5 Hacks for Dating a Yoga Girl That Work

So you want to date a yoga girl?

yoga girl

Are you thinking about dating a yogini? Have you been scrolling through #yoga on Instagram and wondering how to start a relationship with a girl who practices yoga? Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why.

Women who practice yoga are in tuned with their bodies. They’re spiritual beings with a cosmic connection to the world around them. They practice healthy lifestyle habits and walk around all day in skin-tight yoga pants.

What’s there not to love? Well, please wipe the drool from your chin for just a moment because dating a yoga girl isn’t that easy. You better start with some self-analysis and make sure that a yoga girl is who you really want to date before you dive in.

For women who practice yoga, their lifestyle revolves around certain principles. If you’re not in alignment with those principles, then you won’t stand much of a chance in the romance department. So, these hacks have more to do with your inner man, than they do with your little man…if you catch my meaning.

1. Align Your Interests

Yoga isn’t the only thing that yoginis are interested in. Sexy yoga poses might be what got your attention, but chances are, your yoga crush is interested in other things, as well. Women who practice yoga are usually interested in things like meditation, Ayurveda, healthy eating, sustainable living, spirituality, metaphysics, and music. That’s just to name a few.

You can attract a yoga girl if you use these interests to get her attention. Follow those hashtags on social media and get involved in the comment discussions. You’ll have a good chance of talking to someone who likes those things, too. She might even be a hot girl who does yoga.

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2. Ask for Help

Girls who do yoga can be very compassionate and open-minded. They enjoy yoga so much that they want other people to enjoy yoga, as well. You can start a relationship with a yoga girl simply by asking for some advice or tips about yoga.

Be honest. Tell her that you don’t know anything about yoga and you’re looking for somewhere to start. She’ll probably give you some positive and helpful hints. Now, what you need to do next is key.

Follow that advice and follow up with your crush. Let her know that you really appreciate her help and her advice was meaningful. Then, try to see if there is anything that you can do to express your gratitude. Maybe you could send her a friendship bracelet or a gift certificate.

By showing interest, vulnerability, and gratitude, you’ll surely be on your way to dating that cute yogini you’ve been crushing on. Just don’t be too pushy. She might just offer some help and ask you to pay it forward. That’s fine, too.

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3. Attend Holistic Lifestyle Events

I like to think of the single life as being a fish in a river. You’ve got to go with the flow and it becomes easier to navigate when you swim with the current. It’s a great way to meet other fish, too.

So, if you want to meet a yoga girl, then you should immerse yourself in her current. Check online to see if there are any local events in your area where vegans, yoga practitioners, and holistic lifestyle enthusiasts might be attending.

This is a great way to learn more about the interests of that culture and make real connections with girls who do yoga. Don’t get too caught up in the obvious though. Don’t look for stereotypical yoga girls in tight athletic leggings.

They’ll be dressed a little bit differently here. You might see girls wearing hemp skirts and harem pants, but these are the same girls who flood your social media timeline with hot yoga poses. Wade into the sage smoke and start making friends. You’ll find your hot yogini and get your chakras cleansed, too.

4. See If You Have Mutual Friends

Lots of women practice yoga. According to statistical data from Forbes, women yogis outnumber men by a ratio of 4 to 1. Nearly 72% of all practitioners are women. Those odds work in your favor if you’re trying to date someone who does yoga.

It might be helpful to think of your quest to date a yoga girl in the same way that you would for dating any other girl. You might already know someone who does yoga or have a mutual friend. Ask around in your social network and see if anyone knows some single women who practice yoga.

You might get some chuckles and jokes from your friends, but they’ll probably do some poking around for you. When it comes to dating, you’re much more likely to have success if you come highly recommended from a mutual friend.

5. Start Taking Yoga Classes

If you want a girl that does yoga, then you should think about going directly to the source. Join a yoga class. Lots of guys are doing it. Yoga improves your immune system, reduces cholesterol, and lowers stress levels.

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If you don’t want to try yoga, then maybe you should reconsider dating a girl who does yoga. Or at least you’ll need to create compatibility some other way. Don’t join a yoga class for the wrong reasons.

By attending yoga classes, you’ll undoubtedly come in contact with girls who do yoga. But you’ll need to try to connect with them in ways that aren’t just about your physical attraction. Yoginis are super intuitive and empathic. You’ll need to display your most authentic self to attract one.

If you’re trying to date a woman that does yoga, then don’t try to ask out your yoga teacher. Most women that teach yoga have a strict policy against dating their students. It just makes things complicated. That doesn’t mean you can’t date someone from the class though.

Here’s the Takeaway

Most women who practice yoga consistently have good posture, healthy lifestyle habits, and body confidence. That adds up to a really attractive package when you’re dating. The benefits of yoga make women more desirable, but they aren’t perfect.

A woman who practices yoga still might be a hot mess. So, it’s important not to get caught up in a stereotypical viewpoint or one-dimensional approach to dating one. You still need to build compatibility and attraction.

The best thing that you can do to date a yoga girl is share her interests. You might be thinking – “I like pink leggings. She likes pink leggings.”

That’s not what I’m talking about, guys.

I’m talking about real interests that a yoga girl is likely to have such as meditation, humanitarianism, sustainable living, and healthy lifestyle choices. Get in line with these interests and you’ll bump into a yoga girl sooner or later.

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