Is It Too Late To Join No Shave November?

Men, Challenges, and November

We’re officially in the last week of November, and there are many men discovering the benefits of the yearly practice.

November is a big challenge month for men. Whether men are trying to give their libidos a break with No Nut November or they are letting their facial hair breathe with No Shave November, men are doing a lot of hands-off action this month.

In terms of the latter, there are many reasons to try out the practice. And even with just one week left in the month, there’s still plenty of time and reason to give No Shave November a try. Here are three reasons to get you started.

It’s Charitable

Unlike many other challenges that have popped up on the internet, the No Shave November challenge has a lot of charitable benefit to it.

While many men are withholding shaving without understanding why the challenge exists, there’s actually a great reason behind it all. The goal of No Shave November is to raise awareness for men’s health. Specifically, the challenge plays a large focus on Prostate Cancer and Suicide Awareness. In this way, the challenge is a lot like the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago. Though, that challenge more openly discussed its main focus of spotlighting and bring awareness to ALS.

“But where’s the charity aspect,” you ask? Well, several police officers across the country are donating $50 to Prostate Cancer research as they grow out mustaches. Imagine if all men participating did that.

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It’s Informational

The second important factor to consider with the No Shave November is the fact that it can teach us a lot.

First, men can learn a lot about issues like suicide prevention and prostate cancer. Learning about the health risk of cancer, who is most at risk, and how to search for help/treatment is important information to know. The same can be said for suicide prevention, a problem that we all should be more aware about. We should know the signs of people at risk and the resources to seek help.

But in addition, the challenge can teach us about our bodies. Men, do you know just how much your beard can grow? Why not spend some time growing it to find out. Yes, the month is almost over. But, you can continue, or start, the challenge well into December and beyond. And while doing so, you can get an idea of how much your facial hair can grow, if there are any bald spots where your hair refuses to grow, and so on.

It’s Fun

Lastly, it’s just good fun to take on a challenge. You can do it alone and enjoy seeing how far your facial hair can grow in the time or until you decided to shave it off Post-December. Or, you can do it with friends and colleagues like the police officers are doing. That way, you can make the challenge a social event as much as it is a personal experience.

And if the task ever gets too hard or stops being fun, you can always just shave your beard and move on with your life. It’s that easy.

No Shave November

November is almost over, but No Shave November doesn’t have to end just yet. Stowaway those clippers and enjoy the beauty of growing your hair out men. Enjoy the challenge for as long as you like. And re-read the three reasons above if you need more convincing for why.

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