10 Amazing Benefits Of A Warm Coffee Enema

coffee enema guide for male enema

Why you should consider a warm coffee enema

For years, I suffered from chronic constipation and found myself getting nowhere through traditional medicine. In fact, between the daily glasses of Metamucil and synthetic drugs prescribed by my doctor, I felt miserable.

The worst part was not being able to bottom. You see as a gay man, I’ve always enjoyed doing this, particularly when I’m involved in an intimate relationship.

Tired of having to abstain, I decided to my own research and take a holistic approach to regularity.

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Along the way, I discovered the powerful benefits of a coffee enema in helping rid my colon of stool while promoting many other health benefits.

When you’re bound up for too long, you run the risk of developing diverticulitis; a condition where tiny pouches in the colon’s lining forms. I’ve experienced this and can tell you it’s no fun.

One of the great things about coffee enemas is they help to flush out the colon while stopping diverticulitis from occurring in the first place.

I’ve written this coffee enema guide for men and women for these reasons and many more. My hope is to create a “go to” source that you can turn to in an easy to follow format.


  • A brief history of enemas.
  • The benefits of coffee enemas.
  • Why drinking coffee vs. an enema isn’t the same.
  • What you’ll need for a coffee enema with product tips.
  • Step by step “how to make” directions.
  • Self-administration and prep tips.
  • Cleaning and storage pointers.
  • Related practical advice.

male enema history


You may not know this but enemas have been around since mankind first appeared on the geologic timescale, in what scientists call the Holocene Epoch of the late Cenozoic Era.

Early hominids may not have thought of them as “enemas” but they instinctively knew cleaning was important. To facilitate this, they used bamboo shoots and pond water.

We know that ancient the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians used enemas as a pathway to self-cleansing and spiritual enlightenment. See this handout on colonic hydrotherapy from the Global Association of Colon Therapy.

And believe it or not, enemas are even references in various passages of the Bible.

As mankind has evolved, scientists have learned much about the use of enemas and their many health benefits.

While there is no way for me to list all of plusses in this one article, I can share with you the specific benefits of coffee enemas.


According to numerous studies, coffee enemas are an effective and safe way to detoxify the body with particular emphasis on the colon.

Research conducted by the Gerson Institute suggests using caffeinated enemas can even help cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Apparently, coffee enemas boost the liver’s ability to purge the body of deadly toxins.

Coffee enemas get their cleansing powers through Glutathione S transferase; a chemical that is clinically known to eradicate impurities from the body.

And because the liquefied substance goes directly through the anus and into the large intestine, absorption of the caffeine is almost instant.

Once you use this type of enema, Glutathione S transferase binds itself to unwanted, constipation causing toxins and then is released out of the rectum with the coffee.

If you are a gay man who bottoms, detoxifying your colon on a regular basis is extremely important. That’s because your system already takes in a number of toxins each day from manmade products, like prepared meals and certain beverages.

While the body does its best to purge these unwanted critters, it doesn’t get rid them all. We know from clinical research that bottom men are more likely to develop certain types of illnesses, including cancers.

coffee enema benefits


There are probably a ton of reasons you should try a coffee enema. What I’ve tried to include are the “biggies” for men.

1. Eases bloating and improves overall digestion.

2. Helps eliminate parasites, including shigella.

3. Reduces level of toxicity levels by nearly 600%.

4. Improves mental clarity and lifts overall mood.

5. Reduces incidence of reoccurring depression & anxiety.

6. Assists the liver with detoxification and repair.

7. Helps the immune system, particularly for HIV+ persons.

8. Helps the colon move stool more efficiently through the rectum.

9. Assists the large intestine heal itself from extended backups.

10. Offers a warm, pleasant and refreshing anal experience.


Drinking coffee does not provide the same benefits as a coffee enema. That’s because when you swallow coffee, the liquid goes through the digestive system. Stomach acids rob the coffee of its organic compounds, thereby nullifying any benefits.

FYI: If you’re sensitive to caffeine, don’t stress. Coffee enemas won’t affect you in the same way. That’s because you’re not digesting and synthesizing coffee.

If you’re still unsure, check with your doctor.

coffee enema supplies


1. Get the right enema bag

To begin with, you’re going to need to pick up an enema kit. Remember, you aren’t douching here as an immediate prep for bottoming.

Instead, cleansing your colon for the purposes of health and detoxification, which in turn leads to a better bottoming experience.

I’ve tried different types of products over the years and by far, the best one I’ve used is the silicone coffee enema bag from Mikacare. I like this one because it’s easy to use and great if you are sensitive to things like latex. I bought mine on Amazon.

2. Use specialized enema coffee

If you think you can just pick up can of Folgers and use that, think again. That’s because many coffee products on the market are loaded with chemicals, preservatives and fillers that you absolutely don’t want in your colon.

Your best bet is to get something natural. I can personally share with you that one of the best products on the market is the coffee enema roast make by S.A. Wilson.

It has a higher amount of caffeine than most brands and is specifically designed for the purpose of detoxification and colon cleansing. If you get this one, be sure to store it in the freezer.

3. Get a nut-milk bag or coffee enema strainer

Because you are using organic coffee, it’s going to need straining before using in enema form. There are two ways you can do this:

1 Get a simple nut-milk bag. You can buy these at many specialty shops that specialize in coffee or tea. You can also get one online (check Amazon for pricing).

2 Use a specialized coffee enema strainer. These can be somewhat difficult to find at brick and mortar stores but many online holistic retailers sell them. Amazon also carries them.

4. Grab a Mason Jar

Some people like glass mason jars to hold the coffee enema liquid but I can tell you from experience that you have to be careful with these to avoid accidental dropping – and breaking.

Instead, I recommend a plastic Mason Jar. This way if it slips, you don’t have to worry about shattered glass. Many stores carry these.

coffee enemas how to make guide


The steps involved with making a coffee enema are fairly straight forward. Below, I’ve given step by step directions for creating something healthy and wonderful.

1. Get a saucepan from the cupboard.

2. Scoop out two tablespoons of organic coffee and put into saucepan.

3. Add 3-4 cups of filtered, spring or distilled water.

4. Stir the coffee with a spoon until its blended into the water.

5. Dial the temperature to MEDIUM and bring the water to a slow boil.

6. Once it starts to boil, turn off the heat and place the saucepan on a cool surface, such as a wooden board or unused stovetop burner.

7. Allow 15 minutes to cool

8. After the coffee lowers to body temperature, it’s ready for use. To test this, stick your finger in the water. It should be slightly warm but not hot and not cold.

9. Pour the coffee through a strainer and into your mason jar.

10. Grab your enema kit and head to the bathroom. Hint: It helps to have the kit preassembled and ready to go before the next step.


1. Prep your space

The best place to do this is in your bathroom and near your toilette. Here are some tips for enema administration:

  • Have some soft towels or rug to lay down on.
  • Place a washcloth or hand towel nearby in case of leakage.
  • Consider having a pillow for added comfort and some reading material because you’re going to be in laying down for a good 12-15 minutes. Here’s some stories to consider.

Hopefully, your enema kit is already assembled. The tube and nozzle should be attached to the bag. I recommend that you hang it at least 3-4 feet from the ground. Shower rails or towel racks work just fine.

Once you have the enema bag hanging, you’ll want to make sure the flow nozzle is off before pouring the jar of coffee into the bag. Otherwise, you’re going to have a mess on your hands.

2. Get coffee enema ready

Now that you have your space set up, you’re ready to rock and roll. Here’s what’s next:

1 Slowly pour the coffee into the enema bag. Remember, you only have 3-4 cups of liquid here so be careful to avoid spillage.

2 Once the coffee is in the bag, take the end of the tube with the nozzle on it and head over to the sink or bathtub.

3 Turn the nozzle “on” to begin the flow of coffee. Make sure there are no air bubbles. Once accomplished, turn the nozzle to the “off” position.

4 Have some lubricant ready for ease of insertion. Some people prefer coconut oil however, you can also use a high quality silicone lubricant.

Dab a little around the nozzle so that it’s good and slippery. Personally, I also put a little lube on my finger and swab it around my anus for greater comfort.


Now the fun part happens. I’m going to give you a step by step walkthrough of insertion.

1. Making sure the lubricated tube is nearby, lay down on your right side with your knees drawn up at hip level.

2. Take a deep breath and think pleasant thoughts

3. Slowly insert the nozzle until it’s about 1 inch inside of your rectum.

4. Turn on nozzle to “on” and allow the coffee to slowly fill your rectum. Allow the filling process to happen until the bag is empty.

5. You should feel a warm sensation as the coffee washes over your prostate and into your rectum. Some men even claim the experience brings about a spontaneous erection and/orgasm. If this happens, just go with it.

6. Once the bag is emptied, you can either remain in the fetal position or you can prop your legs up against a wall or atop the bathtub.

7. If you hear abdominal noises, such as high pitch squirts or squealing, consider it a positive sign. That’s your digestive system ridding itself of bile, which will become released a bit later.

8. If possible, hold onto the coffee enema for 12-15 minutes. Newbies may find this difficult as the urge to go can be overwhelming. If this happens, allow yourself to poddy.

As time goes on and you become more experienced with coffee enemas, you’ll be able to hold on much longer.

9. When the time is up, go ahead and take a seat on the toilette. Allow your system to naturally release any stool, debris and toxins from the rectum. This can sometimes take a few minutes as your body purges this unwanted material in waves.

10. Wipe yourself clean. I recommend reading this guide to butt wiping for men so that you can get the most from the experience.

FYI: It is normal to have to get up and down several times because movement often stimulates the release of deeply lodged churn.


Once you are done cleaning yourself out, I encourage you to clean your coffee enema supplies right away. This prevents potential contamination so that you can safely use it again in the future.

I personally use a mild detergent and carefully wash all of the supplies by hand. Once everything is completely dried, I put it all into a shoebox in the closet.

And it goes without saying that when I grab the supplies again for reuse, I carefully rinse everything off in case dust has accumulated.


Remember, you shouldn’t think of this as a pre-bottoming activity. For that, you will want to focus on douching. See link below.

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Coffee enemas should be thought of as wellness activity that prevents constipation and rids the colon of toxins. The best time to administer is after a bowel movement.

This allows your colon to more fully absorb the liquid and hold onto the coffee longer.

If you’re constipated, you can still benefit because it does a nice job of evacuating the bowels.


If you are a gay bottom, I highly encourage you to consider coffee enemas. Not only can they help you with remaining regular, they also detoxify your system.

And to keep it real, all males can benefit from this enema. This means tops too can improve their health through this natural approach to wellness.

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I’ve put up a poll below that asks you more about coffee enemas. Feel free to select what best describes your experience. Remember, the results are anonymous.

I hope you found useful. Thanks for stopping by!

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