I’m a Straight Guy that Dreams About Sex with Men

straight guy dreaming about gay sex

I’ve been having dreams about guys for several years now. What’s weird is that I’m totally straight and have zero interest in men. So why am I having these dreams?

By: Ryan

You can think whatever you want about me after I tell you my story. A bi girl I know told me about this site and offered to send in my situation because she thinks it might help me. It’s so stupid to even be sharing this because it doesn’t mean jack. She pretty much begged me so I told her I was down with it.

I’m 25-years old and live near Banning, California. If you have ever been out this way you know this is part of the Inland Empire area of the state. There’s not a lot going on here except mountains, sun and old cars.

Regular straight dude here that’s into sports, skateboarding and if I can make it out towards the ocean, surfing. I’ll smoke a little 420 here and there but I don’t do anything more than that. Right now, I’m attending school at San Jacinto College so that I can get a certificate in auto-collision repair.

There’s money in the auto field according to my dad. He’s got his own shop and everything so I see what he makes. And I like cars. There's something cool about restoring a classic or tricking something way out. A few of my buddies and I will race here and there but we're careful because the police watch all of the time.

It’s hard to describe what I look like but my girl tells me that when I smile, I kind of look like Taylor Lautner. Whatever. My mom thinks the same thing but what does she really know?

So a few months ago, I decided to go into counseling because of some weird dreams I was having. They weren’t nightmares or anything like that. And it’s not reoccurring dream shit either, like those freaky ones people talk about having since the time they were in the crib and sucking on a binky.

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My dreams are about sex with guys – or guys who are doing things with each other. What’s [email protected]#ed up about this is that I’m totally not into dudes at all. Please don’t think I am a homophobe or some shit like that because I am not. I’ve always been cool with gays so it’s not like that. It’s just that guys are not my thing.

But for some strange reason a few years ago, I started to have dreams about hooking up with men. The first couple of dreams sort of freaked me out. I remember one where I was making out with this hot girl and then suddenly, when I looked into her face, she had turned into a guy with red hair – and then we started kissing again!

And then there was this other dream where I where this hot mermaid was blowing me but when I was about to shoot, she transformed into Aquaman. Isn’t that totally messed up? I think it is.


At first, I tried to pretend none of those dreams happened but it didn’t work. Actually, it might have made them worse because they became more frequent. Here is the weird thing though, I know I am not gay.

I’ve even tried to jack it and look at dudes on TV or in magazines. I mean WTF – why not try to test it? But my shit doesn’t get wood no matter how hard I try. The minute I start to think about women though, I’m as good as gold and can blow a good size load too!

“What’s [email protected]#ed up about this is that I’m totally not into dudes at all”

My therapist told me that just because I am having these dreams doesn’t mean I am gay or even bi. She’s used a bunch of words that I don’t really get but basically she said that it’s not unusual for this to happen.

She did ask me if I were gay or bi if it would upset me. Really and truly, it wouldn’t. But how can I be gay when I’ve been hooking up with women since I was 15?

In the last year, the dreams have gotten a lot more involved. Now there’s not even women in them – just guys messing around with each other. In some of the dreams, I can see myself with a guy behind me. In others, I am the guy inside of another dude. Just writing this is just weird and I can’t believe I am sharing this. Jesus WTF!

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Anyway, as hard as I try, I can’t recall the faces. But I know what a dude’s Johnson looks like when I see one.

This counselor I am working with seems to think the dicks I am seeing are significant. She even asked me if I had some issues with my own dick – like size or something. Honestly, I don’t. I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve got and the women seem to think it is more than satisfying. So I doubt it’s about that crap.

So if you are a guy reading this that is straight or bi and have had these kinds of dreams, it would be cool to hear your thoughts. What’s going on with me? Should I lay off the weed or something?

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