7 Signs that Your Partner is Cheating on You

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Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Is your partner always checking their phone these days? Dressing nice to leave the house, but not interested in you anymore? Well, these might be signs that your partner is cheating.

It can be nerve-racking to live with suspicion in your relationship. It rots away at everything that you love about a person. Cheating isn’t necessarily the end of your relationship, if you and your partner can have an honest discussion about the damage that was done. But first, you’ve got to get to the bottom of it.

Here are 7 key indicators that your partner is being unfaithful.

1. No Longer Cares to Argue

Couples don’t always agree with one another and disagreements are bound to turn into arguments. Actually, that’s a healthy sign that both of you care about the relationship. Beware when your partner doesn’t want to even argue anymore. It’s a clear indicator that they no longer value “fixing” what was wrong. In their minds, they might have already given up on you and moved on.

If your partner doesn’t want to argue, then try to calmly talk through your problems. If they don’t want to even have a discussion about important issues in the relationship, then that’s a big red flag. Don’t hesitate to ask them what’s going on. They might be cheating on you.

2. Checking Your Every Move

When your partner is cheating on you, they need to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times. One of the main reasons is so that they can plan their hook-ups without getting caught. If your partner is always asking where you are and when you’ll be home, it might not be because they miss you. Try changing your schedule unexpectedly and see how they react.

There’s another reason that cheaters ask you where you are and where you’ve been. It’s kind of like a guilty reaction to their own infidelity. They know that they’re taking advantage of you and in the back of their minds they’re suspicious of you, too.

3. Overly Critical

Do you feel like you can’t do anything right anymore? Like nothing you do is ever good enough? Well, if your partner is overly critical of everything that you do or say, then that’s a bad sign for the relationship. It might not necessarily mean that they’re cheating, but it should raise a red flag.

Your partner might be seeing someone else and comparing you to that person. In fact, the other person might be your total opposite and your partner can’t overlook any of your faults as a result. You shouldn’t just accept this behavior. Confront your lover and let them know that you’re straining under the weight of their constant scrutiny.

4. Acting as an Individual

A relationship is a partnership in which two people make decisions together and enjoy each other’s company. At least, that’s what it should be in a perfect world. We all want our alone time and that’s healthy for the relationship. However, if you notice that your partner is always doing their own thing, then that could be a sign that they are cheating.

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Is your partner watching their favorite Netflix shows without you? Are they making long term plans without you or hesitating to make long term plans at all? You should remind them that a relationship is about collaborating and living together. If this is a problem for them, then you might be with a cheater.

5. Checking the Phone All the Time

This is a tricky one. Lots of people get into the habit of checking their phone all the time. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is real. However, if your partner is getting notifications and checking their phone frequently, then this could mean that they are messaging someone else.

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Do they hide their phone or change behavior when you come in the room? Is it sneaky scrolling or quick messaging? It’s best to just come right out and ask them about it. When you make assumptions based on just a single occurrence, then you can further alienate them. Ask them about it just once and see what they say.

6. Hiding their Phone

Is your partner getting awfully clingy with their phone? Every time they get up to go to the bathroom, the phone has to go with them. Have you noticed that their password has changed out of nowhere? Then, there could be something going on that you should know about.

Be careful with someone’s phone. Don’t just try to grab it to find something suspicious. You’ll look like a creeper even if you’re the one getting cheated on. It’s best to ask them if you can use their phone or come right out and ask them if they’re cheating. See what kind of answers you get and act accordingly.

7. Developing New Grooming Habits

You and your partner should always maintain good grooming habits. However, when you get comfortable, the grooming routines ease up just a bit. You feel more comfortable in your own skin and that’s a great sign for the relationship.

When your partner starts to dress up nicely before they leave the house, then that could be a sign that they’re seeing someone else. Just think back to when you were first dating. They wore their best clothes and made sure that their grooming was impeccable. If this type of behavior starts to return to your relationship and your personal connection doesn’t reflect an increase in intimacy, then there could be a problem here.

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The Takeaway

You shouldn’t make an assumption about cheating based on any single one of these signs. Try to cluster the information together. If your partner is exhibiting two or more of these signs at the same time, then you might have cause to worry about the fidelity of your relationship.

Even then, you should know that you could be wrong. Trust your gut instincts, but don’t sacrifice logic for love. If something doesn’t sound right or if your partner’s behavior seems off, don’t ignore the problem.

You can still save your relationship with the right conversation. Or if you choose to walk away from your cheating partner, then confronting them early will give you the upper hand when exiting the broken relationship.

You deserve a happy, healthy, and trustworthy partner. Keep that in mind always.

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