7 Ways Ryan Phillipe Looks Younger Than His Age and How You Can Too!

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Get the Ryan Phillipe Look!

Recently, a fan asked actor Ryan Phillipe how he manages to look so hot for his age. And because Ryan is a standup guy, he answered the question directly – in the way that only this stud can.

Phillipe, who was born in 1974, has been dubbed with the affectionate name of “Daddy” by many because of his rugged handsome looks. There’s no denying it folks – the man literally looks 10 years younger than his age.

Moreover, he’s also in better shape than many guys who are in their 20’s.

So how does he do it? What’s Ryan Phillipe’s secret to looking so hot? I’ve done some research and think I have the answers!

What follows are 7 ways Ryan Phillipe looks years younger than his real age and how you can, too!

1. Plyometric exercises

Let’s focus on his killer body. Obviously, Ryan spends a lot of time working on it to stay in tip top shape. But what exactly is he doing?

Going by the pictures and reading through his interviews, it’s easy to find the answer. Specifically, Phillipe engages in plyometric type exercises. This is a combination of progressive overload, weight resistance exercises via high-intensity routines.

Example: Doing special push up. See this video to get an idea.

2. Tons of ab work

If you are wondering how Phillipe keeps his washboard abs looking so tight, one only needs to look at his body type. Ryan is 5’9. Given his bone structure and general build, he qualifies as a mesomorph.   To keep his metabolic rate functioning at optimum levels, he’s likely eating six small meals a day that are high in protein.

By doing this, he’s quickly able to process food through his system. When you combine this diet with ab sculpting exercises, like traditional crunches, it’s easy to see how the actor is able to create a six pack you can flip a coin on.

3. Colors (Dyes) his beard

While we can’t be 100% sure, it’s highly unlikely that Ryan Phillipe’s beard is still a natural, golden blond. Ask any man over 40 and he’ll tell you that grayish hairs are part of their facial hair landscape.

But to look at Phillipe’s face, you’d be hard pressed to find white whiskers. So how does he keep his scruff looking like a 30-year-old?

It’s simple. He probably uses a bead coloring product, like Just for Men, that’s designed to camouflage and blend. You pick this up at most drug stores or online at Amazon.

FYI: He may also be coloring his hair. If you want to try this, there are two options. The first is to visit a professional hair stylist. The second is to check into a DYI hair dye for men kit at home.

4. Smooth face with few wrinkles

When you look at Ryan Phillipe’s face, what’s striking is how young it looks. Sure, there are a few wrinkles here and there but it’s not a cavernous land of crags and lines. So what’s he doing to keep it all looking so smooth?

It’s possible that he’s had Botox injections, particularly around the eyes. And he may have had facial filler around the nasal labial folds. But honestly, that wouldn’t explain everything.

Instead, it’s likely the handsome actor engages in a skin care routine that’s specifically designed for guys over 40. Here, we’re talking about specialized scrubs, retinol rich creams and clay masks designed to keep pores to a minimum.

If you want to learn specifics on skin care routines for men over forty, check out this anti-aging skin care page for men.

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5. Few signs of crow’s feet

Men tend to get deep lines around their eyes as they age. That is unless you are Ryan Felipe! So how can you borrow from his example and minimize the signs of aging by focusing on your peeps?

First, make sure you wear sunglasses whenever you are outside. The sun has a way of zapping collagen from skin; something that’s already in short supply around the eyes area.

Second, start using crow’s feet treatment and prevention program specifically designed for men.

Third, make sure drink plenty of water to keep your entire dermal system hydrated. Now only will this chase away the lines, it will also keep your collagen stores at optimal levels.

And speaking of collagen.

6. Collagen mask

The older men get, the less collagen they produce. That’s important to know because collagen is what gives your skin its supple, plump appearance.

While you certainly can get collagen injections, there are other, natural ways, to infuse this protein into your skin.

If I had to put money on it, I’m guessing Ryan Phillipe uses some type of collagen mask. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that he may be doing this 2 or more times a week.

Click here if you want to learn more about collagen masks and their anti-aging benefits. Any man who wants to look hot and young should seriously consider using one!

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7. Sleeps commando

I obviously do not know this as a fact but if I were in Vegas at a black jack table, I’d be willing to wager Ryan Phillipe sleeps in the nude. Now here me out about why I think this.

First, we know from clinical research that sleeping commando style carries important anti-aging benefits.

Second, by diving into the bed in his birthday suit, Ryan allows his entire dermal system to become rejuvenated through circulation. Uninhibited by elastic waistbands and tight fitting boxers, he’s able to encourage nutrient rich blood to all parts of his skin.


Summing Things Up

Ryan Phillipe looks amazingly hot for a reason. The guy focuses on his appearance and is careful about how he treats his body.

Hopefully, the tips I’ve offered here will help you channel some of this actor’s youthful vibe. The end result could be a much younger looking you!

Thanks for reading! 🙂