Love Spells Can Turn Curious Guys Into Man Crazy Beasts!

gay kiss

Love spell makes crave other men!

As silly as it may seem, there apparently exists an ancient spell book that is designed to turn any straight guy into a man crazed beast!

If that strikes you as ridiculous, you wouldn’t be alone. We thought the same thing – until we came across several scholarly articles on the topic.

In fact, there’s even a book that records the history of sex magic with several entries that are specifically designed to make a love interest attracted to you – regardless of gender.

While there is no way to be sure, spiritual historians believe the book was written sometime during Fifth Century. Supposedly, the spells have the power to convert unsuspecting heterosexual men into ding-a-ling craving man lovers.

Don’t believe us? There’s several websites about this topic on the Internet, including one over a Red Magic.  Here’s a quick passage from the website:

Homosexual Magic: Love (sex spell). THIS IS NOT A MYTH! They really exist and can provide a bright future [to] members of the same sex, of course, if you do them correctly.

The history of sex magic is difficult to trace. If you believe Ben Walker, author of the book, Sex and the Supernatural, erotic mysticism (aka sex/love magic) has been around in some form since our earliest beginnings.

The citizens of one region, known as Urgyan, a “semi-mythical kingdom that fought for the rights of the Tibetan people,” and are rumored to have used rites involving tantra; the build-up (and avoidance to increase power) of sexual energy and orgasm.

“[It] was a place of some notoriety, according to the Hundi Chronicles, where intercourse was regarded as not only pro-creative…but for the acquisition of magical power,” suggests Walker in his book.

And it is believed that Urgyan is where these types of spells came from. That’s what Wiccan researcher and writer, Mackenzie Sage, told us. In fact, we spoke to her about this issue and directly asked: Do gay spells actually exist?

The answer was fascinating:

“For as long as we’ve known about witches and warlocks, there have been homosexual spells. They existed well before the Wiccans came on the scene in the 1920’s.”

We asked who created them. Here’s what we were told:

“We honestly don’t know. It is thought they came from Urgyan, passed on from ancient spiritual masters. These were the holders of the scribes – the holiest who walked the earth.”

We were curious about how these spells worked – and were shocked to find out a video exists!

“I’ve never cast this spell but know several who have. When it’s done correctly, it is guaranteed to make any man, regardless of sexual orientation, strongly desire another guy.”

Can you tell us more?

“Usually, the witch or warlock who casts the spell becomes the object of affection. One only needs a little bit of refined sugar and a willing person who will open his armpit.”

We’re including the video below for you to check out – just so you don’t think we’re making this up.

“But there are other spells that aren’t commonly known. They reside in the book,” she adds. “The ancients believed that gay sex energy was one of the most powerful forces in the universe. That’s why they were obsessed with getting so much of it.”

So there you have it folks. Apparently, there exists a number magical approaches to making your straight guy fantasy come true.

If you find the gay book of spells, please let us know.