way, the man looks amazing. But when he sports some scruff, he puts out a rugged and manly vibe that’s magnetic.

While I can’t be sure, I suspect he uses some type of system to keep it all looking sharp. An example might be the beard kit from the folks at Rapid Beard (see Amazon). Replete with brush, comb, and balm.

2. The face

Some people describe Cavill as having a baby face. Others use different terms like “masculine” and “manly. Personally, I would just call it classically handsome.

There’s no way on earth this man doesn’t spend time attending to his mug. What products he uses I can’t be sure. But given the actor’s busy lifestyle, he likely reaches for something quick and easy. An example might be the Tiege Hanley skincare system. You can the price with TH directly and get a 20% discount.

Kits, like the one mentioned above, usually contain a cleanser, moisturizer, and scrub. When you are a man on the run, convenience is everything.

3. The hair

Honestly, have you ever seen this actor’s hair out of sorts? He looks like English royalty with everything perfectly coiffed. So, what does he do to maintain his locks?

I believe it all starts with density. Specifically, I’m talking about the fullness of his shafts. To achieve this look, he may use some type of hair thickening product for men.

While I doubt he uses traditional gels, I do think there’s a good chance he applies some type of spray. He pay also matt on a paste.

4. The eyes

If you’ve ever watched this actor playing Superman, you probably noticed how stunning his eyes are. To be frank, we’re talking extremely blue!

There’s no way to copy this look. You either have this eye color or you don’t. This doesn’t mean the man doesn’t use some type of supplement to keep them bright and shiny. An example might be  eye vitamins made by PresserVision (see Amazon).

5. Keep sun to a minimum

I encourage you to go through photos of Cavill on the web. In almost all of them, you will notice this actor is missing a tan. I’m not saying the sun is a bad thing.

But I am suggesting that entertainers like Cavill know that the sun is a wrinkle prodcuing machine.

Moreover, the sun’s rays can cause real damage to your dermis. If you don’t believe me, see this post on how Chris Pratt burnt his back and butt.

The point is this – if you want to get your skin looking like Cavill’s, you’ll want to use a quality sunscreen while being mindful of your time outside.

6. Dude regularly works out

The thing most people notice about this actor is his body. It’s kind of hard to miss, don’t you think? The guy has a sculpted physique and makes sure he consistently hits the weights.

And here’s the thing – consistent doesn’t mean being a slave to the gym. Given his current age, he probably does a workout that is similar for most guys in their 30’s.

To learn more, see this exercise tips for men in their 30’s post.

He may use supplements. In fact, he probably does. But more than anything else, he’s focused on his routine. Something to think about if you are trying to adopt his look.

7. Limits alcohol

To be clear, Henry Cavil does like to occasionally have a few drinks. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, he revealed that he needs to throw a few back before hitting the dance floor.

That said, in looking at his background and history – plus his face and bod, it’s easy to know (on an intuitive level) that the man isn’t a big drinker.

If you want to have nice looking skin, vibe out handsome, and appear youthful, it might be a good idea to slow your alcohol roll. We know from years of research that booze is terrible for the skin and destroys muscle.

Make sense?

Bonus: Down to earth

I’ve gone through just about every interview Henry Cavill has ever given. The one thing that shines through about the actor is how laid back he is. Here’s an example from the site, Interview, that makes my point.

The thing about being down to earth is that it can be cashed in for likeability. In other words, people are drawn to folks who come of as easy going and not pretentious.

Think about your own natural style. Do you put out a standoffish vibe or is it more laid back? If you are looking to channel some of this actor’s persona, check out this revealing interview from YouTube.

Bringing It All Together

Yes, Henry Cavill is a popular actor with gobs of cash to spend on selfcare. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same for yourself in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

Are you a fan of this celeb? If so, what’s your favorite Cavill movie? Finally, are things you’ve observed about this actor that might benefit others?

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