10 Reasons Why Gay Military Men Are Great Boyfriends!

gay military dating

Gay military men are diamonds in the rough.

Gay Military men do it best – for real! That’s not to say that straight guys serving our country don’t know what they’re doing so please don’t misunderstand me.

But as a guy who has been around awhile, I’m here to tell you that the gay men in our armed forces know how to handle any situation, particularly when it comes to love, sex and romance.

I should know – I’m a former member of the U.S Army and served four years.

Given the nature of this site, I decided to come up with 10 great reasons you should be setting your sites on gay guys in the military.

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There’s plenty of single, hot men that are just waiting to meet you!

What follows are 10 solid reasons why gay military men do it best and why you need to start dating one now!

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1. We’re super caring

Most people in the military are good listeners but gay men in uniform are particularly skilled in this area. That’s because we many of us know how to empathize with others who are in a place of pain.

We’ve seen human suffering at its worst; we know the importance of kindness.

2. We’re protective

If you want a boyfriend who will protect you from the idiots and jerks of the word, you can’t go wrong with a gay military guy.

Most of us are protective by nature and our training only amplifies this instinct. And yes – we tend to be territorial but not in a bad way.

attractive military man3. On time – all the time

Sick of flakey guys who show up late for planned get-togethers? When you date a gay guy in the service, that’s likely never going to happen.

In fact, most of us show up at the appointed time and place with military precision!

4. Amazing kissers

When’s the last time a hot guy planted a real man-kiss on you? If it’s been forever, maybe it’s time to set your sites on a gay man in uniform.

That’s because everything we do is done with passion.

4. Great in bed

One of the biggest benefits of dating someone gay in the military is bedroom time. Here’s why – most of us view the experience as a mission of pleasure.

We know exactly where your erotic zones are and more importantly, where they aren’t. Plus, we have great stamina!

5. Well disciplined

If you need structure in your life, look no further. Dating a man in uniform is a surefire way to guarantee everything happens exactly as planned.

It’s just our way of life and when you date one of us, it will become yours too! 

6. Old fashioned romantic

We gay military men are old school when it comes to romance. That’s because like all people in the armed forces, we’ve learned to show our affection in not so subtle ways.

If you’re pining for a guy who likes to take it slow and easy, gay men in the service is your best bet! And contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing vanilla about us!

marines navy intimate photos policy

7. Our uniforms never go out of style

Think about it – has a man in uniform ever gone out of style? To this day, our culture fetishes military men and with good reason.

We’re a hot looking group with a classic, ageless look.

8. We’re smart

Don’t believe the stereotypes about “jarheads” in the marines or army “dummies” who joined the service as a last resort. It’s total BS.

Most all of us have advanced training with college degrees. We can hold our own in conversations and then some!

9. We’re physically strong

To a fault, most military men are strong and this is particularly true of gay service members. That’s because we are required (for the most part) to take care of our bodies and be ready for battle at a moment’s notice.

If you are looking for a fit gay guy, look no further than the military.

10. We’re culturally competent

A good sized portion of military personnel will live in different locations several times over the course of their careers. This allows us to be exposed to different types of people. The end result?

We’re culturally competent This means we can teach you about many different places in the world.

Summing It Up

I realize that not every single trait here applies to every single gay guy in the military. But on the whole, it’s safe to say that most of them do.

So the next time you start feeling blue because you’re still a single gay man, remember there are tons of guys in our armed forces who are just waiting to meet you!

Editorial note: MV would like to thank all who serve in the United States military. We owe you a debt of gratitude that can truly never be repaid.