Here’s How To Handle a Receding Hairline

hair loss prevention tips

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Are you a man that is worried about balding? Are you in your twenties or thirties and noticing that that your hairline is starting to recede more and more with each passing day?

Do you see areas of thinning, patchy spots and other indications that make you say, “Uh oh!”

If you are saying yes to these questions, welcome to the world of men who are worried about balding.

This is a topic that is sensitive in nature because as a society, guys have been taught not to focus on things like personal appearance.

Only recently are we seeing more dialogue around men’s grooming issues in areas such as skincare and aging. That’s not to say taboos don’t exist – because they most certainly do.

Case in point: a recent research study suggested that 60% of men shop online for cosmetic supplies. Why? Because most guys don’t want to be seen in public buying things connected to self-care.

Luckily, times have changed. In fact, a lot of us are more than happy to walk into our local Sephora with a credit card in hand to pick up things that we need.

Receding Hairline: The Impact

We want to state here there is nothing wrong with being bald. In fact, some of the most attractive men on the planet happen to have shaved heads. Just take a look at Van Diesel or John Malkovich.

But if you ask men, the majority would prefer to keep their natural hair for as long as humanly possible.

To keep it real, a strong hairline helps to add to a guy’s youthful appearance.

John Stamos Sexyu
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Just take a look at John Stamos for example. He’s over 50 and has the hair of a guy in his 30’s. Sure, he probably uses coloring to give him that younger vibe but come on – who can deny the dude doesn’t look amazing?

But here is the deal – because many of us already struggle with body image issues, it makes sense that as a group, hair health and appearance will be of significant interest.

Before we offer our 7 tips for preventing hair loss, you may be wondering when you should start taking preventative actions in the first place?

Hair Loss Prevention: Starting a Program

The research is all over the place on when you should begin a hair loss prevention program. Some of the clinical studies suggests that if balding runs in your family, particularly on the male side of the house, it is important to start treatment before you begin noticing a problem.

Other sources of information, such as hair loss forums, recommend that you should start treatment at the first sign of thinning.

So what’s the deal?

Well, after looking at a mountain of evidence, all we can say is that if you have a family history of male patterned baldness, it is probably a good idea to begin some type of regime when you are younger; such as your early 20’s.

That’s not to say that if you have been noticing hair loss for some time now there’s nothing you can do.

You most certainly can.

In fact, some of the newer products on the market have been clinically shown to significantly reduce hair loss and in some cases, stimulate new growth.

What follows are seven real things you can do to help you keep what you’ve got for as long as possible. We took a similar approach when we examined the 10 things every guy in his thirties needs to know about skincare.

Before we continue, we just want to say that it is important to check with your doctor about sudden hair loss or if your hair is coming off in clumps.

This can be a sign of a serious medical condition or an adverse reaction to medication.

Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way …

Let’s take a look at 7 things you can do if you are worried about hair and loss. Some of these suggestions may be obvious while others will cause you to pause and think. Read them all to get the most out of what’s presented.

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7 Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Men

1. Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Using products like Rogaine probably won’t make all the hair you’ve lost grow back but it can help you lock in what you’ve got. What’s more, there is some evidence to suggest that it can stimulate new growth.

The research suggests that minoxidil works best when it is combined with another form of treatment, namely suggestion number 2 mentioned below.

Using the foam or liquid drops is up to you we personally like the drops because they can be applied directly to the scalp. The foam is OK but it gets into your hair and can dry it out.

Because you have to use minoxidil twice a day, it just seems easier to use the drops.

Tip: Minoxidil can be expensive when purchased at the store. Why spend big bucks for just one bottle that only lasts 30-days when you can get a six month supply for nearly the same amount through Amazon?

2. Propecia (Finasteride)

You’ve probably heard about this medication before. Some men who have experienced balding swear by it and others say it causes them to experience problems in the bedroom.

Here is what we know – when propecia is combined with minoxidil as part of an overall, comprehensive approach to hair loss prevention, it seems to work well.

hair loss

Men’s Health has an extensive article on this topic that you might want to check out. All we can say is this – talk to your doctor about this medication if you are interested. Propecia requires a prescription anyway.

Tip: Don’t buy propecia from an online pharmacy or some outfit that’s overseas. There have been too many cases of people selling fake versions just to scam a buck. This drug does come in generic form so talk to your pharmacist about options.

3. Ketoconazole Shampoo

You likely have seen the ingredient, ketoconazole, in your favorite dandruff shampoo. That’s because it does an effective job of helping to rid those pesky white flakes that cling to your sports coat.

But did you know that Ketoconazole also has powerful anti-hair loss abilities? Yep, it sure does. The current body of scientific research suggests that this ingredient is a powerful anti-androgen.

In case you are wondering, anti-androgens help to block the conversion of testosterone to hormones that shrink hair follicles. Propecia works in much the same way but Ketoconazole doesn’t have the same reported side effects as mentioned under point 2.

You can buy this product online without a prescription. A great one we like is Nizoral. It can be purchased at most drug stores or directly online. Check Amazon for pricing.

Tip: You can get a stronger version of Ketoconazole at 2% but it requires a prescription from your doctor. Most people start out with the over-the-counter shampoo as a starting point.

4. Stop Smoking (or avoid second hand smoke)

Does this suggestion seem ridiculous? Well guess what, it’s not. Smoking has been shown in more than a few research studies to negatively impact hair growth.

hair loss and smoking

We won’t go through all of the scientific mumbo-jumbo here but if you are interested in learning about the link between smoking cigarettes and hair loss, be sure to read this abstract from the folks at Dermatology.

Second hand smoke also can cause problems with hair loss. All you have to do is Google this topic and you will see lots of information. We promise, we’re not trying to shame smokers here.

Tip: Did you know that cigarettes can also cause your man-juice to take on a nasty taste? Yep, it is true. But doesn't that make sense?

5. Exercise

You probably already know this one but it is worth mentioning. In men who are balding, the most significant periods of hair loss occur during high periods of stress.

And while lifting weights won’t necessarily stop you from shedding hair all on its own, increased physical activity, such as strength training, can help you to better manage stress.

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Why is this important? Simply because when you keep stress under control, you help to keep the coveted hair you’ve got on your head stay put.

And when you combine exercise with the previous points mentioned above, you throw a powerful curve-ball towards hair loss.

6. Hair Growth Supplements

There’s a ton of companies on the Internet promising to restore hair growth by simply popping a few of their vitamins. Wouldn’t that be nice? If only it were true.

We’ve done the research here at the blog and discovered that basically, most of these companies are using slick advertising to sell their products to men who are worried about going bald. But when you look a bit more closely, you see their research is a bunch of BS, paid for by the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a natural supplement to help you keep the hair you’ve got or promote new hair growth, you are better off with a something that has been clinically tested. Viviscal seems to offer something promising.

Tip: This product can sometimes be hard to find but is available at most online retailers. Check Amazon for current pricing. This might be a very helpful addition to your current regime.

7. Scalp Massage

This final suggestion is one that is often overlooked by many guys who are interested in preventing hair loss. To get to the immediate point, if you get your scalp massaged on a regular basis, it can help to deter thinning and balding, according to research.

Apparently, placing hands on your scalp in a circular manner helps to promote blood flow, open up follicles and encourage the growth of new strands.


But can you do this yourself or should you go into see a professional? Well, our research suggests that you can do this all on your own.

Tip: If you are interested in learning about hair loss prevention techniques, including scalp massage, a great book to pick up (or download) is Hair Loss Cure & Treatment by Dr. Bazalac.

Final Thoughts

If you are a man who is worried about his receding hairline, it’s important that you recognize some hair loss is normal. Genetics certainly play a role in the dynamic but so do lifestyle factors.

Do your best to get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and talk to your physician about sudden changes in hair density.

FYI: Coloring your hair through DYI techniques can also help to create the illusion of thickness and fullness. Doing this at home is a lot easier than you think. See this comprehensive men's hair dye post on Guy Counseling for more information.

Hopefully, this tips suggested here will help you to keep what you’ve got and even promote new hair growth.