Anal Bleaching and Waxing is a New Trend for Straight Guys!

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Straight men are increasingly grooming their butts.

Have you heard the news? Increasingly, men who identify as straight are heading into salons to have their butts bleached. In addition, they’re also asking the esthetician to wax their behinds.

Don’t take my word for it. Instead, check out a recent article that appeared in Men’s Health that is super revealing. Yep, that’s right – heterosexual men are apparently lining up to have the color of their behinds lightened and the hair on their melons stripped off.

For those who have heard about this trend, some have immediately assumed that the guys who sign up for these procedures are really closeted gays.

But honestly, is that really a fair – or accurate assumption?

GPB spoke to licensed esthetician Daniel Baker who has been working in the personal care industry for over twenty-five years.

Here’s what he told us the whole bleaching rage.


A major shift

“I’ve seen a major shift over the last several years. It used to be mostly gay men that were coming in for lightening. But that has completely changed. Now, it seems like more straight guys are opting to have this procedure done,” says Baker.

“And let me tell you, the ones (guys) coming in to get bleached are absolutely straight. You always know because they make it a point of saying it. ‘I’m not gay or anything. It’s just something I want done for my girlfriend’ is what I most often hear. When gay men come in, they are far less squeamish about things and don’t use qualifiers,” Baker adds.

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Straight men care about their butts

A sexual organ

Curious to know more, we also spoke to Costa Provis, a Chicago based therapist who works primarily with straight men. Here’s what he shared about the bleaching and waxing phenomenon.

“I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A lot of guys are getting this done and they aren’t all gay. I can’t tell you how many [heterosexual] married men have secretly shared they engage in some form of receptive activity with their girlfriends or wives,” says Provis.

And the waxing? What’s that all about?

“Guys want their butts to look good with or without pants on. Increasingly, a lot of men have started to view this part of their body as a sexual organ – regardless of orientation,” Provis said.

Chris Hemsworth stretching his back – and butt!

We’ve known for some time that the buttocks area has been of importance to males. Perhaps that is why so many are shoveling out big money to have their behinds injected with Botox.

One thing is for sure. Times are changing and it has very little to do with the conclusions many jump to – like folks being closeted or having something bromosexual on the side.

Nope, instead, the whole bleaching and waxing trend among straight guys is about the recognition that the anus is a sensitive area that, when properly stimulated, can create be the source of deep intimacy.

When you think about things, doesn’t it make sense that guys, regardless of sexual orientation, would want to experience pleasure?

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