Did Kings of Europe Have Male Sex Slaves?

Royal Homosexuality: A Closer Look

Powerful kings of Europe forced men into gay sexual slavery for over a 1000-year period, according to historical accounts and lore. The more chiseled your physique, the more likely your seed was forced from you.

Now keep in mind that homosexuality during the middle ages, which lasted, from roughly 476 A.D. to 1450, was not viewed in the same way as it is today.

Back then, drawing from the hose of an athletically built man was thought to act as a fountain of youth. The more you could guzzle, the greater the benefit.

It is for this reason that scores of young, well-built men were made to brutally jackhammer their male masters until white gold flowed from their testicles.

But who were these masters? The answers can be found in some who wore the crown.

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During the Barbaric invasions of 350 AD, it was believed by Roman emperors that swallowing the seed of young, muscular Visigoths would grant special powers. These gifts included extraordinary strength, virility, and wisdom.

The custom is believed to have started with Nero, the fifth Roman emperor during the Julian-Claudian Dynasty. According to the public record, he had male sex slaves.

Ancient Beginnings

During his reign, Nero is said to have regularly walked the streets of Rome and handpicked his “uomini” [Italian word for men]. Once a group of these men was bought back to his palace, he would sit on his thrown and watch them pleasure one another.

Those who refused were executed by sword on the spot.

A select few were chosen to “sugere”, which is Latin for “suck”. On special occasions, some were invited to deposit their essence deep into Nero’s garden. Spero was his first, who he would later marry and then castrate.

Once having his way with his subjects, Nero would offer most of them back their freedom.  But some were kept in service of the crown until the end of his life, which ended around 68 A.D. Nero was 30 when he died.

Kings of England, France, and Germany

Over a period of seven hundred years, word spread throughout aristocratic circles of these ancient practices. While homosexuality was most certainly frowned upon, this doesn’t mean male royals didn’t partake.

King Edward II of England (1307-1312) is said to have regularly cleared out the Grand Room of Langley Palace for “group” play. Sitting on his throne in nothing more than his crown, he would engage in mutual oral copulation with young brick masons.

The men were considered property of the crown until they were granted a writ of freedom, which usually happened on their 25th birthday.

King Edward II was rumored to have consumed nearly an entire pint of semen in one day, during a marathon session where he serviced dozens from morning to night.

Louis XIII of France, who ruled from 1610 to 1643, is said to have kept scores of men in chains at the Louvre Palace in Paris.

While no one can be sure, it is thought that the men were captured Moroccan pirates who had been caught stealing from French cargo ships. Most of them were in their mid-twenties, according to records.

Some slaves were made to move heavy stones and construct the castle’s walls. Others had to use their hands to dig moats and canals around the palace.  Those who were athletically built with “grande sangler” [French for large girth] were commanded to the great room at Louvre for the King’s pleasure.

It was here that Lois would engage in muscle worship, where he would make some pirates as firm as possible before backing up into them and forcing out their milk.

To stay alive, some of these pirates would beg Louis for their attention. Rather this worked or not remains a mystery.

Frederick the Great [King of Prussia] ruled from 1740-1772. During the Silesian Wars, hand picked men from the enemy Austrian army and forced them into servitude at Rheinsberg Palace.

In the pleasure garden overlooking the lake, it is said that King Frederick engaged in seed planting [breeding] with the slaves as part of relaxation. Known for his fine taste, Frederick preferred an Adonis type, replete with a hairy chest and a size of near 9.

Wrap Up

Sexual slavery is an ugly part of our human history. That stated, it would be a mistake to assume this was a gender-specific activity.

While the large majority of slaves were women, there were some who were men – and their masters were male royalty.

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