Some Men Worry Their Junk Smells – Do You?

couple worried about smelly junk

There's a lot of anxiety around this topic (apparently)

Have you ever wondered how your junk smells?  Is that a no?  Well, hang on because apparently a lot of guys do.

A recent article in Ask Men  (see link) tackled this subject by offering readers advice on how to make their schlongs smell good.

Seriously?  Do adult men really need advice on how to clean their equipment? C’mon guys, ever heard of soap and water?  It’s hard to believe, but some of us actually wash below the waist. On purpose.  Every day.

Reading this article made me question just how much some of us know guys know about proper hygiene?  A majority of my female friends have told me over the years that they’ve had to “train” their boyfriends how to bathe appropriately.

One girl I know went so far as to tell me that every time she attempted to bob for apples with her man (read between the lines), all she could smell was poop. The man was too lazy to clean his own butt!

When she finally realized that her keen sense of smell was working against her, she led him to the shower for a proper cleaning demonstration.

Guys – honestly, clean your behinds before you let anyone even close to the nether regions. It’s probably not something you think about intuitively (apparently) so I guess this means it will require a focused effort.

As I type this all out, I’m still in a place of disbelief folks don’t do this.

While the article offers some sage medical advice, like get tested for STI’s and smart dietary insight (eat like crap, smell like crap), it also makes some questionable recommendations.  One such suggestion is to rub coconut oil on your Johnson.

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It’s not news to many of us that coconut oil does wonders for the skin, but I can’t help but wonder if the smell of coconuts is a turn-off?

What if the person you are with doesn’t like that scent? Moreover, maybe your mate prefers your manly body odor. I’m not saying you should smell all rank but the research tells us having a little body scent is probably OK and can even have relaxing qualities.

Speaking only for myself, when I need to clean up real fast, I reach for an all-in-one body wash like the one that Rocky Mountain Barber Company makes (see Amazon).

It works great with cleaning me up and comes in handy when you need to get clean, fast.

Well, there you have it, folks. Apparently, some of us need directions on how to make our equipment smell good. You wouldn’t think in this day and age that would be necessary, but in reading that article, it seems to be the case.

Do you clean your junk regularly? Ever worry that it stinks to the point of being a turn-off?

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