Shaming The Gay Man Who Shoved 15 Eggs Up His Butt Needs to Stop

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News analysis: Is shaming really called for here?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Dutch man who was rushed to the hospital after shoving 15-eggs up his anus. As reported by the folks at the Daily Mail, the incident happened as a result of this gentleman engaging in chem-sex.

As the story goes, the 29-year old was using the club drug GHB with his partner. Apparently, as part of their experience, he ended up putting 15-hard boiled eggs deep inside of his butthole.

Just in case you are wondering, he had the presence of mind to peel the eggs from their shell, meaning only the soft remains were inserted.

As one can imagine, there were medical problems. The gentleman ended up having a ruptured gastrointestinal wall; something doctors were able to repair through surgery after removing the eggs.

While it is troubling to hear stories about anyone who abuses a substance to the point that impairs judgment, it’s even sadder to see comments from folks on social media (and blogs) make nasty, disparaging comments about this person.

Some have suggested the guy is “sick” and that his partner is no better for allowing the egg incident to happen. Others have said the guy should be ashamed of himself.

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But is it really fair to judge this person? Who among us hasn’t done something we’ve regretted in life? While obviously not the same substance as GHB, alcohol certainly causes people to behave in ways they later regret.

One quick thing on GHB. A couple of outlets, like Daily Mail, are describing GHB [Gamma hydroxybutyrate] as a date rape drug. While it may be true some people have used this substance for nefarious purposes, it’s no the case for all.

Within the gay male community specifically, some guys use “G” as part of a chem-sex experience. The reason? To enhance pleasure and intensity. As a side effect, GHB can (and often does) diminish judgment.

In telling the story of the Dutch man who pushed the eggs up his behind, news reporting organizations, including those within the LGBTQ niche [and social media] should exercise care.

When we get past the sensational headlines, we have to remember there is a human being behind this story – a person who probably regrets the incident.

Compassion is what’s called for here. Do we really want to shame people who may have a substance abuse problem? What message does that send to others who may be thinking of seeking help?

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