7 Hacks for Meeting Outdoorsy Gay Men

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Tips for gay men to meet “rugged”, outdoorsy types

Do you like men who like hiking, fishing, and camping? Are you the type of gay man who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors? Do you wish you could find other guys who hold similar interests?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. As a writer for one of the nation’s men’s blogs with a focused LGBTQ section, I love penning pieces about the joys of “roughing it”.

One of the biggest stereotypes about gay men is that we aren’t into traditional outdoor activities; like hiking, fishing, and camping. In truth, many of us are! The problem is, you don’t hear about it.

Given interest in the topic, we decided to put together this post as a way of helping gay men who are interested in outdoorsy types.

Some of the tips below may seem obvious. Others may be new to you. Read them all to get the most from what follows.

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Do you like the outdoors?

1. Talk about it in your profile

Do you have a gay dating or hook up app profile? Why not use some of this space to talk about your love of the outdoors?

A simple line or two that mentions how you like to canoe, fish, hike or camp can act as a man-magnet to other guys who are into the same.

2. Join an outdoors club

Many gay men don’t realize this but, there are several organizations dedicated to gay men who dig the outdoors.

One of the biggest is Gayoutdoors.org. You can list your profile on the site and check out other guys who are into mountain climbing, boating, hiking, etc. It’s loads of fun!

3. Search for special events

Many events that cater to gay “outdoorsy” men (aka: woodsy types) are held year-round. And finding them isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think!

As a starting point, you can look through the events listing on the Gay Outdoors website mentioned above. But you can also do a quick check of Craig’s List to see what’s offered in your local area. You might be surprised at what you find.

4. Plan a camping trip

With a little advance work, you can plan a camping trip and then share the news with others. Moreover, you can do it at an LGBTQ friendly campground facility!

Head on over to Gay Camping USA and learn all about the different places around the country available to queer outdoorsy types. Nearly every state in the nation has something!

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Get your outdoors on

5. Talk about it

If you are into outdoor activities, talk about it! For example, if archery is your thing – why not discuss when in the company of friends?

It may seem awkward at first because it’s not something we typically talk about. But when you do mention your fondness of woodsy adventures, like river canoeing, hiking, etc., you’ll find others who dig it, too.

6. Plan a hike

It’s a misnomer that you need to live near the woods or mountains to go hiking. Outside of large metropolitan areas, there are plenty of places for day trips.

Examples include nature preserves, beaches and, botanical gardens. Hikes can be short or long. Moreover, a lot of guys like them. Why not put something together and invite people on Facebook and other social media outlets?

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7. Be open to it

If you are a city gay and have never experienced the outdoors, isn’t it time you tried? There’s no shame in being a newbie to this world. There’s a first time for everything, right?

The critical aspect of this tip is being open to the experience. By doing so, you allow yourself to grow as a person. Moreover, you could very well meet the guy of your dreams.

Wrap Up

If you are into outdoorsy type men who exude a lumbersexual vibe, you’ve got lots of opportunities for meeting.

Remember, we attract what we put out there!

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