10 Signs The Guy You’re Dating Doesn’t Respect You

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Signs He Doesn't Respect You

Dating is all about finding out if two people have the qualities and compatibility to sustain a relationship over the long haul. It’s always going to be a little harder to find that one person that understands and gets us. Thank you Grindr for that!

First thing we need to do is stop settling because we feel alone at times. You have to stop thinking that the person you feel you're missing in your life is the person that helps completes your life. You shouldn’t rely on one person to make you happy.

Do you find yourself settling for mediocre guys? Do the guys you’re dating walk all over you? Do they take you for granted? You need to stop dating guys who just make you feel like shit. I don’t care how good the dick is, it’s not worth losing your self-respect.

Here are 10 signs that the guy you're dating doesn’t respect you.

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1. He’s Too Busy To See you

If he’s too busy to hang out with you when you’re just dating (but never too busy for sex), it’s not gonna be any easier when you become boyfriends. You shouldn’t be the only one rearranging your schedule for date nights. This is a two way street. You should only limit yourself to one person if you’re sure they’re committed. If someone truly wants to be with you they will make time—no questions asked.

2. You Always Have Sex When You See Each Other

As we know, sex is a great thing to do and if you're dating or boyfriends it’s even harder to keep your sticky hands off each other. As men, our sex drive is high. But as you get past the honeymoon stage, real life starts to kick in. If your relationship is only based on sex, it might spell trouble when you get more serious.

3. It Takes Him Days To Call or Text You Back

People work, go to school, have kids–everyone has a lot on their plate. But no matter how busy one person is, if you’re both dating there shouldn’t be any reason why he can’t call you back. If he’s into you, he’ll always make time to shoot back a quick text.

4. He’s Always on His Phone When He’s With You

It’s fine to check in on your Instagram likes every now and then–who isn’t addicted to social media? But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. We think that it’s okay to be on our phones all the time. It’s not. The time that you two are together you should be building each other up and creating something together. If you always find him on his phone and you’re fighting to get his attention, chances are he’s giving that attention to someone else.

5. He Gets In The Way of Your Dreams and Goals

You get one life so spend it with someone who understands you, someone who motivates you and wants you to reach your dreams and goals. No one should get in the way of the things you want to achieve. He should wanna be there for you every step of the way. You both should be inspiring each other.

6. He Questions Everything You Do

You’re an adult, you don’t answer to anyone but yourself.

7. He Makes You Feel Lost and Alone

You shouldn’t feel sad or alone, because you’re not. You have something inside of you that is waiting to come out. That’s your voice. The voice to speak up and never back down. When any two people are dating or together they should feel the love and happiness that comes with being with someone.

Sure you’ll have the ups and downs that come with the relationship, but never should you feel lost when you do. You should feel safe, cared for and know that he’s by your side at the end of the day and if you don’t feel that, he’s not the one.

8. You Haven’t Met Any of His Family or Friends

If you’ve been together for some time now–meaning more than a few months–and you still haven’t met any of his friends or family, chances are you may ever. Don’t rush it–but he may be keeping you away for from them for a reason.

9. He Starts Fights With You To Show You That He Cares

Maybe he likes starting fights with you to show that he cares. Whatever the reason is he’s not for you. You need a man and a little boy who gets in his moods and acts like. Face it: it’s a fucking turn off. He shouldn’t have to fight with you to show you that he cares and if that’s how he shows you he cares you are dating a child who will never grow up.

10. He Stops Asking How Your Day Was

Communication is the key to any great relationship gay or straight, and when that communication stops so does everything else. He should want to know how your day went. Simple questions like, “How is your friend, Jessica?” or “Did you watch any good movies this week?” go a long way. Remember, it’s the little things that show someone cares.