7 Ways Gay Men Can Tell if a Curious Guy Likes You Based on Science

anti aging foods menDoes the curious guy like me?

The term “straight” is subjective and is usually reserved for men who exclusively identify as heterosexual. But as we have seen through scores of research studies, human sexuality runs the gambit and is not black and white.

In my lifetime, I’ve spent years researching the behavior of men who identify as “straight”. What I’ve learned is that guys who use this label often do so for cultural reasons, influenced by extraneous factors with regional influences.

Machismo, a unique aspect of male Americana, is a strong part of the dynamic.

But if you watch a man closely and get rid of the labels, you can learn a lot. By paying particular attention to his body language, it’s possible to intuit if he likes you. In truth, a curious guy is never going to come right out and say what he feels.

Instead, he’s likely going to broadcast his desires through body language. And you know what else? You don’t need alcohol, marijuana or other substances to get the guy to open up. That’s a great fantasy but it’s also a bunch of BS.

What follows are 7 ways of knowing a curious guy is into you based on science. I’ve done my best to include links to material that help support each point. The truth is, many of the “tells” about how he feels will be right on front of you.

You just have to know what to look for.

According to Dr. David Givens, author of Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship, “For the past 500 million years, every member of the animal kingdom has utilized certain signals to communicate their interest in mating.”

Givens appears to be right. We know from various studies that curious men have same sex fantasies, with imagery that comes to them in tactile form.

Now before continuing here is a warning. If you involve yourself with a curious guy, bear in mind there’s a possibility of having your heart broken. That’s because physical attraction, which is instinctual, doesn’t always match emotional development.

That said, let’s take a look at the 7 signs.

curious straight guy signs

1. He points his feet towards you

Wondering if that hot guy is into you? Look at his feet. According to researcher Lisa Daily, author of the book, Stop Getting Dumped! All You Need to Know to Make Men Fall Madly in Love With You and Marry ‘The One’ In 3 Years or Less, when a man likes you, he’ll turn his toes to towards you.

Daily shared with Huffington Post, “Our bodies line up when we’re in love (heart to heart, face to face).” In a different article on the same site, body language specialist Vanessa Van Edwards supported the same notion based on her research stating, “When the feet are pointed directly toward another person, this is a sign of attraction, or at the very least, genuine interest.”

Curious men aren’t going to directly state they want to get in on with you. But they will communicate attraction with their feet. That’s why you need to watch them closely.

2. Sweaty Palms

The expression, “My heart raced” isn’t just a metaphor — it’s based on science. Studies have shown when you are near a guy you find attractive, your heart rate will increase, as reported on CNN. On the flip-side, if a guy is attracted to you, his heart will beat very fast as well.

How come?

It’s all about an adrenaline rush. As your heart pumps blood at a faster clip, the brain activates the adrenal gland, which secretes sexually charged hormones like adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

In physical terms, this can result in having sweaty palms. Whenever you shake another man’s hand, focus on what you feel – particularly if it seems moist. If you intuit an attraction from him and sense wetness in his hands, there’s a good chance he’s excited to see you.


3. Leans Towards You

This is an obvious point but worth mentioning because it’s important. Take notice if a guy is physically leaning into you. It could be an indication of how they feel.

University of Kansas researchers who examined flirting behaviors found that men who tend to lean into another are showing a physical interest.

4. Matches Your Pace

As highlighted on LiveScience.com, studies show men will match your pace when they’re into you. For the guy you are wondering about, this means he’ll tend to slow down when you do or speed up when you do as well.

The point was driven home when researchers also found people didn’t engage in this behavior pace-matching trait when walking with friends.

5. Extended Eye Contact

You’ve probably heard before that extended eye contact is a powerful way to tell if there is an attraction between two people. It turns out to be true, As published in Scientific American, studies have shown men who hold eye contact had increased feelings of passionate love and affection towards the other person.

The take-away from this study, the periodical noted, is that extended periods of eye contact have a connecting effect. If that curious man  is looking deep into your eyes, that's key. Make special note of this — it likely means he is feeling more towards you than simply friendship.

6. Pupils Will Dilate

Let's say the guy is engaging in long contact with you that we just covered — now look at his pupils. Per a report in the Chicago Tribune, research from University of Chicago revealed if a man is looking at a person he likes, his pupils will dilate in a completely involuntary way.

If you notice enlarged pupils while he’s gazing at you, they’ll be obvious to detect, even with deep brown eyes.  The larger they become, the more he’s into you.

7. Accidental Touching

Does he touch you here and there? Is it done in a playful, almost innocent way? Consider it a huge clue. Guys love to touch people they are attracted to, even if it’s just a pat on the back or a fist bump.

Curious men aren’t going to grab you like some alpha beast and make out with you. But if he’s interested, he will touch you from time to time in a way that’s charged. Pay close attention to your intuition to assess what that touch might mean.

Summing Things Up

When we get rid of the labels that force people into one category or another, a world of opportunities opens up.

By paying close attention to his behaviors, coupled with your own inner voice, you can easily tell if a curious man is into you. Just make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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