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Learn why straight guys suck dick

By: Adam in Detroit

I won’t lie to you. I love watching straight guys suck dick. Moreover, I really get into blowing guys who identify as straight.

You probably think that’s messed up but for me to pen this piece, I just need to be real up with you.

The first time I sucked off a straight guy, I was 22 years old. His name was Mike and we played football back in high school. It happened over the summer (during college break) in his parent’s garage.

I’ll never forget it. He fired up some 420 and started toking. Before I knew it, we were swapping head up against the trunk of a Chevy Impala.

The dude had a very thick  dick like a coke can. It was so hot.

I had hooked up with other guys before but most of them were nothing like Mike. That’s because the other dudes were bi or full on gay.

But Mike was as hetero as you get. Girlfriend, body builder -plus he loved hunting and fishing.

gay gifts

After the first time it, we found ourselves regularly draining each other out when nobody was around. Sometimes it even happened just before he was about to hang with his girlfriend.

The lessons I learned from that entire summer with Mike have lasted me a lifetime.

The major take-away is this.

Straight guys suck dick a lot more than you think!

What follows are 7 reasons that straight guys suck dick based on personal experience. I’ll also lead you to information on how to find these types of men.

OK, check it out!


1. Straight guys are curious

The number one reason straight guys suck dick on the DL is because they are curious. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In my experience, they want to know:

  • What another dick feels like in their hand
  • How one feels in their mouth
  • Techniques to teach their girlfriends
  • How their cock compares to other guys

If you’ve ever watched video of straight guys sucking dick, you already know that most of them do it because they are curious. It’s a guy thing. Because men are wired to be competitive, it’s just part of the landscape.

2. Straight guys liked getting blown

Another top reason straight guys suck dick relates to the sensation of getting sucked off. Sure, they like sticking their junk in a vagina but at the end of the day, they really prefer a good old-fashioned blow job.

Here’s why:

  • It’s simple
  • They don’t consider it “gay”
  • Usually quick and fast

I’ll clue you in more about this in just a bit but heterosexual men are usually down for a quickie anytime of the day. Be sure to read this story about a straight guy who sucked dick at work with a guy he supervised.

3. Prove Straightness

I’ve personally had my load swallowed by 3 men who were married and identified as straight for this reason. Believe it or not, some guys will suck off another guy to prove they aren’t gay.

Have you ever hooked up with a woman to see if you liked it? How about to prove to yourself that you weren’t completely gay? Well, in many ways that’s how straight guys think when they suck dick.

In other words, they are trying to demonstrate to themselves that they really are straight. Sometimes, this means that they’ll let another guy swallow them but they won’t reciprocate.

It just depends on the dude (if that makes sense).

straight guys in prison
Straight men in prison

4. Confinement

Some guys end up giving brojobs to one another because they are confined in the same space together. This is a very common experience in the military.

When I was 25-years old, I was in the Marine Corp at Camp Pendleton. There was a curious guy I would regularly get with. He wasn’t gay but because we were in basic training for 12 weeks, we were in close quarters. In fact, lots of straight guys in the military do this type of thing.

There are other situations where same sex hookups happen with men. A big one is in prison. I’m talking federal penitentiaries and prison camps.

On this one, I can’t say it happened to me but I do have a buddy who was sent for substance distribution. When he got out, he told me how straight guys forced him to suck their dicks while locked up.

He also said those same straight guys held him down while they sucked his dick.

Crazy but true.

5. Male Bonding

Not too long ago, a scientific study was released that showed men who identified as straight bonded better with other guys when compared to women.

One of the reasons cited in the study was because they felt les judge by their buds. Now it’s important to point out this was a small study using young straight guys only.

But still, it helps to explain why dick sucking among straight guys is a safe activity for many.

Part of bonding is emotional closeness. This invariably leads to physical touching. Over the course of time, the bonding becomes more intimate. Eventually, it leads to something oral.

Stress relief
Stress relief is a biggie

6. Men Sucking Dick is Stress Relief

Speaking of scientific studies, an important one came out in 2016 that explored the concept of bud sex (see link). The research centered on heterosexual men who live in rural America.

The data showed that many guys who live outside of the big cities like sucking off a close buddy when their wives aren’t around.

Key finding: They don’t consider themselves gay.

In fact the minute you mention that word, the party is over. But if using that term can be avoided, swapping oral is completely OK.

Just remember, they don’t talk about it.

7. Gay for Pay

A final reason many straight guys will suck dick is because they are going gay for pay. Now hear me out because you probably are thinking what?

I’m the first to say that under the normal gay for pay scenario, the norm is the gay dude pays to blow the straight guy. That said, there are situations where it can be the other way around.

An example is mutual attraction. In this situation, the hetero guy is attracted to the other man and uses money as a permission slip to blow him.

The other example is pure money. In other words, some straight guys are so broke that they’ll do anything for cash. I know an auto-mechanic who regularly does oral on a buddy of mine for a certain dollar amount.

When you’re broke and hard up, you’ll do anything to survive.

Swallowing and Straight Guys

One thing I love doing that I’m not ashamed to admit is swallowing a straight guy’s load. You’ll hear all sorts of stuff online but I’m here to tell you these guys taste amazing.

I recognize that part of the “flavor” is psychologically based. But in the final analysis, the end result is a yummier load. Well, at least for me.

What I’ve discovered is that some straight boys will swallow you back if there is a decent amount of trust. Seriously, they will. But here’s the thing. It takes time.

Several years ago, I was hooking up with this married guy who was the athletic director at a local college. To look at him, you’d never know the dude sucked dick.

After we started doing our thing, he asked me one day what cum tasted like. Because our relationship with direct and real, I told him he should try it.

Once he agreed, that’s what happened. Our only rule was that after saying it was cool, he had to swallow. So sure enough, just as I was about to nut, he tried to pull away. But I forced his head over my stick and shot a giant load down his throat.

He gagged a bit but ultimately swallowed it.

Over time, he started draining me without the gag – and without being forced. But like I said, this one takes a lot of time because of the trust factor.

Straight guys love getting sucked off

Straight Dick Sucking Wrap Up

If you are into straight guys sucking each other off, I encourage you to visit this straight NSFW video site. It’s a cool place to get realistic ideas on how some of this works.

Don’t ever be ashamed that you are into heterosexual men getting it on with each other. Let’s be real – it’s totally hot. Plus, there’s something cool about watching straight guys explore one another.

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