7 Surefire Signs of a Solid First Date

Positive Dating Signs

Dating online is supposed to lead up to the real thing, isn’t it? Eventually, you’ll meet up and have a first date. How can you tell if your crush is really into you? Or maybe you’ve just had a first date and you’re wondering if it went well?

Answers to these dating questions can be found in this post. There’s no need to guess if the connection you had online managed to successfully translate to the real world. There are always subtle and not so subtle signs of a solid first date.

1. Setting Date Up Seemed Effortless

setting up a date is actually one of the hardest parts of dating because we are so accustomed to online dating at the moment, especially with the pandemic. It made everything much slower in terms of getting together in person. People are less eager to make real world plans.

So, when you meet someone online, first you might drop a couple of likes or comments and then you send them a message. There could be a stream of messages. All of this takes a lot of time. Yet, there’s a silver lining in the new norm for dating because if this process doesn't take a long time, then you can be certain that there’s a genuine connection.

This person is actually interested in dating you seriously. So, one of the indicators of a solid first date is that it didn't take a lot of time or effort to set up the date. Someone proposed the idea of a first date, and it was unanimously agreed to, and it was a very easy streamlined process.

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2. The Person Was On Time

We all know that punctuality is a great quality, especially in the workplace. It is also a good indicator that someone values your time in the dating realm. So, if your date shows up on time with a good attitude and good intentions, then that is definitely a good sign.

If someone is late, or worse yet, they don't care that they are late, then that’s a definite bad sign for things to come. They might also give you some sort of halfhearted excuse for their tardiness and that’s just disrespectful. If your date shows up on time, then that means this moment in time is important.

Now, there are some people who struggle with punctuality in every aspect of their life. They just can’t be on time for anything, and you shouldn't take it personally. It will take some time to observe this person to determine whether or not they’re just chronically late. So don’t write off the whole date for this one reason.

3. They Matched Their Pictures

It's so easy to get catfished these days with all the makeup, filters, and photography tricks that people employ on their social media and dating profiles. With just a few taps on their smartphones people can eliminate wrinkles, smooth out their features, and virtually change the shape of their face.

It can be so refreshing to meet your crush on a first date and the image that they have presented online actually matches up to their physical appearance. What makes this such a great sign of a good first date is the fact that the person you're dating is genuine. They don't have anything to hide when it comes to their physical appearance.

There’s nothing wrong with making yourself look good, but you want to date someone who feels comfortable in their own skin. If the person that you’re dating shows up and they’re physical appearance doesn’t match up, then it indicates that this person is disingenuous and maybe even insecure about themselves. Confidence is sexy. So, when you see someone owning their appearance, then you can rest assured that things are off to a good start.

4. They Smiled and Laughed

Do you want to know if someone is really into you? Then try to notice the way that they physically respond to your conversation. One of the key signs that someone is engaged and showing genuine romantic interest is whether they’re smiling and laughing during the conversation.

Beware if your date is just sitting there like a knot on a log while you're talking. That could mean that they don't find you interesting or appealing. It could also mean that they’re not attracted to you physically and they’ve completely checked out of the experience.

When someone likes you, they tend to laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not that funny. It’s just someone’s way of saying – “I like you. Keep it up.” If your date is smiling even when you’re not talking, then that means they are truly living in the moment. They’re giving you all the right signs of attraction.

5. They Put Thought Into Questions

A first date these days usually isn’t the first encounter between you and your crush. Maybe you’ve exchanged messages online before or you’ve interacted with each other in a non-romantic way. However, a first date can be a great opportunity to get to know someone on a deeper level.

If your crush is asking deep and meaningful questions about your life, your interests, and ambitions, then this is a good sign that things are going well. It means that you’ve at least passed a physical attractiveness threshold and now they’re trying to qualify you in other ways.

You have to be a bit careful though. Some people just want to find something wrong with you because they’re afraid of commitment. They self-sabotage everything, whether knowingly or unknowingly. So, they ask deep and meaningful questions to find something wrong. Avoid these people if you can, but never clam up and get defensive. It’s always best to put your cards on the table.

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6. They Shared What’s Important To Them

This is related to the previous sign. If someone is asking meaningful questions about you, then it is only natural that they reciprocate and share some deep and meaningful aspects of their life, as well. By telling you what really matters in their life on the first date, you get a quick overview of this person’s personality.

Whether you match or not, having knowledge of their most important interests and beliefs is a great way to find out whether or not this is going to ever reach date number two or three. Be sure to keep the ball moving by asking open-ended questions. Don’t just go for lighthearted, yes or no responses.

Time waits for no man, so try to get to know this person while you have the opportunity. If someone is willing to share what’s important to them, they are being vulnerable. They’re trusting you. So, it’s a sign that you’ve established a good rapport with them.

7. They Weren’t On Their Phone

You might have used your smartphone to arrange your first date, but you don’t want it to get in the way of making a connection. It’s best to avoid picking up your phone and checking notifications while you’re on a first date. If your crush is constantly scrolling or checking their phone, then that’s not a good sign.

When someone sets their phone on airplane mode or just simply doesn’t check it during the date, that’s a huge turn-on. It means that they value this moment. It means that you have their undivided attention. It means that they’re truly available.

It’s best not to ask for this bit of courtesy upfront. Just wait and see how it goes. You can use this to your advantage as a way to qualify your first date. If you hear their phone buzzing and they ignore it, then you can do a little happy dance inside your head. You’ve got yourself a prospect.

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Wrapping it Up

These signs of a surefire first date are subjective. You shouldn’t rely on any single indicator to qualify a romantic partner. It’s best to look at the first date as a whole and try to see if they scored highly against these signs.

It’s also important to gauge whether or not you were fully committed and engaged in the experience, too. Were you being present and mindful or were you distracted and goal-oriented? You get what you give. So, be sure to exemplify these qualities so that your partner knows your expectation.

Good luck out there and stay safe.

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