If Your Ring Finger Is Longer, Does It Give You Away As Gay?


Trending News: New study suggests finger length is a sign of gayness.

Did you hear the news? If your ring finger is longer, it’s a sign that you are gay. No seriously, we’re not making this up. According to a new study published by Essex University, that’s apparently the case.

In medical terms, the “ring finger” is also called the digitus medicinalis, also known as the fourth finger. It’s the one right next to your little pinky.

So, what’s up with the study? Well, according to what is published, researchers examined 32 sets of identical twins. Investigators shared in their report that of these twin sets, one identified as gay and the other straight (well, attracted mostly to the opposite sex). Eighteen pairs were female and fourteen, men.

Now it is important to point out that in the case of identical twins, DNA is always the same. It is for this reason the scientists wanted to assess any differences between the twins.

gay couple holding hands

Going by what they have reported, they found that sexual orientation was determined via the womb, influenced by the distribution of testosterone levels.

Dr. Tuesday Watts, lead study investigator made the following remarks about the findings of the study:

“Because identical twins, who share 100% of their genes, can differ in their sexual orientations, factors other than genetics must account for the differences,” and “Research suggests that sexuality is determined in the womb,” she said.

Here at the blog, we don’t pretend to be scientists. That said, we are taking the findings with a somewhat skeptical eye. After all, other lines of study have suggested that it is possible to tell if a guy sleeps on the top or bottom bunk, based on their face.

And who could forget the research study that suggested that your face gives you away as gay?

At any rate, there you have it folks. Put out your hand and look at your fingers. Is that ring finger longer?

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