7 Things Every Bottom Should Know About Digestive Health

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Bottoming and Digestion

If you are a bottom man, there’s a good chance that you know all about the importance of being clean when it comes to intimacy.

But what you may not know is that the foods you eat, particularly in advance of the event, can have a huge impact on the moment.

That’s why if you are a frequent guy rider, you need to know how your digestive system works.

In the past, we’ve explored some of the issues that tend to ruin the fun and went so far as to offer a poll (FYI the poll is closed).

Because there is relatively little information on the Internet about bottoming and digestive health, we decided to do a little research and offer some tips.

Obviously, we’re not medical doctors so if you have any special concerns about your personal digestive health, it is best to speak with your physician.

And with that shared …

What follows are 7 things every bottom should know about digestive health. Some of the points outlined here may seem obvious while others will cause you to pause and reflect. Read them all in order to fully absorb their collective context.

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1. Avoid constipation

For many gay men, the joy of bottoming remains elusive because they struggle with ongoing constipation. Part of this relates to the fact that most Americans – over 50% – are regularly backed up.

The reason is fairly simple; most of us aren’t getting enough fiber. If this has been a challenge for you, see our post on bottoming and constipation.

2. Learn about of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many people have heard about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but few know exactly what this condition means. In a nutshell, IBS is a common digestive disorder that affects the large intestine, otherwise known as the colon.

Bloating, cramping, diarrhea and constipation are just a few of the many symptoms of this disorder. If you want to learn more about IBS, be sure to read this article from Medline Plus. Currently, there is no cure for IBS. You can, however, do a lot to ameliorate symptoms through simple lifestyle changes.

3. Check yourself for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the rectum and the anus. When they flair up, they can cause a great deal of discomfort. You can have an internal hemorrhoid (inside rectum) or external (outside rectum).

Hemorrhoids are most commonly caused by constipation and straining. You can also get hemorrhoids if you don’t get enough fiber in your diet, resulting in difficulty forming and passing solid stools. That’s why it is key for bottoms to eat foods that are high in fiber. Examples include fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Many people have hemorrhoids and do not know it. Before you bottom, check yourself by gently feeling around the perimeter of your anus.  If you notice any bumps or if an area is sensitive to touch, use caution. You may even want to use a hand mirror to inspect the area visually. If you are unsure of what a hemorrhoid looks like, be sure to visit this page with pictures.

4. Allow time for food to digest

Have you ever experienced pressure and bloating while a top man was inside of you? Did it cause you to feel uncomfortable to the point that it killed the moment?

While each situation is different, it is possible that the uncomfortableness you were experiencing was the result of your body trying to digest food.

Currently, the body of scientific research suggests that it can take anywhere from 24-72 hours for a person to completely digest a meal and eliminate it as waste. The more fiber your meal contains however, the faster your body will process what you’ve eaten.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid bottoming eight hours before your last meal. Again, each person is different and that’s why it is important for you to know how quickly your system converts food into waste and moves it through (and ultimately out) of your digestive track.

5. Use caution if you have diarrhea

Diarrhea doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t bottom but it should serve as a red flag of caution. Common causes of diarrhea include reactions to medications, stress, IBS or an allergic response to certain foods.

But diarrhea may also be an indication of a potential virus or parasites. If you have been experiencing mild diarrhea, there’s probably no reason for concern. But if it lasts for more than two days and it’s not improving, call your doctor. Remember, a few minutes of pleasure isn’t worth damaging your health or someone else’s.

6. Examine your urine

You may think this particular point is silly – why on earth would the color of your urine matter when you are bottoming? Well, the answer is very simple. The color of your urine is a good indicator of your body’s total level of hydration.

Dark, yellow urine is a dead giveaway that you haven’t taken in enough fluids, such as water. In turn, this can cause a loss in stamina when you are sitting on top. Not being properly hydrated can also make it difficult to pass stools (see point number #1).

Three to four hours before bottoming, try to gradually drink several 8oz classes of water. This will help you avoid dehydration during sex, prevent cramping and keep you internally lubricated.

All things being even, your urine should be clear, similar to water. FYI: Medications can cause discoloration so take this into account as part of your analysis.

7. Stay clear of certain types of foods

Did you know that certain types of foods can actually cause you to become backed up? Yep, it’s true. While we can’t list them all here, we’ve decided to focus on some of the biggies. Here are several that you may want to avoid if you know you will be bottoming:

  • Dairy products like milk and cheese
  • Red meats, like burgers and steaks
  • Potato chips
  • Low fiber frozen dinners (most are)
  • Cookies
  • Fried foods

Remember, each person is different and so it is important to consider your own digestive history to determine which foods cause you to become backed up most. If you want to know more about things that can cause constipation, visit the Everyday Health website to learn more.

Final Thoughts

If you are a gay bottom man, you owe it to yourself and your partner to learn all you can about digestive health. A great book to consider is How to Bottom without Pain or Stains by Mike Miller.

Believe it or not, preparing to bottom begins well before your top man even shows up!

Here is to your digestive health!

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